The idea of the end of the world was invented by humans. We tried to make sense of catastrophes and natural disasters, coming up with apocalyptic scenarios as a result of our fears. "Apocalypse – End Without End" tackles it by apocalypse-related imagery, objects, and narratives divided into seven thematic rooms. Each room projects a unique perspective on apocalyptic stories and theories, from media and religion to the fear of the world's ending. 

Apocalypse – End Without End installation view

The exhibition has an "end without end" in its name for a reason: even though we are speculating about the apocalypse, we are still living on this Earth. That's why the last room of the exhibition is called "open-end". For this final room, artists display their last comments on the apocalypse and update it once a year, so the seventh room of the exhibition keeps changing over time. This constantly evolving room shows the participants the uncertainty of the future and ends the exhibition with open-ended questions.

Apocalypse – End Without End installation view

Visit Apocalypse – End Without End at the Natural History Museum Bern until 13 November 2022.

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