Yvette Pasman


Yvette likes to challenge people to re-connect with each other and the changing world we live in, to be able to anticipate to change sooner and more meaningful, in various types of pressure-cooking settings and transformation programs. From strategic boardroom to inspiring group-events.

“I have helped numerous organisations with co-creating future vision and innovation strategies, using the power of storytelling to drive change. I've seen many companies and their challenges. There is one thing that triggers me most in all experiences, the success of creating a more beautiful future lies in those that have the imagination to dream, the guts to act, the leadership to include others and the open-mindedness to learn together and grow as a team or organization in doing so. I'd like to provide the people I work with the opportunity to become facilitators of change themselves, with the means to create a more sustainable movement”.

Topics: future vision & strategy, futures thinking, scenario based reasoning, storytelling to connect, daily change, leadership.

📣 Yvette is one of the educators of the Next Nature Academy.

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