Are you working on projects where technology and human interaction are involved, and are you looking for a new approach? As of today, we offer a brand new workshop concept for you and your team. In just two hours you learn how to work with the Pyramid of Technology toolbox in an active, dynamic and 100% analogue way!

Why this workshop?

Today, everybody uses technology to some extent, yet most of us are unaware of how technologies are introduced, accepted or discarded within our society. Therefore, this 2-hour dynamic crash course helps you to better understand and discuss technology. It facilitates creative brainstorming and catalyses your innovation processes. This enables you to apply the toolkit afterwards in team meetings and projects where a human-centered and future forward approach to technology is needed.

‘The Pyramid of Technology toolkit visualizes how technology becomes nature and how this impacts people’s future lifestyles.’

No screens involved!

A trainer from the Next Nature Network will visit your team on your location preference, and will facilitate the workshop using the Pyramid of Technology toolbox. The trainer explains the Next Nature vision and guides your team through the pyramid by using the various cards from the box: This workshop is active, dynamic and 100% analogue.


Use the toolbox yourself and experience at first hand how the method works

Global outline

  • Work with the Pyramid of Technology toolbox
  • Learning-by-doing: A hands-on experience
  • Guidance by a Next Nature Network trainer
  • One Pyramid-of-Technology box included

After this workshop

  • You will have new angles to generate ideas from
  • You have experienced working with the Pyramid of Technology
  • You can use the toolbox for your own technology related projects

10 insight cards about technology dynamics, 10 workshop cards with ready-to-go excersizes and 70 yards with challenging questions about nature and technology A pyramid of technology toolbox features 10 insight cards about technology dynamics, 10 workshop cards with ready-to-go excercises and 70 cards with challenging questions about nature and technology

Is this for my team?

This crash course is interesting for all teams who work in areas where technology and human interaction are involved, and who seek inspiration for new approaches. This workshop is suitable for corporate teams, as well as teams at design studios; from designers to project managers to lecturers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, researchers and strategists.

Practical information

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Participants: 10 (max.)
  • Location: at your preferred location
  • Language: English or Dutch
  • Price: €499,– (excl VAT and based on a location in the Netherlands)
  • Includes one Pyramid-of-Technology box (retail price €150,-)

Book this workshop

If you are interested in hosting a workshop-in-a-box session with your team, send an email to workshops [at] nextnature [dot] net.

Do you want more information?

Read more about the workshop on this page, about the Pyramid of Technology on this page or feel free to contact us at any given time.


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