How will your job look like in 2050? Join our design competition Empowered by Robots and share your vision on the job of the future. The winners will become part of HUBOT, the job agency for humans and robots. Here you can only find works where humans and robots have an ultimate collaboration. Need some inspiration? Have a look at our series Robots at Work! In this episode we present you five jobs for facilitators, the ones who love to work with technology.

Bus Driver

The bus from the future is here and it is called Future BusAutonomous driving vehicles are an inextricable part of our future society. Whether you talk about a truck, a bus or a car, destinations will be reached without a person holding the steering wheel. As a consequence, human drivers will need to find a new profession. Another option could be to shift their focus from the road to the passengers inside the vehicle. We are in need of singing bus drivers, lecturing tram conductors and we also might want to the exercise while commuting.

Harbor patrol

Water-shark-drone-rotterdamKeeping our harbors clean and safe is an important job. With global markets sending containerships in and out, a little help from the newest technologies is necessary. A perfect example of a smart port takes place in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. Here an autonomous waste shark is fishing trash out of the water, before it flushes into high seas. While its colleague, a remote controlled water drone, keeps an eye on water levels.


Drones and agricultureThe farmer is one of the first jobs in human history. Learning how to plant crops and taking care of the cattle are at the base of our development. And ever since, technologies concerning food production are constantly evolving. Nowadays, the keywords for farmers are "efficiency" and "sustainability". Therefore future farmers are not just people who love to work outside with their hands, they are also masters of the newest high-tech developments, such as the self-driving tractor and the farmer drone. Or what about a couple of robot growing your salad indoors? Also, with the introduction of in vitro meat we will have animals living in the wild and our meat production inside bioreactors.


Pesticides, monocultures and bee diseases are putting the life of bees in danger. Bees are essential for pollinating plants, that provide us with fruits and vegatables. Therefore bees could use a little help from a robotic equivalent. Though someone has to control these buzzing folks with some manmade technologies. For example, the queen bee drone from our Drone Coloring Book, can replace the queen if she dies. Also Harvard is developing a robo-bee which can help pollinating crops. So who wants to become the first robobeekeeper?

Solar farmer

Finding alternative energy resources is high on the agenda. One source of energy is the motor of not only your smartphone, but all of all lives on earth: the sun. And since the sun is expected to be our partner in the universe for a little while, we can benefit even more from the energy generated out of sunlight by solar panels. Researchers are even already planning to start harvesting solar energy on the moon. If you like to become a solar farmer on Earth you might consider taking some drones and robots as your co-workers.

Top image: Startwerk

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