Dinner for two, please! Well we didn't expect to say that in a while. Luckily our friends at Mediamatic are working on an innovative solution. Their 'Serres Séparées' dinner dates are now in the works, and we have received a glimpse of how such a date may look like. It left us hungry for more...

Mediamatic is an art centre dedicated to the merging of art, design and science and explores new ways of working with (living) materials. Working cross-disciplinary (organizing lectures, workshops and exhibitions, with the emphasis on nature and biotechnology), it also hosts a restaurant.

Located in a greenhouse on the waterfront near Amsterdam central station, the restaurant offers lush city views where you can taste locally-sourced food and crafted Amsterdam brew. And this is where the magic happens.

At Mediamatic they've designed a quarantine-approved setup for its restaurant: Serres Sépparées. It will allow couples to go on a romantic night out in their own private protective cabin.

What's in a name? Mediamatic told us how "in restaurants and bars, a separate room is traditionally named in French: "chambre séparée". It suggest a sexy kind of intimacy, here things can happen that should remain hidden from plain sight and not be heard by all. We've decided to name our greenhouses in French too. Although what happens inside will be a lot more public…"

Word on the street is, Mediamatic will also host a series of 'Serres Séparées' orgies. A perfect example of how during quarantine, our sexual nature changes along with us.

What? A romantic night out for two, quarantine-approved
When? From 21 May to 27 June 2020. Reservations via this link.
Where? Mediamatic, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam (NL)

All photos were taken by Willem Velthoven at Mediamatic during the testing roud of the Serres Sépparées on 27 April 2020.

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