Instagram accounts with young girls featuring stunning selfies are hardly unusual. However, 21-year-old Paola Antonini’s popular IG account is certainly beyond the ordinary. The Brazilian model uses her Instagram to show off her prosthetic limb, the result of a tragic car accident in 2014 when Antonini was hit by a drunk driver.

sexy cyborgsexy cyborg on the bedThe accident crushed her left leg and forced the doctors to amputate to the top of her thigh. Instead of hiding her prosthetic leg from the world, the model has decided to celebrate it and share her life with an amputated limb online.

tumblr_inline_o4qtbp50sS1tt63u1_540sexy cyborgsAntonini posts photos of all aspects of her life on Instagram, from fittings for a new prosthetic leg to traveling, skateboarding and swimming. She now has 1.2 million followers and counting.

sexy cyborgtumblr_inline_o4qtbwh6oV1tt63u1_540Most impressively, the model hasn’t put her career on hold. She continued modelling in hopes of inspiring other amputees.

sexy cyborg modelHer story makes us realize that we should stop thinking of prosthetics as inferior body replacements. They are bound to become faster, better, stronger and perhaps even sexier than the real thing.

Sources: Yahoo Beauty and Instagram

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