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Technosphere Weighs 30 Trillion Tons

Van Mensvoort
May 12th 2017

A multinational team of geologists made a rough estimate of the size of the physical structure of Earth’s technosphere - finding that its mass approximates to 30 trillion tons.…

Meteorology Captures the Technosphere

Alejandro Alvarez
January 24th 2017

Rain radars help us plan our everyday life and foresee natural disasters. In a world were the line between the technosphere and the biosphere becomes blurrier everyday, not even our meteorology instruments can tell the difference, like a local technician spotted in New Zealand's official weather forecasts site.…

Technosphere Interference

Alessia Andreotti
April 14th 2014

Medical teams in Austria and Egypt published a study in which they report the effects of cell phone usage on men fertility.…

Technosphere Monitors the Biosphere

Van Mensvoort
March 18th 2014

We all know deforestation is a major global issue, but it’s hard to quantify just how serious the problem is. According to a wide spread anecdote, 36 football fields’ worth of forest is lost every minute, but this is only the beginning of the story.…

Free Electricity from the Technosphere

Teije Oudshoorn
May 29th 2013

Like the biosphere the technosphere is all around us. It contains TV, mobile phone, GPS, Wi-Fi and radio waves. Radio waves are omnipresent, can move through objects and yield a low amount of power.…

Biosphere meets Technosphere

Van Mensvoort
July 12th 2012

Now who's gonna scare who? Our peculiar image of the week was sent in by Béla Zsigmond.…

A path to humane technology

Van Mensvoort
September 4th 2020

In 1486, six years before Columbus dropped anchor in the New World, the 23-year-old Italian nobleman Giovanni Pico della Mirandola penned a passionate discourse on the unique position of human beings in creation.…

The new Next Nature book is here!

September 4th 2020

We live in a world in which we control the biology of a tomato at such precision, you could think of it as a product of technology, instead of a product of nature.…

‘Optimism is our duty’: A conversation with Koert van Mensvoort

Ruben Baart
July 30th 2020

We live in a world in which we control the biology of a tomato at such precision, you could think of it as a product of technology, instead of a product of nature.…

Towards a global society as a superorganism

Ruben Baart and Britta de Vries
May 12th 2020

Today we hold the ability to gather a lot of knowledge, thanks to science. We are able to watch, analyze, manipulate and change matter to the nano-level.…

Q: How will we co-evolve with technology?

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
August 21st 2019

This question is an excerpt from the Pyramid of Technology toolkit

Cooking is a process through which humans outsource part of their bodily functions to technology (think barbebque, fireplace, microwave).…

The future of the ECO Coin

Koen Blezer
June 26th 2018

How can we design a cryptocurrency for the better of humanity and ecology? In this last chapter of the crypto deep dive series, we will dissect two kinds of blockchain cryptocurrencies that are currently making waves on the internet and beyond.…

Interview: Designer Shahar Livne is geomimicing the future of plastics

Kelly Streekstra
April 18th 2018

What if plastics one day become a rare commodity that we desire and mine from the depths of the earth’s crust?…

Artificial Light Threatens Pollination

Daniel Fraga
September 6th 2017

Human impact on the biosphere is so massive that it triggered a new geological age, the Anthropocene. So far, we have difficulties understand the extent of the influence we have on our planet.…

Letter to Humanity

Van Mensvoort
April 22nd 2017

The Letter to Humanity is addressed to all 7 billion people on Earth and available in twenty-five languages. It encourages a new perspective on the role of humanity on Earth.…

The Digital Mythology of… Super Mario

Daniel Fraga
February 13th 2017

Many people say that myths and superstitions are a thing of the past. They say that they are the mark of a backwards culture and that our globalized society has been smart enough to move beyond them.…

Fellow Day: Next Senses

Ingmar Nieuweboer
June 23rd 2016

If you could have another sense, which sense would you choose? Would you like to have the ability to sense electromagnetic fluctuations like sharks do?…

A Cryptocurrency Helping to Cure Cancer

Lewis Just
May 4th 2016

A ten part series exploring the design of an invisible technology: money.

1969. The historical year humanity first walked on the moon.…

How Rare Is Virtual Gold?

Lewis Just
April 26th 2016

A ten part series exploring the design of an invisible technology: money.

The (in)famous American economist Alan Greenspan once said that “in the absence of the gold standard, there is no safe store of value”. The…

The Risk of Technological Unemployment

Daniel Fraga
October 29th 2015

In a Q&A with Reddit, Stephen Hawking - a man known for both his achievements in the realms of science as well as for his public persona as "Einstein in a wheelchair" - gave his opinion on what technological unemployment, aka machines taking over our jobs, can represent for future human societies.…

Save The Humans – Submit your Quote

January 1st 2015

We call upon you, dear readers, to participate in a new publication from the Next Nature Network: SAVE THE HUMANS!.

Smart Phones, Healthcare Robots, Wearable Computers and Self-Driving Cars.…

Save the Humans – Call for Quotes

December 14th 2014

We call upon you, dear readers, to participate in a new publication from the Next Nature Network: SAVE THE HUMANS!.

We are becoming increasingly intimate with the machines that constantly control and watch the way we live.…

The Bacterial Lamp

November 7th 2014

One of the main questions raised by next nature inquires if it is possible to integrated the biosphere into the technosphere.…

Waves Are Everywhere

Van Mensvoort
October 28th 2014

Waveforms are found in the biosphere and the technosphere alike. Peculiar image of the week via toneden.…

The Anthropocene Explosion

Van Mensvoort
September 28th 2014

Biologically, there is nothing remarkable in the fact that humans are agents of ecological change and environmental upset. All species transform their surroundings.…

Monster Machine Swallows Tree in 15 Sec

Van Mensvoort
July 5th 2014

They are called excavator mulchers, but that's an understatement. What they really do is swallow trees. The video is 3 minutes, but you really only need to see the first 15 seconds, which is the time it takes the mulcher monster to consume a 9 meter-tall, mature spruce – starting at the top, landing at the bottom.…

Super Computer Chips

Robin Bergman
May 10th 2014

Nowadays computer chips are made of silicon, a great conductive material. Its suitable properties have been extensively employed to design fast processors.…

Lewis Just

As a post disciplinary designer, Lewis explores the intersection of the biosphere, technosphere and economy using a systems and human-centric approach.…

Modern African Classics

Robin Bergman
April 2nd 2014

Fabrics are in the heart of many African cultures. The patterns on their rich decorated fabrics represent a certain mind-set, emotion or philosophy.…

Let the Drones take care of the Biosphere

Van Mensvoort
January 4th 2014

Drones are typically thought of as flying spying robots, or even worse flying spying shooting robots. But could we also employ drones for good?…

First Monkey Named after a Website

Van Mensvoort
August 1st 2013

Meet the first species named after a website. Discovered in 2004, the honor of naming this new monkey was auctioned off to raise funds for the national park it calls home.…

The Hedonometer Uses Social Media to Measure Global Happiness

Orfeas Lyras
May 1st 2013

Are you using Twitter? Then you might be measured as part of the world's happiness. A team of scientists from the University of Vermont and The MITRE Corporation have developed a tool to measure global happiness, the Hedonometer.…

Nature through the Windshield

Brendan Cormier
April 26th 2013

For more than eight years artist Koert van Mensvoort has been working on a project to redefine our concept of nature.…

Next What?

John Zerzan
March 27th 2012

In this essay, anti-civilization, anarchist philosopher John Zerzan critiques the concept of 'next nature.' He argues that rather than freeing us, our self-domestication through technology has created a disconnected, depressed and over-medicated population.…

Rare mutation: Razorius Gilletus Vectrus

Van Mensvoort
April 29th 2010

If you haven't read the recently posted essay "Razorius Gilletus – On the Origin of a Next Species?", you probably won't understand much of the following.…

Razorius Gilletus – On the Origin of a Next Species

Van Mensvoort
March 1st 2010

Is the evolution of the single bladed razor into an exorbitant five–bladed vibrating gizmo the outcome of human needs, or is there another force in play?…