Visual of Future Food Formula

Future Food Formula

Design your own vegetables

The Future Food Formula is an interactive installation by Chloé Rutzerveld that allows you to step into the shoes of a high-tech farmer and design your personalized future vegetables.

Playfully learn about plant growth

Imagine… It’s 2030 and every kitchen is equipped with a hightech vertical farming device. You put a seed inside the breeding cell, download or create the growth-recipe of your liking, and watch your personalized vegetable come to life. While designing, you will playfully learn about plant growth; get an insight into how growing conditions like water, the amount and color, light and pH values influence the taste, color, size and nutritional value of our crops.

Forward to Nature!

Today, scientists are experimenting with this technology, but mainly for efficiency purposes. What will happen once we start making smart use of the technology, and create entirely new generations of crops with unique characteristics? Without the use of genetic modification, but by closely working together with nature and scientific knowledge. Moving forward to an era in which we will be cooking with growth-recipes instead of ingredients.


From imagination to reality

The custom growth-recipes turn your vegetable fantasies into a reality. You can create your personal growth-recipe with a digital interface, and directly monitor how your input affects the crop. Make it purple or orange? Mild or extra spicy? With increased vitamine C? Perfectly ripe just in time for Friday night dinner! In addition to the installation, three examples of future vegetables are displayed for inspiration, including their growth-recipes.

Book the Future Food Formula

This collaborative project between Next Nature and NN fellow Chloé Rutzerveld addresses the future of food — and more specifically, the future of food crops and their production. Inspire your audience with this interactive, high-quality project on a festival, conference, company or museum. The discussions triggered by this project stimulate innovative thinking. Looking for a lecture or a workshop related to this topic instead? We can arrange this as well.

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