Milan Meyberg

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Tell me it can’t be done, and I’ll prove you wrong.

Milan is an international sustainability strategist and events manager, who has been active in the Dutch events and festival industry for more than twenty years. He has won multiple sustainability awards at the leading festival organization DGTL.

In his years as an artist and organizer, Milan developed a unique vision of sustainability and incorporated it into revolutionary projects that he implemented until the end of 2018 at DGTL Festival in Amsterdam. At this festival of 40,000 visitors, he worked as a 'Revolution Manager' and pioneered various systems in the field of energy, food and raw material management. The result is the world's most sustainable festival with a forecast for full circularity and zero emission status in 2020. A global first and perhaps the start of a festival revolution that can have far-reaching influence.

After leaving DGTL, Milan started his company 'The Sustainability Strategist' in 2019 and currently advises various festivals, multinationals and governments on their sustainability issues as a freelance sustainability strategist. Thanks to his broad experience and contact with millennials, he understands better than anyone how sustainability, technology, companies and young people come together in a sustainable future.