The most wonderful time of the year can turn stressful quite easily when you run out of exciting gift-ideas. Don't worry, we got you covered. The Next Nature Gift Guide is here to inspire you and surprise you with five unique gift ideas.

For the conscious & expecting: re•born

Little ones grow fast and mom and dad are left with the relics of baby's past: products most likely never to be used again that soon will end up on a landfill. What if we could compost our baby items after they have grown too big for them? Designer Lara Baler created biodegradable baby items out of walnut shells. After a re•born product has done its task it can be planted which adds nutrients to your garden's soil.

For the crybabies: What's in a Tear?

What gift can be more intimate than a ring laid in with a tearstone - freshly generated from your last crying session? Designer Merle Bergers found a technique to capture and transform her own tears into pearl-like stones. Have a good cry, send her your tears and she will craft you the most emotional trinket you will ever own.

For the woke fashionmonger: Moon Parka

Winter is coming, why not keep yourself warm with a parka made from synthetic spider silk? North Face Japan and Spiber have joined forces to design the Moon Parka, which is made out of a new type of material which is derived from the DNA of spider's silk. In order to add the parka to your closet you have to be lucky though, as the jackets are only available through winning a raffle.

For the aspiring jedi: MyndHub

Never underestimate the power of the mind: you can now control any USB device with your brain. The MyndHub headset picks up your brainwaves and data which is then converted into electricity. This generated electricity flows from your brain to your paired devices and there you go - you never have to move your limbs again.

For the nostalgic futurist: Next Nature Magazine: RetroFuture

Discover the future of yesterday with the RetroFuture magazine! Spanning 176 pages, the magazines takes you on a whirling journey to tomorrow’s past and present. Along the way we will stop for you at: universal dreams and nightmares, the greatest and smallest predictions, tangible realities, speculative ideas, with our final destination: yesterday.

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