Ronald van Tienhoven

Artist, Designer & Cultural Intermediary
An early hominid threw a bone in the air, and it morphed into a spacecraft. The next throw will be even wilder

In the course of thirty years Ronald van Tienhoven has developed a multifaceted art practice. His own work runs parallel with his endeavors as curator, teacher, speaker and consultant in the art and design world.

In the 1980s he was board member of the legendary artist's initiative Aorta in Amsterdam, and worked as tutor and lecturer at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture. In the 1990s he was consultant and curator for the Mondriaan Foundation and Stroom Den Haag. With both institutes he initiated and produced a large number of public art projects. This period was also seminal for his own work in the public realm: he developed several urban and landscape projects. He taught at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Industrial Design department, where he first witnessed, and later contributed to the development of Next Nature Network and its academic offshoot Next Nature Lab.

In 2009 he designed the commemorative Euro coin 400 years Netherlands-Manhattan. For this project he developed data visualization methods combined with innovative laser technology. From 2011 onward his projects in the public realm focus on researching the relationship between the status of a given context and its deeper socio-historical layers and peripheries. This has culminated in 07:05:1945:, an ongoing project on the Dam square in Amsterdam. 07:05:1945: addresses the complexities and contradictions of human conflict and the way the intricacies of visual culture influence human perception. In the coming years he will embark on a series of multimedia projects that address the technology and metaphysics of longevity and immortality.