Soon it will be possible to grow flowers with your phone. Niantic and Nintendo joined forces to create a new mobile game connected to the Pikmin franchise. In this augmented reality game your mission is to roam through your neighbourhood and plant flowers with others.

Pikmin are mysterious plant-like creatures that are usually invisible to us. But in Pikmin Bloom, you work together with these colorful critters. The player starts the game with a so-called 'plant pack', in which seeds are planted. By walking around in the real world, these seeds grow into Pikmin that will help you with your mission to plant as many flowers as possible. The game invites the player to get off their couch and discover the world together with friends. By planting as many flowers as possible together, large flowers will appear that hand out rewards. But taking care of your Pikmins is also important: by feeding them with fruit, flowers will start growing on their heads. Petals can be picked and then planted again.

Pikmin Bloom is designed to make people move more while enjoying their walks — if you weren't enjoying your walks enough already.

It's available on Google Play and Apple's App Store. The game is free to play (but with in-app purchases).

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