We are proud to invite you to our largest showcase (so far), currently on display at OCT Art & Design in Shenzhen, China. Spanning across three floors, with a total surface of 1200 m2, this exhibition truly is a Next Nature showcase extraordinaire. From our Bistro In Vitro to HUBOT and the NANO Supermarket, to the Habitat VR; this is where you get to experience your favourite Next Nature projects in a completely new light!

Curious? Good! Get a first peek at the exhibition below.

A virtual tour, in pictures

Habitat VR

The Next Nature Habitat explores how we want to live in the near future. What does it mean to live in a next nature?

Bistro In Vitro

Our Bistro In Vitro presents 30 speculative recipes with lab-grown meat that could end up on your plate one day; street food-style!

NANO Supermarket

At the NANO Supermarket, you'll get the chance to see and interact with speculative products that may hit the shelves in the next ten years. Innovative and beautiful, uncanny and disturbing, but always specifically designed to provoke discussion, the products provide us with thought-provoking scenarios that help us decide what future we actually want.


The robots are coming! They are getting smarter, cheaper and more reliable. How long will I have my job before a robot steals it? The industrial revolution made muscular power redundant, the digital revolution automates our thinking. How to cope with that? Are we working against, or with the robot? HUBOT is world's first job agency for people and robots.

Pyramid of Technology

On the third floor, you'll find a workshop space fully dedicated to our Pyramid of Technology, the ultimate conceptual tool to visualize how technology becomes nature and what we can learn from that. It helps us to dream, build and live in our next nature — the nature caused by humans.

Meet the team

Let us give us give a round of applause to our dream team!

Plan your visit

What? Next Nature showcase XL
When? The expo runs until 1 February 2020
Where? OCT Art and Design Gallery, Shenzen, China

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