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Nanotechnology Crashcourse

Van Mensvoort
February 3rd 2009

This mashup video project integrates various video clips that ask:What is nanotechnology?

Via Posthumanblues, via Futureblogger. See also: Small Talks, Bacteria Bots, Nanosculpture, Nanoflowers.…

How future fashion could help us cope with isolation

Ruben Baart
April 29th 2020

Today we cannot meet, touch or hug our loved ones. And while we all like the feeling of the touch of another human being, physical contact does not just feel nice, it is crucial for our health, too.…

Three ways farms of the future can feed the planet and heal it too

Karen Rial-Lovera
December 30th 2019

Intensive agriculture may be nourishing most of the Earth’s inhabitants, but it’s doing the opposite to earth itself. Its dependence on singular crops, heavy ploughing machinery, fossil-fuel based fertilisers and pesticides is degrading our soils wildlife and nutrient cycles, and contributing a quarter of the planet’s unwanted extra heat.…

How biotechnology could shape the future of product design

Ruben Baart
May 26th 2019

Humans have been manipulating living things for thousands of years. Examples of early biotechnologies include domesticating plants and animals and then selectively breeding them for specific characteristics.…

How AI and genomics will impact the future of making babies

Vanessa Bates Ramirez
November 22nd 2018

As if stand-alone technologies weren’t advancing fast enough, we’re in age where we must study the intersection points of these technologies.…

Why human enhancement requires technological citizenship

Ira van Keulen and Rinie van Est
May 29th 2018

New technologies – from artificial intelligence to synthetic biology – are set to alter the world, the human condition, and our very being in ways that are hard to imagine.…

Next Nature baby care

Charlotte Kuijpers
March 8th 2018

Babies' needs aren't complex. And yet, they are. Over the years, parents have found some tricks to ease their babies as well as themselves.…

Call for Videos: Intimate Technology

May 23rd 2017

Technology is coming closer to us, it colonizes our bodies and identity. It has always been a part of our lives, and our attachment to it seems to grow every day.…

Stay Young with Millennial Blood

Ruben Baart
February 1st 2017

One day nanobots will probably travel through our bloodstreams to keep us young and healthy. American author and futurist Ray Kurzweil writes in his book The Singularity Is Near: “When nanotechnology is mature, it’s going to solve the problems of biology by overcoming biological pathogens, removing toxins, correcting DNA errors, and reversing other sources of aging”.…

A Temporary Tattoo That Heals

Monika Kozub
December 19th 2016

No need to say that tattoos are "in" right now. Statistics show that 40% of U.S. adults between the ages 18 to 29 have one.…

Meet the Vaccinator Drone

December 3rd 2016

A new friend from our drones coloring book What's Flying There? is visiting us today. The Vaccinator Drone is a mosquito-like drone fully equipped to pinch you.…

The Robots of Tomorrow: Biodegradable

Margherita Olivo
January 23rd 2016

In this robotic century what we should ask ourselves: What happens to robots that are no longer needed? A group of researchers from the IIT (Italian Institute of Technology) is thinking about this issue and is researching different options.…

OUT NOW: Save the Humans! Book

December 17th 2015

Few months ago, we called upon you, dear readers, to participate in our new publication: Save the Humans! We invited you to submit quotes that question the autonomy of mankind in the digital computer era and study the future of the independent creative spirit. We…

Ingestible Device to Monitor Vital Signs

Margherita Olivo
November 26th 2015

Biomaterials researchers at MIT came up with a very tiny device able to monitor vital signs from deep inside the body. It seems a NANO Supermarket speculative product, actually it is a new type of sensor, designed to be ingested by the patient.…

Save the Humans!

Smartphones, health-care robots, wearable computers and driverless cars – they’re coming, or they’re already here. We are becoming increasingly intimate with the machines that constantly measure, monitor and control our lives.…

Hendrik-Jan Grievink

Hendrik-Jan Grievink is designer at Next Nature Network since 2007. He is an expert in translating philosophy into clear-cut objects and experiences. Since…

NANO Supermarket Opens in Latvia

June 9th 2015

The tour of our lustrous NANO Supermarket is coming to Latvia! Tomorrow we will open a pop-up store in Riga. Come visit our glimmering new franchise from the 10th to the 12th of June at the EuroNanoForum 2015, Europe's largest networking conference on nanotechnology.…

Converting Gestures into Concrete Action

Yunus Emre Duyar
May 27th 2015

As proved by Imogen Heap's music gloves that turn gestures into music, gloves are a very convenient choice clothing for wearable technology. If you are interested in this technology, Francesca Barchiesi's concept, Hand-Tech, might pique your curiosity. Armed…

Harvard Creates Half-Man Cyborg Flesh

Yunus Emre Duyar
April 22nd 2015

Bioengineers at Harvard University have created what appears to be the first cyborg tissue. The tissue is a structure of neurons, heart cells, muscle, blood vessels, interwoven with nanowires and transistors.…

You Can Be the Avatar by 2040

Yunus Emre Duyar
April 16th 2015

Are you a die-hard fan of Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, and wished for the power to bend air, water, fire and earth?…

Intimate Technology: the Battle for Our Body and Behaviour

Rinie van Est
April 12th 2015

Technology is nestling itself within us and between us, has knowledge about us and can act just like us. Think of brain implants, artificial balancing organs and bio-cultured heart valves.…

Organs Could Self-Heal with Nanoneedles

Yunus Emre Duyar
April 11th 2015

Medical practices of the future could become much more efficient with the help of nanotechnology. During a recent experiment, an international team of scientists used nano-sized needles in order to promote production of new blood cells.…

Diseases Of The Future

Alessia Andreotti
March 8th 2015

Nowadays humans suffer from diseases that didn't exist in the past, a trend that will probably continue into the future. A wide range of new disorders, especially related to the latest technologies, may affect us.…

NANO Supermarket New Line of Products

October 3rd 2014

Our lustrous NANO Supermarket unveils new products: from the Google Nose to the self-diagnosis lens, passing through the cloud coloring rockets.…

Nano Product: CloudCrayons

September 27th 2014

CloudCrayons are a rockets, similar to fireworks, able to paint the sky above us. Combining cloud seeding techniques with nanotechnology, CloudCrayons can change the color of clouds.…

A Net will Collect Debris from Outer Space

Julia Weber
June 11th 2014

After several approaches to junk removal, Japanese space agency JAXA, came up with the idea of a 700 meters long magnetic net, that will be sent out with a special spacecraft.…

Making Seawater Drinkable with Nanotech

Robin Bergman
April 21st 2014

Thanks to a recent discovery in nanotechnology application is it possible to turn seawater into fresh and drinkable water. This technology uses a nano-membrane of graphene to filter the salt.…

Bionic Plants

Alessia Andreotti
April 5th 2014

A group of chemical engineers and biochemists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology released a new study presenting a way to improve the efficiency of plants light harvesting during the photosynthesis.…

Nano-motors in Living Cells

Robin Bergman
February 24th 2014

American scientists made a breakthrough with medical nano-bots. Thanks to nanotechnology in the near future it could be possible for people to operate inside their body, fighting disease and monitoring general health.…

Jason Silva and the Dawn of Nanotech

Alessia Andreotti
December 19th 2013

Performance philosopher Jason Silva has inaugurated a powerful new series on AOL called The Future Of Us, with new videos weekly. In this series, Silva shares his excitement about recent discoveries and inventions, describing how they'll help us today but, more importantly, how they'll impact our near and distant future.…

NANO Supermarket 2014 Call for Products

December 13th 2013

The NANO Supermarket is evolving! After three successful years touring the globe presenting speculative products to over 50.000 people, the NANO supermarket is now entering its third edition.…

Killing Cancer Cells, Arcade-Style

Alessia Andreotti
June 28th 2013

Even if medicines are getting smarter thanks to nanotechnology, they still often require human direction. The Healing Game, a speculative nano-device developed by Martijn van den Broeck at the Next Nature Lab, offers this to the patient in the form of a lifesaving video game.…

The Future of Solar Power? Snail Teeth!

Marco van Beers
February 9th 2013

Gumboot chiton is a marine snail with an appetite for algae growing on rocks. Grazing on rocks would destroy the teeth of others, but not the gumboot chiton.…

Moral Shortcomings in the Technology Debate

Rinie van Est
January 30th 2013

Digital and genetic techniques increasingly influence life. Our belief in progress through technology stands in the way of a moral debate on this development.…

Nanotech Diatoms

Allison Guy
December 14th 2012

No, those aren't plastic trinkets or beads from a craft store. They're diatoms, a group of single-celled algae, and unlike almost all of our current technologies, they can rapidly and reliably synthesize  nanoscale structures.…

Nanotech Generates the Blackest Black

René Rieger
November 10th 2012

As the NANO Supermarket opens discussions on the ethics, purpose and usability of nanotechnology, Frederik De Wilde is researching its artistic possibilities.…

NANO Supermarket Unveils New Products

October 23rd 2012

From sleek fashion to life-saving medicines. During the forthcoming Dutch Design Week, our lustrous NANO Supermarket debuts a new line of speculative nano products that might hit store shelves within the next decade.…

NANO Supermarket Jury Report 2012

October 4th 2012

After the successful introduction of the NANO Supermarket in 2010 it became even more clear that the contest and the presented results produced discussions and many challenges to think about.…

Latro Algae Lamp

Van Mensvoort
September 16th 2012

As advances in nanotechnology bring us increasingly energy efficient products, plant life such as algae could become attractive sources for tapping energy.…

NANO Supermarket – Introducing the Jury

May 30th 2012

Little over two weeks left to submit your speculative product idea for the Nano Supermarket. The jury that will select the finest submissions – to be exhibited in the Nano Supermarket this autumn and award the 2500 euro price – consist of distinguished scientists, designers, artists, journalists and thinkers.…

The NBIC Convergence: When Machines and Matter ‘Have Sex’

Rachel Armstrong
May 28th 2012

The Singularity, as popularized by Ray Kurtzweil, refers to a near term, theoretical time when machine intelligence greatly surpasses our own.…

Next What?

John Zerzan
March 27th 2012

In this essay, anti-civilization, anarchist philosopher John Zerzan critiques the concept of 'next nature.' He argues that rather than freeing us, our self-domestication through technology has created a disconnected, depressed and over-medicated population.…

Cellphone Masts Disguised as Trees are Outdated

Marco van Beers
March 5th 2012

There is a new version of the well-known cellphone masts disguised as trees. Instead of adding fake nature to these masts, ChamTech Operations wants to put a layer of invisible technology onto nature, therefore keeping it "authentic".…

Nano Supermarket 2nd Edition: Call for Products

February 13th 2012

The NANO Supermarket is evolving! After two successful years touring the globe, the supermarket is now entering its second edition. We are calling upon designers, technologists and artists to submit their speculative nanotech products for the next round of the NANO supermarket.…

Crickets Inspire New Sensitive Sensor

Stefan Fincken
December 12th 2011

Inspired by crickets, researchers of the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology of the University of Twente in the Netherlands have build a biomimetic sensor that can measure changes in airflow and pressure.…

Manko & The Earth [#12]

Aston Revola
October 2nd 2011

Zero: 'Where to begin? We've had many discussions in our Lab about the future of the children. The plan was simple: to raise the kids to the physical age to be 'frozen' in.…

The Technological Sublime

Jos de Mul
July 17th 2011

The sublime is an aesthetic concept of 'the exalted,' of beauty that is grand and dangerous. Through 17th and 18th century European intellectual tradition, the sublime became intimately associated with nature.…

Manko & The Children [#9]

Aston Revola
June 5th 2011

As they went down the elevator shaft, going deeper underground, neither Nada nor Manko spoke a word. To Manko it seemed to take forever.…

Trips to the Moon

Billy Schonenberg
May 19th 2011

When watching a science fiction flick, it can be hard to determine what time in the future it is set, although this is a usually an integral part of the movie. However,…

Manko & Life [#8]

Aston Revola
May 8th 2011

Manko sighed.

Nada: 'Did you like it?'

Manko: 'I have to admit that if this is the starter, I'm not sure I'll survive the main course.'…

Morphing Cutlery

Van Mensvoort
April 22nd 2011

Imagine a world where the shapes of all objects around you would be able to change on the fly. Envision a future where nanotechnology and morphing become ubiquitous and blend in with the physical environment of the everyday.…

Nano World Map

Van Mensvoort
March 26th 2011

The NanoWorld Map is an imaginative map of the emerging world of nanotechnology. It presents an overview of the state of the art of nanotechnology: its application domains, its enabling technologies and products.…

Nano Supermarket visits Pamplona, Spain

March 6th 2011

From 9 - 14 March 2011 the Nano Supermarket opens its doors in Pampona, Spain.

The NANO Supermarket presents speculative nanotech products that may hit the shelves within the next ten years: medicinal candy, interactive wall paint, programmable wine, a twitter implant, invisible security spray.…

Manko & Soup [#6]

Aston Revola
March 5th 2011

When Nada returned as promised with a small bowl of soup in her hands, Manko was sitting upright with a grumbling stomach.…

(Nano)technology imitating Nature

Koen Beumer
February 26th 2011

Over the coming years, nanotechnology will invade our everyday lives. Nanotechnology, usually defined as the control and manipulation of matter at the nanoscale, will be incorporated in anything from windshields to cancer drugs, and from sun lotion to batteries.…

Manko & Nothing [#5]

Aston Revola
January 30th 2011

Manko was completely cut off from everything around him, virtually dead, buried alive inside of his own body. He remembered Zero's advice not to panic, but to no effect.…

Nano Supermarket in Amsterdam

January 17th 2011

From Friday 28 January - Wednesday 2 Februari the Nano Supermarket will be opened at the Leidseplein in Amsterdam. Additionally, on the 27th of January we will be opened at the Nano Festival in Nemo Science Center.…

Manko & Zero [#4]

Aston Revola
December 5th 2010

The way down was slow and somehow greasy. Total darkness surrounded them. Gill turned on the car radio and the LED's lit up their faces in a green pulsating glow.…

Manko & The Invitation [#3]

Aston Revola
October 31st 2010

Last month we discussed how the vacuum played a big role in Manko's life since he lost his right leg. Soon he developed this idea further, beyond the mere notion of extensions into more abstract notions of what a vacuum is, as we saw in the earlier discussed works 'Zebra2' and his later work 'KM3'.…

Nano Supermarket on Dutch TV News

Van Mensvoort
October 30th 2010

The Dutch evening News payed a visit to our Nano Supermarket to familiarize the television viewers with the intricate world of nanotechnology and its potential impact our economy and everyday lives.…

Nano Supermarket Opens its Doors

October 20th 2010

Nanotechnology is an important emerging technology of our time – it radically intervenes with our sense of what is natural – yet most people are still relatively unaware of its consequences.…

Nanoparticles in Sunscreen Damage Microbes

Van Mensvoort
August 24th 2010

Nanotechnology has been hailed for its benefits because of the potential ability to create drugs that could cure cancer and radiation poisoning, make miniature pollutant filters resulting in healthier air and even produce better tasting food.…

Nano Supermarket – Jury Report

July 8th 2010

Nanotechnology is an important emerging technology of our time – it radically intervenes with our sense of what is natural – yet most people are still relatively unaware of its consequences.…

Mind Expanding Lead

Florian Conradi and Michelle Christensen
June 4th 2010

These pencils release allegedly mind-expanding aromas, letting you 'smell your way to smartness while you write'. According to the creators, the fragrance is encapsulated using nanotechnology, where microscopic bubbles (shouldn't this be nanoscopic bubbles?)…

Self-healing Surfaces

Arnoud van den Heuvel
May 24th 2010

What if a scratch on your car door could heal itself, just like the human skin does?
Engineers are working on a way to transfer the self-healing ability of the skin to surfaces and materials.…

Nano Product: Spider Silk Condoms

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
April 16th 2010

Are we creating the penicillin or the asbestos of the 21st century? In the months preceding our Nano Supermarket Project, we share some speculative nanotech products with you.…

There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
February 4th 2010

So you’re triggered by our call for products and now you’re considering to send in one, two or maybe three of your brilliant products for the Nano Supermarket?…

Nano Supermarket – Call for Products

February 4th 2010

Nanotechnology is an important emerging technology of our time – it radically intervenes with our sense of what is natural – yet most people are still relatively unaware of its consequences.…

Blood Cells 2.0

Marcel van Heist
November 10th 2009

Unlike many people fear that computers will overtake humans, Ray Kurzweil states that robots will merge with humans, robots the size of cells which can do the job way more efficient than our actual cells.…

Second Sight – Augmented Contacts

Arnoud van den Heuvel
September 2nd 2009

Getting information as fast as possible and on the spot is the trend. So what could be more direct than having information fired directly into the eye?…


Arnoud van den Heuvel
February 8th 2009

This smart-looking image is a model of what James M. Tour at Rice University (Texas) and his research team like to call a 'nanocar'.…

Interactive Nanotech Food

Van Mensvoort
December 18th 2008

Nanotechnology isn't just protecting your food - it's in your food. Scientists are manufacturing nano-sized vitamins that are easier for our bodies to absorb.…

Voyage of the Bacteria Bots

Dr Natural
November 3rd 2008

The 1966 science-fiction movie Fantastic Voyage famously imagined using a tiny ship to combat disease inside the body. With the advent of nanotechnology, researchers are inching closer to creating something almost as fantastic.…

Human body farm

October 22nd 2008

Why not use the human body to grow products for the medical industry? The designer Michael Burton envisions Future Farm where the body is used as a farm to cultivate clinical and pharmaceutical products with bio and nanotechnology.…

Paradise by the Laptop Light

August 21st 2008

Paradise by the Laptop Light is a next nature event with short films, speedlectures, special guests and one laptop. It will be held on 12 September 2008 16:30-17:30, as the opening event of the Wereld van Witte de With Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands.…

Next Friday: Paradise by the Laptop Light

November 16th 2007

Paradise by the Laptop Light is a visual power event with short films, speedlectures, special guests and one laptop. It will be held on Friday 23 November 2007 16:30 - 18:00, as part of STRP Art & Technology Festival in Eindhoven, Netherlands.…

Next Nature Interview

October 31st 2007

For the Venezuelan Magazine Platanoverde, Gabriela Valdivieso y Lope Gutiarrez-Ruiz interviewed artist/scientist Koert van Mensvoort and discussed some of the idea's behind Next Nature and their implications on art, design, sex, religion and what it means to be human.…

Paradise by the Laptop Light

August 15th 2007

Paradise by the Laptop Light is a visual power event with short films, speedlectures, special guests and one laptop. It will be held on 23 November 2007 16:30, as part of STRP Art & Technology Festival in Eindhoven, Netherlands.…


July 29th 2006

Written by Werner Lippert & Peter Wippermann, Curators of the Entryparadise exhibition (26/8 until 3/12, 2006, at Kohlenwäsche, Zollverein)

Design is about to undergo a paradigm shift - the extent to which new technologies have been intervening in the constructive, material, aesthetic and social practice of both architecture and design since the nineties is unprecedented.…