The spread of the coronavirus has led to the cancellation or postponement of many events around the globe. Luckily there are still events we can look forward to, such as the AI Song Contest, which will take place from 10 April. Move over Duncan! The next major Eurovision artist may just be a computer.

Can AI help compose a song that is just as successful as last year’s hit by Duncan Laurence?

In the AI Song Contest, teams of musicians, artists, scientists and programmers explore the creative power of AI and the influence it will have on the music industry in the future. A total of 13 teams from Australia, Sweden, Belgium, The UK, France, Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands are competing.

The teams are allowed to use their own AI, but are also allowed to use existing models and algorithms in order for them to generate melodies, harmonies, lyrics and audio. The teams must therefore show their work process and which algorithms they used.

In addition to their song, all teams submit a process document in which they describe how they worked with AI, how their AI was trained and which data they used. In a way, the AI Song Contest highlights yet another step towards the merging of people and robots creating things together. And we applaud that.

PS: Did we already mention that you get to decide who wins? From 10 April you can listen to all songs on the website of Dutch broadcaster VPRO and cast your vote. Which song earns your douze points?

What? A song contest of AI-created anthems
When? From 10 April 2020. The winner will be revealed on 12 May 2020.
Where? The internet

Thanks Roos for the tip!

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