During these challenging times, we have tried to find happy moments together where we could find them. From weekly Zoom lunches to having online wine tastings, still, it doesn't really compare to the 'real thing'.

This period of physical distancing causes people to experience feelings of disconnection. It also leaves us with a feeling of touch hunger. At Next Nature HQ, we envisioned seven ways for you to safely connect with yourself and your loved ones. Making a positive case for touch—perhaps the most neglected of our senses.

Introducing #nextconnect: Seven strategies of being alone, together.

Getting a hug is a great feeling. It can instantly lift your mood. But sometimes there's no one around to give you that hug you need. Why not give some love to yourself? Hugging alone together is a way to remind ourselves that we are loved.

No hugs or physical contact with people outside your house. Now, with restrictions lifting, what was once black and white is a patchwork of shades. People around the world are getting creative by making their own hugsuits. Feeling is everything.

With the festival season in full swing, we can only imagine bouncing around to the beat of the drum. But with this festival cocoon, as seen on the streets of NY, we believe bouncing in a bubble might just be the next festival trend.

The strong human-to-animal bond is powerfully therapeutic. Few things can compare to the brightening of our spirits felt upon arriving back home, to be greeted at the door by a loving and devoted pet. We are therapy animals: affectionate beings by nature.

It’s safe to say that technology has affected long distance relationships for the better. Throughout the years, we have grown so accustomed to dating through a screen. Who knew this skill would come in handy one day?

A safety bubble –term loosely based on the work of internet activist Eli Pariser – is a state of intellectual isolation. It teaches you to see and experience the world through a piece of glass (or, screens).

Riding a tandem bike (that's a bike for two) is currently perhaps the cutest experience for fresh couples. Move over, Tinder: Biking is the new swiping!

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