Sequels and prequels appear in our cinemas every day but somehow we haven’t had a follow-up to our infamous Next Nature movie top 10 that fully deserves the “sequel treatment”.

Allow us to refresh your memory:

1. Quest for Fire / La Guerre du Feu (1981)
2. Being There (1979)
3. Koyaansiqatsi (1983)
4. Blade Runner (1984)
5. American Beauty (1999)
6.The Matrix (1999)
7. Grizzly Man (2005)
8. Avatar (2009)
9. The Terminal (2004)
10. Idiocracy (2006)

Thus our carefully crafted, not updated yet timeless, always debatable and incomplete list of the ten next nature movies for you to watch.

Now, our top 10 is getting a sequal series, many years on from its completion after bingewatching (ahem, working) for the sake of research.

Is there a movie (2010-present) of which you think deserves a spot in the Next Nature movie top 10, part two? Share your suggestions in the comments below ?

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  • We already spoke about this movie [here:], but I feel Her (2013) by Spike Jonze should be mentioned again!

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  • It was kind of crude not to include Space Odyssey 2001 in the original top 10. The film is a timeless masterpiece and again relevant with the recent A.I. hype. But don't try and watch it on your iphone. ;)

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  • Maybe Okja, about a bioengineered super pig! And the animation film Big Hero 6 could be fitting as well

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  • Some more suggestions: Chappie (2015), Self/less (2015) and my favourite so far, Advantageous (2015).

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  • Melancholia (2011)

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  • Yesterdays (intern) discussion at NNN studio resulted in some interesting outcomes. Maybe the Lobster (2015), Annihilation (2018), Trancendence (2014) and Ex machina (2014) would be great adds. Or less recent ones: A beautiful mind (2001), Gattaca (1997) or Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (2004). Other possible suggestions are: Robot & Frank (2012), Arrival (2016), The Square (2017), Maniac (2018), WALL-E (2008) , Alita (2018).

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