Well, we finally made it. After a long, cold, dark winter, spring has officially started today. And guess what it's bringing with it? Nope, not spring flowers: Love flowers! Here’s a selection of our favorite NANO Supermarket products to kickstart the season.

The NANO Supermarket presents speculative products that may hit the shelves in the next ten years. Innovative and beautiful, uncanny and disturbing, but always specifically designed to provoke discussion, the products provide us with thought-provoking scenarios that help us decide what future we actually want. Enjoy!

It's Spring! Time to Crack Some Eggs

Do away with dishonest health claims for eggs and uncertain promises of organic, free-range hens. With eggshells that change color according to hormones, medicines, and nutrients, Honest Egg tells you the truth about your food. The color of each egg provides information on animal welfare, as well as how healthy the egg is for you. Was your chicken happy? Is the egg rich in vitamins and wholesome fats? For ethical eaters, Honest Egg takes the guesswork out of shopping.

How to lose winter weight fast. Slimfast!

Slim Fast contains all the nutrition you need – and keeps you from wanting to eat any more. This three-times-a-day diet shake contains nano-capsules of leptin, peptide YY, and other hormones that naturally diminish your appetite. A combination of quick-release and slow-release capsules circulate through your bloodstream to prevent the uncomfortable hunger that often comes with dieting. Slim Fast promises safe, lasting weight loss without surgery or struggle.

Your spring fashion trend for 2018: Rayfish!

First came mass production for sneakers, then came mass customization. Now, Rayfish Footwear has pioneered bio-customization. Using the online tool, you can design the pattern and color for a pair of stingrays, and scientists at Rayfish headquarters will create a custom strand of DNA to implant in fetal rays. The fully-grown stingrays bearing your unique design are then turned into a one-of-a-kind pair of leather sneakers. Rayfish Footwear harnesses the beauty of nature and the power of genetics to engineer the world’s most exclusive shoes.

Spring-cleaning 2.0: Eat dirt!

Our modern standards of hygiene have left us sneezing, wheezing and coughing from preventable allergies. Reintroduce filth to your life with DustPill. With a special blend of non-infectious bacteria, viruses and parasites, DustPill gives your frustrated immune system something to fight. Say goodbye to asthma, allergies and autoimmune disorders like eczema and celiac disease.

'Spring' up your love life with the love rose

Bored with sex? We have the product for you! The Love Rose is a genetically modified rose that increases the libido, by emiting feromones. Perfect for couples whose relationship has started to lose its spark, the Love Rose put both partners in the right mood. Just smell the flower and let the magic happen!


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