As winter arrives, so does the season of giving. Good gift giving is an art and can be quite the endeavor at times. But don’t worry, Next Nature is here to help! We present to you the annual Next Nature Gift Guide with the unusual and the dexterous: memorable gifts to uplift any seasonal party.

For the audiophile : the Van der Waals speaker with ferromagnetic visualizer

The perfect gift for that one music-loving friend: being able to see music. Named after the Dutch physicist, the Van der Waals speaker elevates the musical experience by implementing ferrofluid in its design which trembles and dances to the sound vibrations of your favourite tunes. Ferrofluid is a liquid mostly seen in spaceships which controls fuel in Zero Gravity, but now it is brought down to Earth to pleasure both eyes and ears with mesmerizing visuals.

For the athletic go-getter: the Sportsmate 5 exoskeleton

For who is really out to impress, why not give your sporty spouse the world’s first consumer exoskeleton? Currently exoskeletons are more common in industrial or military fields, but the Sportsmate 5 is a consumer product designed for hiking and fitness. The exoskeleton’s outdoor mode can assist during walks or increase stability while absorbing vibrations during movement. Fitness mode provides resistance in different levels during a workout which allows the user to burn more calories and built up more muscle.

For the urban botanist: the Biovessel indoor ecosystem

Reduce, reuse, recycle: it all sounds seemingly simple, but can be hard to realise and implement in day-to-day life. For the green city-dweller without garden a mini indoor ecosystem might be the perfect gift. The Biovessel by Bionicraft is a DIY kit that serves as both a disposal space and plant potter in one. Urban gardeners can now compost their own fruit and vegetable waste to their hearts content, while growing their favorite plants at the same time, bringing nature closer to home.

For the forgetful coffee-lovers: the Ember mug

Know someone in your circle who is famous for forgetting their cup of Joe? Then the Ember mug might be the present for them. This nifty mug keeps beverages nice and warm wherever you are: the temperature can be regulated through a phone or smartwatch. You can even save preferences and settings in order to save time. Ember works through bluetooth and has a long battery life, so there's no need to worry about icy cold surprises ever again.

For the conscious design enthusiasts: the Sunne self-powered lamp

Sunne is a bright gift envisioning an even brighter future. This special lamp is designed by Marjan van Aubel, a familiar face in the world of solar energy. Sunne is a self-powered solar lamp that harvests and stores energy from the sun. During night time, Sunne illuminates your home. The lamp can mimic different natural moments of the sun like sunset and sunrise, which the user can regulate to their liking.

For the adventurous traveler: a trip to the end of the Universe!

Still not sure what to get that special someone? Why not treat them to an adventurous journey? Their destination: Big Future. Mode of transport: Virtual Reality. Travel agency: Next Nature Future Travels. Out VR time machine takes not 10, 100 or 1000 years, but billions of years ahead. Book your ticket!

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