Humans have been changing the composition of the atmosphere for years, resulting in concerns such as air pollution and extreme climate events. According to Filips Stanislavskis, geo-engineering is the technological solution the world needs: he built a human cloud generator to create a closer connection with our climate.

The user calmly breaths into the breath collector. Human-Cloud Project

The Human-Cloud Project is Stanislavski's speculative project consisting of several experimental instruments. Intimacy with the climate occupies centre stage. The breath collector is a device used for a breathing session where the user's breath is condensed and stored. After that, all collected exhalations are mixed with other people's breaths and transferred to the cloud generator.

The breath of different persons is collected, then merged into one big human breath. Human-Cloud Project

With a large weather balloon, the cloud generator is brought about 1 km into the sky, where it activates when in the right atmospheric conditions for cloud formation. Then the liquid breath is evaporated and a temporary human cloud forms: a Cumulus Homomutatus. The purpose of the human clouds is to reflect sun rays back into space, slowing down the process of global warming.

Stanislavski's instruments. Human-Cloud Project

Stanislavski sees breathing not only as a biological necessity, but also as a political act. When we see the climate system as a collective project, everyone is part of the solution where every breath counts.

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