Always thinking about food? What about food that doesn’t exist yet? On the 18th of September at De Studio, Next Nature Network will host a night of talks on the future of food and beyond. The event will expand on themes presented in the Future Food exhibition, a collaboration between NNN and NEMO science museum, currently being shown at the same location.

What will we eat in the future? How will it be made and how will we consume it? Will our relationship with food change as a result? Three visionary speakers will contribute to the debate by sharing their thoughts on the intersection of food, design, science and technology.

Kicking off the evening, NNN’s Koert van Mensvoort will shed light on our co-evolutionary relationship with technology. Leave your preconceptions at the door, and expect an uplifting discussion of the exciting possibilities that surround food and biotechnology.

Next, Mathilde Nakken, a recent graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven and celebrated NNN fellow, will discuss her project SEA KALE-REVISED. Her research combines coastal engineering with saline agriculture. The project calls attention to the resilience of sea kale and its rare ability to flourish in cold salty water, as well as a global need for saline farming. Through synthesizing man-made structures and the needs of this underrated primeval plant, Nakken links coastal engineering to Dutch cuisine.

Last but certainly not least, self described 'eating designer' Marije Vogelzang will discuss her unique application of design thinking to the process of eating - and everything that surrounds it. She describes food as a ‘social glue’ and calls for new tools, rules, rituals and traditions to accompany new technical processes involving food. Her work reveals the urgency and potential of food and design in exciting ways. Vogelzang has started a restaurant-studio, published a book called ‘EAT LOVE’, is head of the new ‘Food non Food’ department and Design Academy Eindhoven, and initiated the Dutch Institute of Food & Design.

Following these talks, you will have the opportunity to accompany Koert Van Mensvoort for drinks and a guided tour by NEMO curator Tanja Koning of the Future Food exhibition. We start at 6pm. For tickets, head here. Join us for this tasty programming and change the way you see food forever!

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