Yes you! We are looking for a Project Lead ECO COIN (EN/NL) who will help further develop the ECO coin into a daily currency that combines ecological and economical value.

ECO coin?

The ECO coin is a currency that is earned through sustainable action. It aims to reward anyone, anywhere in the world, for carrying out sustainable actions. Why? In our current economy you can make money from cutting down a tree, but can’t make money planting one; it seems that sustainable actions are not valued.

If you walk into a shop and would compare one product to its sustainable alternative, all too often, you'll find that the sustainable alternative is more expensive; you have to pay to do the right thing. This makes sustainability a moral obligation.

We believe we need a new value system that reframes sustainability as both good for our ecology and for our economy. We therefore envision a new currency that is 50% economic and 50% ecologic. We call it the ECO coin.

What will you do?

You will manage the project with a small team of professionals and work with municipalities, (corporate) organizations, funding partners and potential investors to align common goals. You will be the engine in growing the project from neighbourhood to city scale.


Read the full vacancy via this link and submit your application before 23 October 2020.

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