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The solar home

The Sunne has got its solar on

Today, solar is science. But why can’t energy be beautiful too? Sunne is a self-powered solar lamp that captures, stores and produces light indoors. By day, it harvests energy from the sun while it hangs by your window; by night, it brings sunlight into your home. Sunne’s sleek solar design combines art, sustainability and technology to create the indoor light of the future.

Every surface is an opportunity to harvest energy, according to solar designer Marjan van Aubel. Her latest project, Sunne, offers a whole new way of thinking about the objects that surround us. To speed up the global transition to sustainable energy, we need products like Sunne. In the future, this is how objects should be: self sufficient and powered by the sun.

Sunne is the first in a series of solar products to come. The project will launch on Kickstarter on 3 March 2021.

Marjan van Aubel is an award-winning solar designer whose innovative practice spans the fields of sustainability, design and technology. A Next Nature Network fellow, van Aubel works to promote extreme energy efficiency through intelligent design.

From working with expandable materials, to domestically integrating solar cells that mimic the process of photosynthesis in plants, she adds a double function to objects and puts them to work. Paving the path towards solar democracy her practice strives to redefine our current relationship with solar technology and accelerate its transition to ubiquity.

This years ECO Coin Award winner, van Aubel reimagines the energy sector into new forms and objects that can help us to understand and harness the almost abundant solar energy that surrounds us. This work is shared openly with the world so others can dream and build upon an emerging solar revolution. We are shining a light on her latest project Sunne.


Sunne is shining

Sunne Rise

Once we would rise to the light of the morning sun. Now we rise and shine to feel the solar rays of the glowing Sunne rise. Aiming to wake for that productive 4am start to your day? Simulate the sunrise and make the most of the mornings with the Sunne Rise setting. The early bird catches the particles of light. Welcome the early morning glow with hazy shades of purple and yellow.

Sunne Light

One of the earliest of all devices to tell time was the sundial. The sundial is looked on as being a form of sun-powered clock. Now, alight your body clock as you embrace the warm Sunne light. The photons are bright for an afternoon of reading, relaxing or even exercising. As your move through your vinyasa, feel the generating flow of electricity from the Sunne.

Sunne Set

Searching for those extra hours of sun light? Forget daylight saving time. As the sun begins to set, the Sunne will start to glow. For the night owl, a soft, firey glow that will help you unwind at the end of the day. As you recharge your batteries, harvest the solar energy from the sun.

Made in the Netherlands. Powered by the sun. Loved by the universe.