Are you one of the few left, non-supermarket hunters and gatherers? Is botanic your favorite hobby? Than this new app might be something for you! Pl@ntNet it's a 'Shazam for Plants' to easily identify, explore and share your plant findings.

With about 400.000 plant species on our planet it is quite a challenge to recognize them all. Nowadays most of us are not even able to name the organisms growing right in our backyards. It seems people know more Pokemon than plant species. While spending most of our time indoors we tend to forget the diversity that is indeed decreasing but still there.

Instead of 'shazaming' a track you listened to, this app lets you take photos of your plant findings and compares it with all the existing photos in an online data bank. It's face recognition for plants basically. The data are crowdfunded and work via a large social network that asks users to upload pictures and information of their green discoveries. Created by a group of scientists from four French research organizations and the tele botanical network, the app is currently able to identify 4.100 species of wild flora, mostly founded in the French territory. However, the more people contribute, the more plants are identified.

Source: CollectiveEvolution. Image: Ecoprospettive

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