Visual of VR Time Machine

VR Time Machine

Trip to the Big Future

Good day passengers. This is your boarding call for our VR Time Machine. Your destination: Big Future. Mode of transport: Virtual Reality. Travel agency: Next Nature Future Travels. We have clear weather today. Our flight time takes not 10, 100 or 1000 years, but billions of years ahead into the future.

Welcome time traveler

Are you ready to change your perspective of life on Earth? With our VR Time Machine to the distant future you will explore the possibilities of human evolution and all our planet's transformations. Go beyond the imaginable, with an interactive virtual reality installation that will elevate you through time.

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Travel log: 100 years from now, humans have completely altered the landscape. Trees become buildings; cities merge with organic living materials. A love story between biology and technology.

Travel to big future

Next Nature Future Travels is the international travel agency taking you on a voyage to the distant future. Jump on board the VR Time Machine, an experience that combines scientific knowledge, philosophy, and imagination to transform you into a digital avatar. VR glasses take you to a hyper-realistic digital environment, while a carousel-like structure sends you floating through air. In the evocative location of the Evoluon, the trip will take you to a journey forward in time, to the end of the Earth, the solar system, and the beginning of everything. Are you ready?

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Travel log: 10,000 years from now, sea levels are rising and our green architecture transforms into floating structures made of recycled material.

What other humans said


“An intense experience, which is visually so overwhelming that you wish to slow down, and take some time to look around. But it simply isn’t possible to shift gear in a time machine.”

—Rob van Hattum, Chief Science Officer NEMO Science Museum


Travel log: 1,000,000 years from now, a meteorite hits the Earth. A period of cooling follows. A new ice age.


"Pure joy! It was such a tremendous experience, one that sparked my imagination for what the world could be in the future to come."

—Khanh Nguyen, In House Digital Activation at Philips 


Travel log: 1,000,000,000 years from now, an intellegent life force seems to have fused underground and risen from beneath the ice.

How to visit

Next Nature Future Travels will open again in the Evoluon in Eindhoven on 24th September 2022 as a part of the RetroFuture exhibition.

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Travel log: 1,000,000,000,000 years from now. The sun runs out of energy. Ultimately it swallows the Earth.


  • Concept & Research

    Directors: Floris Kaayk & Koert van Mensvoort
    Installation concept & design: Maze de Boer
    Scenario: Koert van Mensvoort & Floris Kaayk
    Scientific advice: Frans Snik, Rob van Hattum, Lisa Becking, Erik van Sebille, Daniel Oberski, Behnam Taebi

  • Production

    3D modelling & Asset development: Organism Studios, Adriaan & Rik Veldhuizen
    Animation & Rendering: Floris Kaayk
    Interaction design & additional audio design:
    Marcus Graf
    Music: Mattheis
    Sound Design: Wart Warmsteker
    Co-producers: Next Nature Network | Koert van Mensvoort & Tim Hoogesteger, seriousFilm | Koert Davidse & Marc Thelosen
    Design Assistant: Silvia Cantalupi
    Line Producer: Lies de Jager
    Technical team: Marcus Graf, Hans Broers, Martijn van Nunen
    Education: STRP | Shirley Hendrikse, Djoeke Schoots
    Next Nature Academy | Arida Bandringa, Rolinka Kattouw
    Academy program: Rachel Owusu, Honor Newman, Ruben Baart, Rolinka Kattouw
    Production coordinator: Simon Bavinck
    Coordinator volunteers: Mitchell Multem
    Marketing: Hans van Rijsbergen, Saskia Wesseling
    Graphic Design: UNDOG
    Web developers: Christian Eckert, Sven Ewers

  • Partners

    This production is produced within the framework of Immerse\Interact, a collaboration of the Netherlands Film Fund and Creative Industries Fund NL

    Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
    STROOM The Hague
    Amsterdam Fund for the Arts
    City of Eindhoven
    Province of Noord-Brabant
    Mondriaan Fund
    VriendenLoterij Fund
    Regio Deal Brainport Eindhoven

    Copyright 2022 Next Nature Network / seriousFilm

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