Next Nature Showcase

Four exhibitions in one

We are proud to present to you, our largest showcase yet: spanning across three floors, with a total surface of 1200 m2, this exhibition truly is a Next Nature showcase extraordinaire. This is where you get to experience your favourite Next Nature projects in a completely new light.

Meat the Future

Exploring the potential
of lab-grown meat

Some scientists believe in vitro meat could become a sustainable and animal friendly way to produce meat. But before deciding if we are willing to eat meat from the lab, we need to explore the food culture it brings us.


Design your future family

Should men be able to give birth to children? Should we externalize pregnancy with artificial wombs? And are these feminist dreams or frankenstein nightmares?

Future Food Expo

What's on your plate in 2050?

What will you be having for breakfast, lunch or dinner in 2050? Where will this food be sourced? And how will it be prepared?


Job agency for people and robots

The robots are coming! The industrial revolution made muscular power redundant, the digital revolution automates our thinking. How to cope with that? Are we working against, or with the robot?

ECO coin

A currency for sustainable action

The ECO currency is an alternative currency to express environmental value. This is how we connect economy and ecology.

Future Food Formula

Design your own vegetables

The Future Food Formula is an interactive installation by Chloé Rutzerveld that allows you to step into the shoes of a high-tech farmer and design your personalized future vegetables.

Next Senses

Augment your senses

The world we live in changes constantly, but the senses we use to perceive it remain the same. Next Senses explores the unchartered territory of how we could experience the world with technology.

The Modular Body

An online science fiction story

The Modular Body is an online science fiction story by Floris Kaayk about the creation of OSCAR, a living organism built from human cells.

Next Nature Habitat VR

What will be our future human habitat?

The Next Nature Habitat explores how we want to live in the near future. What does it mean to live in a next nature?

WiFi Angels

Listen to WiFi networks

The WiFi Angels app lets you sense electromagnetic radiations by turning the WiFi networks around you into a choir of singing angels.

The Next Nature Book

Radically shift your notion of nature

Update your image of nature. Where technology and nature are traditionally seen as opposed, they now appear to merge or even trade places.

NANO Supermarket

50 products from the future

The NANO Supermarket presents speculative nanotech products that may hit the shelves within the next ten years.

Rayfish Footwear

Grow your own sneaker

Rayfish Footwear is a fictional company that crafts personalized sneakers made from genuine stingray leather.