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Augment your physiology

Augment your physiology. Enhance your prospects. From neuro-electronics, to robotic-prosthetics and mind-altering pharmaceuticals. Catalog For The Post-Human designs for a future with people, not things, in mind.

We’ve been coevolving with technology for millenia. Yet, the technology we use seems to evolve faster than our genetics. Catalog for the Post-Human (CFTPH) explores potential futures through speculative body enhancement technologies. A project that proposes the integration of technology and people, so that we may be more adaptable to our ever changing technological world. A world in which our bodies have physical and mental boundaries. Sometimes our hyper-digitalized lifestyles can feel overwhelming.

We must be mindful about how we engage with technology: what we use it for, why, and whether it helps or hinders us. The mechanisms of self enhancement could offer the necessary anecdote to modern day fatigue. Hacking our system to align with the digital age and therefor redirecting our technological growth towards humans. Designers Parsons and Charlseworth wonder how our life will evolve with technology through a collection of experimental body augmentation tools. The following content is extracted from the catalog itself. What would be your vice?

Cognitive stimulation

NootDial™ is the essential dispenser for the nootropic pharmaceuticals that guarantees a sharp mind and impeccable focus. This tool makes it easier and faster to stimulate your neurons and enhance your brain functions.

Enhance your brain and perceptual capabilities beyond the possible. Morning Ritual ™ is the ultimate kit for microdosing: customize the strength of your daily dose, including a dispensing flask and dosing cups. A must have for creatives who suffer that creative block. 

Speedy recovery

Post-rest alertness is an optimal state. By exploiting the REM phase of sleep, the future human can be sure of working in their most productive time. When you are the most alert, RemWake ™ will wake you up, allowing you to take advantage of bursting energy and clear-cut attention, guaranteeing the best execution of the task at hand.

Sleep smarter, not longer! With little time to sleep, napping becomes a strategy to increase productivity and endurance. Augmenting short-term naps will help you get the sleep you need without compromising your time. SleepSnacker ™ is the set of tools for the bright minds that want to keep a healthy action/ rest balance. By hacking your circadian rhythm, these wearable aids coerce your body to sleep, and warm you up to wakefulness, through a patented system of arterial temperature regulation.

Optimized wellness

Probiotics are live organisms that benefit the body, they help us process food and fight bad bacteria. Sickness is the enemy of a busy schedule, but tasty and handy lollipops can help support the internal flora.

No outfit will go unnoticed while IV Apparel™  keeps you hydrated and with a well balanced blood pressure. For the body always on the move, this portable IV is the perfect jacket for complete physical and mental wellbeing. Say goodbye to time consuming medical appointments, and let the vest administer the nutrients you need, whenever you need.

Enhanced productivity

In the future, the tendency for wearble ads will grow, with LED clothing that displays ads. With ClickBaitWear ™ influencing becomes a portable and stable source of income, right next to your other gigs. 

Monitoring your stress levels can help prevent muscular pain, tensions in your body, headaches, and heart attacks. The cortisol level in your body determines either your stress levels or your adrenaline boost. With StressWatch ™,  we will be able to conveniently use saliva to monitor and safeguard  your own cortisol levels, so you can tick off tasks from your daily schedule with no risk of burnout.