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Calling all art students, academics and everything in between. Are you a recent graduate (or soon to be)? Do you work within the fields of science, technology and design? We are offering you the opportunity to publish your graduation project with us.

We are searching for the creatives, designers and thinkers who explore the possibilities of living in the next nature. How do we build in a world where biology is fusing with technology? And how do we deal with the changing relationship between people, nature and technology?

Whether it is a written thesis exploring life on a plastic planet with Max Ahluwalia or a speculation on vegetal cyborgs with Marie Declerfayt.

Perhaps it is an art project, such as the cover work by Deborah Mora, whose project discovers the non place of Null Island. Or maybe you work at the intersection of design, innovation and future thinking like Scarlett Yangs Decomposition of Materiality. We publish both art projects and written theses. We want to hear from you!


Submit the graduation project to magazine@nextnature.net. For thesis projects, edit this down to max 1000 words. For art projects, send with high res images and text explaining the work. Please submit the work before 31 August 2022. Get in touch and plot your coordinates as we navigate our future together!

Top image: The virtual infinity of Scarlett Yang

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