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Letter to Humanity

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Humanity is at a crossroads, there are two paths along which our relationship with technology can develop: a dream or a nightmare. That’s why the Letter to Humanity urges us, humans, not to be slaves or victims of our own technology, but rather to use it to enhance our life on this planet.

A new perspective

On the occasion of the Earth Day, globally celebrated on 22 April 2017, philosopher Koert van Mensvoort wrote his Letter to Humanity. With the letter, he hopes to encourage a new perspective on the role of man on Earth, as our childhood days are over. The Letter to Humanity is addressed to all 7 billion people on the planet, all 107 billion people who came before us, and all the billions who will come after.

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“I agree with Koert van Mensvoort’s letter to humanity. We are at our childhood’s end. The only way to grow up is to embrace our inner technology. Let’s use technology to make us better humans!”

Kevin Kelly, Chief editor Wired

A Library of Translations

The letter is already available in twenty-seven languages on From Spanish to Japanese, to Icelandic to African. Is your language missing? Send us your translation, we will add it with your name to the website.

If you’d like to do more, you can also copy, visualize, (re)print and further distribute the letter. You can also write your own letter to humanity and share it using the hashtag #lettertohumanity.
“Letter to Humanity is an inspiring wake up call! A call to action! I was inspired reading the letter and think everyone should read it!”

Jason Silva, Host of National Geographic’s Brain Games

You've got mail!

You can have the Letter to Humanity (analog version) delivered to your doormat!

“What happens next – lies in the power of our imaginations to dream of new futures and realise them by inventing technologies that “increase” our humanity.”

Rachel Armstrong, Professor Experimental Architecture NU

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