N is for Network

We are a network of makers, thinkers, educators and supporters. With members in 44 countries, we are the international network for anyone interested in the debate on our future – in which biology and technology are fusing. Together we explore how to dream, build, and live in the next nature.

Gogbot Conference 2019

During this event, you will present your project, pecha kucha style (20 slides; 15 seconds per slide). You’ll gets a 5-min timeslot to present your project, followed by a 10-min Q&A.

Please consider the following do’s en don’ts when making your presentation:


  • Prepare your pitch. We are looking for high quality (visual) content. Your pitch is the centerpiece of attention; your stage at NNN. Use it well.
  • Build a clear story in 5 minutes. Within 5 minutes, you’ll be able to dive into the content of your project, how it is related to the next nature philosophy, and why we should know it.
  • Explain why your audience should care. Think about who you’re pitching it to, and what they expect.
  • Describe your project from a next nature perspective.
    Consider how your project adds to the understanding of next nature. Our concept of ‘nature’ is somewhat different than the established view, so please be concise when you use the N word.
  • Consider using visuals. It may sound cliche, but an image, or a figure, says more than words. At NNN, we appreciate visuals over text. By showing visuals of your project, you get people to really see what you mean.
  • Enjoy. Make it fun. Be enthusiastic about your project, this may elevate your pitch.


  • Exceed the maximum of 5 minutes. Time management is key. Don’t be the one who thinks taking more time is alright.
  • Get too detailed. Don’t go into long details about development, technicalities, or complexities: Find the essence of your story and focus on that.
  • Read from a note. Please engage with your audience.
  • Write sentences on your slides. if you choose to use slides, don’t read from them: Make them support your story, instead of the slides telling it for you.
  • Use video footage. You only have 20 seconds per slide.
  • Give a ‘presentation’. A pitch is different from a standard presentation: You’re not solely telling us what you’re doing, but you are making the link to Next Nature explicit.
  • Sell your products/project. We are not there to fund or buy your project, but to offer you a platform and a spotlight to join the Network in the most engaging way.