Visual of Intimate Technology

Intimate Technology

A digital mixtape of films

Technology has always been part of our lives. This began with a spear, a stone ax or a bearskin as a winter coat. But our attachment to it seems to grow every day. How far do we allow technology to go? And how close to our body can it get?

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Technology colonizes our body

Technology is coming closer to us. In the form of decades old headphones or state-of-the-art devices. It has always been a part of our lives and this only seems to develop further. Organ modules are grown from human cells, robots are asking for our attention and intelligent wearables control our emotions. Technology is coming more and more towards and in our body. Communication between people is also increasingly technologically mediated. What does it mean for technology to colonize our body?

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The One Minutes

To explore such matter, we called upon artists, filmmakers and film enthusiasts around the world to visualize the Intimate Technology theme in a one-minute video. Resulting in a digital mixtape of 16 films, NNN has found a strong partner in The One Minutes. Together we believe that, through the power of visualization, we can spur debate and capture the current spirit of time.

The One Minutes is a worldwide network dedicated to the moving image, it explores new ways in which we can experience moving images in different contexts through a monthly series of curated videos.

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