Recent researches cast attention to screen time for children. The results show how the time kids spend playing with smartphones, tablets and other handheld screens has a direct negative influence on the development or their expressive speech.

A four-year long study with almost 900 kids between six months and two years of age was conducted in Toronto, at the Hospital for Sick Children. "This is the first study to report an association between hand-held screen time and increased risk of expressive language delay" said Dr. Catherine Birken. Every 30-minute increase in daily screen time was linked to a 49% increased risk of what the researchers call expressive speech delay, which is using sounds and words.

With screens everywhere today, it might be hard to take them away from kids. Maybe the heart of the issue is how can we make screen time more educative to actually facilitate our children to be eloquent, instead of the other way around. A true futuristic screen should help kids develop into sympathetic, loving and wholesome beings.

Source: Nature World News. Image: Gizmodo

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