Scientists are developing a new skin. No ordinary, human flesh, but electronic skin with many more functionalities. Presented in a recent research, the e-skin provides the wearer with new possibilities for interaction by using magnetic fields. For example, when a magnetic field sensor is placed in the hand, the position of that hand with respect to the field can be tracked down. This information may be especially valuable for VR.

Image by D. Makarov via Futurism

The e-skin can also open up a wide variety of new gesture-controlled objects. As shown in the study, the e-skin can be used to control a magnet nearby. At the moment it is possible to use a hand (and a little stick-on sensor) to interact with a lamp, but the e-skin might soon also be employed to control an entire smarthome, seems kind of magical. Remember Matilda? Or Eleven, from Stranger Things? On a (much) small scale, this no-touch interaction may channel your inner Magneto.

Source: The Verge

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