We like tall buildings. Huge concrete monsters extends themselves high up in the sky. What if we rethink the system and instead of building from earth into sky, we do it the other way around? New York based architecture based Clouds put forward this innovative proposal: suspending the world's tallest skyscraper from an asteroid, leaving its inhabitants to parachute to earth.

They called this space skyscraper Analemma. According to Clouds, the geosynchronous orbit would match the earth’s rotation period, ensuring that Analemma would return to the same location at the same time everyday, even though the tower will be continuously in motion.

As the design firm explains: "While researching atmospheric conditions for this project, we realized that there is probably a tangible height limit beyond which people would not tolerate living due to the extreme conditions. For example, while there may be a benefit to having 45 extra minutes of daylight at an elevation of 32,000 meters, the near vacuum and -40C temperature would prevent people from going outside without a protective suit". Maybe it's not that suitable for living. But one can also argue that for people who wish to explore space, to be able to see the galaxy and sunrise from that perspective everyday, it could be worth. Given that one doesn’t mind to wear a space uniform each time he wants to walk out of the apartment. Plus up there, you get 42 minutes extra sunlight everyday.

The building would be harvesting solar power directly from space, getting a constant feed of sunlight. It would be equipped with a circular water recycling system, so it would not need external source other than natural rain and clouds. The project envisions cable-less electromagnetic onboard elevators, to avoid height limitations. Clouds Architecture is looking at Dubai, where the most advanced technology in skyscraper construction lies. Finally, we will call it skyscraper, a literal descriptive name well deserved.

Source: Clouds Architecture

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