Playing e-dead means to avoid being visibly active online because of not having answered to someone’s message or comment. This is a part of a social media code of conduct; if you haven’t answered to someone’s message or comment, it can only be justified by eleminating the use of social media.

However, it may be offensive if you don’t respond to someone’s message while you continue your daily online activities (which shows that you have plenty of time).

Some people therefore choose to avoid all social networks until they reply — which is the only proper way not to get busted for playing e-dead — but for most of us, it's easier to be inactive only on the social network that the message was delivered to.

Note: this is the obvious sign of playing e-dead.

Constant availability and being connected comes at its price; we are not always in the mood to socialize and meet the expectations of online social norms.

From the Dictionary of Online Behavior; a project by NNN members TeYosh. Over the next few weeks, we will weekly publish a new word that describes behavior that has emerged on social networks and has changed our way of communication.

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