Every once in a decade, Floriade opens its gates to national and international innovators to celebrate ecological thinking and sustainable change. This year the theme is Growing Green Cities, and we participate with the exhibition 'Nature Loves Technology'; a celebration of a thriving love story. For the rest, we have put together a list of 5 things you cannot miss out during your visit!

The Growing Pavilion

This pavilion is built (or grown) using biobased materials, such as wood, hemp, mycelium, cattail and cotton, fused together to form an extraordinary creation. The structure shows the possibilities and the beauty of biobased construction. Started as an experiment for Dutch Design Week 2019, the Growing Pavilion is built by the team of Biobased Creations of Company New Heroes, together with the Dutch Design Foundation and other pioneers.

Art Pavilion Flevoland

The Art Pavilion Flevoland will host all kinds of art and cultural activities during the expo. A floating art pavilion that appeals to all senses, created by Studio Ossidiana, inspired by the sea and the surrounding landscape. It showcases a fusion of architecture, art and nature, offering stimulating experiences both inside and outdoor.

The Voice of Urban Nature

The metropolitan area of Amsterdam and Almere houses trillions of inhabitants: people, animals, plants, trees, and microbes. How can we organize these cities to support all human and nonhuman residents? The Amsterdam-Almere pavilion amplifies every inhabitant’s voice in gardens full of encounters between different species. Visitors can listen to these perspectives whilst wandering through six themed gardens. In the completely bio-based building, architects, illustrators, animators, audio-makers and builders create a special cross-pollination of design and expertise.

Garden of Peace

How will we live with nature in the future? The Garden of Peace proposes having a common and shared vision as a solid base for a sustainable tomorrow. At Floriade, AISA NGO proposes the first prototype of an inclusive space to demonstrate how inclusion can catalyze social, economical and educative innovations for the common good. With a diversity of educative and intercultural programs through exhibitions, workshops, and events the Garden of Peace will make it possible to discover innovative practices whilst journeying across the garden.

The Cable Car

Don't miss the opportunity to hop on a cable car over the Floriade site, which will be redeveloped into Hortus: a green, healthy urban district for the future. Renowned as the transportation of the future, a long cable car is now cutting across Floriade’s sky, to give you a unique perspective over the pavilions, the lively gardens and the cities of tomorrow. It brings you up high to 35 meters and will let you take flight over the 60 hectares of the park. Glide over the green cities of the future, as you travel in the transport of tomorrow.

From April 14th, visit Nature Loves Technology at Floriade 2022, the international horticulture exhibition in Almere, NL. Floriade is about green, sustainable and creative solutions for the cities of the future.

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