Remember the time when your best friend was still a human? Soon we might have this kind of conversations with each other, since Replika, your first AI friend is here. Replika is 100% AI chatbot that you “raise” by chatting with him/her. Replika learns your personality traits and mimics your behavior, while keeping your memories and helping you to get more connected with yourself.

Replika was created by a team of US-based engineers who also created Luka, one of the first neural network chatbot commercially available. Luka suggests news and good restaurants around you, while Replika tries to be  your best friend forever, your confidant and a shoulder to cry on…well, virtually.

Medium Corporation, the company that brought Replika states that the app itself is completely free and always will be. With zero hidden agenda, they will not sell or utilise user data for lucrative purpose. Actually the whole app won’t be aiming at making money at all. The company wants to create the first AI whit whom people would be happy to develop a friendship. This chatbot has not been launched to the public yet, but you can already register your own Replika for the soon-to-be-released app supporting both IOS and Android systems.

We don't know how good Replika can as friend, even if the company claims we might one day find Replika a perfect substitute to our "traditional" friendship. Are you comfortable with training an AI that could be indeed become a replica of who you are and then maintain the friendship with it?

Source: Replika

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