Ira van Eelen

Ira is a designer with a background in event design, healthcare ICT, marketing and think tanks. She is the daugther of the godfather of in vitro meat, Willem van Eelen. As a passionate advocate of her father's legacy, she aims to bring in vitro meat to the market. Ira advises on all aspects of in vitro meat and has extensive knowledge and insights to inspire people around the globe.

She is the chairman of the Invitromeat Foundation, founded by her father in 2002, she is a member of JUST’s advisory board, senior consultant of CAS, co-founder of KET Food Europe, and author of the foreword to the Dutch, French and German translation of Paul Shapiro’s book “Clean Meat”.

In her view, the benefits of in vitro meat are so clear that they're in some ways its least interesting aspect.

? Ira is one of the speakers of the Next Nature Academy.


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