How will your job look like in 2050? Join our design competition Empowered by Robots and share your vision on the job of the future. The winners will become part of HUBOT, the job agency for humans and robots. Here you can only find works where humans and robots have an ultimate collaboration. Need some inspiration? Take a look at our series Robots at Work! In this episode we present you five jobs for entrepreneurs, the ones who love doing big business.


Are you dreaming of setting up your own law firm in the future? Then you can reduce your staff costs. The purchase of an AI-colleague might be enough to get started. For example, the artificial lawyer ROSS can read dossiers and codes within seconds. As a lawyer you can spend more time in court, or build your relationships with clients.

Shop assistent

In 2012 robots started invading our stores, one of them was AndyVision, a robot able to organize the shop inventory. Nowadays you can also find robotic shop assistants. They can carry your products to the cash register and answer to your questions. It is just a pity that they are not able to bring your purchases home yet. We cannot wait for the shopping trolly drone to arrive.


Do you want to become rich and play video games simultaneously? Hire a couple of gold farmers! Only the best players in online games like World of Warcraft, are making money in real life as well. With the help of the Chinese gold farmers you can get a few levels up while you are as sleep.

Supermarket manager

Coop Italia has opened a flagship store in Milan to present their vision of what grocery shopping might hold for us in 2050.Humans eat and they will keep doing that for a little while. Most of us "hunt" food at the supermarket. So why not open your own store? Grocery stores are getting more high-tech, see for example the interactive supermarket or the supermarket with no employees.

Hotel owner

Here some inspiration for hotel owners. You can now add an extra feature by opening the world's second robot hotel. To visit the first robot hotel you will have to book a room in Henn-na in Japan. Here you can check-in at the robotic resectionist. All services are robot driven in this hotel. Though, rumors say there are actually lots of real people running the hotel behind the scenes.

Top image: Binary Option Alliance

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