How do we utilize the future for today's questions? That is the common thread in the program Next Nature Academy offers at the RetroFuture exhibition. There is not only a program for organizations and companies, but also for pupils and students. From student to director, thinking about the future is an inspiring voyage of discovery for everyone.

The programs consist of a lecture, a visit to the exhibition and a subsequent workshop in which we explore possible futures together. Participants are guaranteed to go home with different perspectives on the future. We take a step from wonder to change.

RetroFuture shows the images, stories and visions of future thinkers, it tells stories about the universal dreams and challenges we had and continue to have about the future. What distinguishes future thinkers from you and me, is that they are often way ahead of their time. This is not because they have a special gift, but because they take different perspectives than the usual. They question the status quo and show us that 'the' future does not exist, but that several futures are conceivable.

Be inspired by the different lenses with which you can look at the future and discover the future thinker in yourself. The future is contained in today, the trick is to explore possible futures and work towards a desired future. We can't wait to get started with you! For more information, email

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