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Make yourself future-proof

This September our spaceship will transport you to the RetroFuture. The Evoluon becomes a mirror to the past and portal to the future. An extraordinary exhibition about humankind's eternal dreams of tomorrow. Does the future repeat itself?

How will we live in the future?

RetroFuture is the world's first major exhibition about the future of the past. What was strange, awkward and artificial yesterday is familiar or even natural today. Discover yesterday's visions that continue to shape tomorrow. The exhibition takes you through the questions that have captivated yesterday's future thinkers, dreamers and designers. If you really want to change the present, you look ahead. The future is now!

Humans will always sketch a future with their rich imagination, knowledge and stories

RetroFuture Stories

Future thinkers, who are they? The artists, designers, scientists, architects and thinkers make tangible what others do not yet see. Changes and innovation are set in motion by people who believe that the world can be better or different.

From Da Vinci's dream of flying, to a Space Age Jetpack. To Nostradamus predictions of the end of the Earth, to the Egyptians desire of eternal life. In ten tunnels full of fiction and facts, we take you along the visions of yesterday. The idealists and the doomsayers, the scientists and the dreamers. Which dreams have come true, and which have remained science fiction?

The future repeats itself

So, how did people envision today? Pandemics, wars, new technology and the extinction of species. Evolution goes on. What does today's future look like? Find future wisdom as we speculate on where the world is heading. Making yourself future-proof!

Artists and designers give a glimpse into a possible future within a fantasy fairground. Maybe we will eat algae treats from a snack machine. And we will pay for them with ECO coins. Or try your luck at shooting organs in the shooting gallery. What dreams turn to nightmares in the haunted house of the future?

With work by Studio Drift, Maison de Faux & Esmay Wagemans, Driessens & Verstappen, Audrey Large, Tabita Rezaire, Michael Mandiberg and Studio Smack.

When can you visit?

This fall the Evoluon will open its doors to the public with RetroFuture. The Evoluon first opened in 1966 as an educational technology museum. Discover in the interactive RetroFuture exhibition and find how ideas from the past give shape to the present and into the future. The future repeats itself!

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