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Visual of Anthropo-scene #10: From Thoughts to Geology

Anthropo-scene #10: From Thoughts to Geology

It's more than two years since I have started this exploration of the Anthropocene for Next Nature for you. We have visited many places together, places I have traveled to as a …

Visual of Anthropo-scene #5: Industrial Wilderness

Anthropo-scene #5: Industrial Wilderness

Old ironworks in Germany have become more natural than "real" nature.

Visual of Anthropo-scene #7: Anthropocene Bird

Anthropo-scene #7: Anthropocene Bird

Due to human action, 1300 bird species are seriously in decline. Other birds have learned to live with humans and profit from their presence.

Visual of Anthropo-scene #8: Anthropocene Rabbit

Anthropo-scene #8: Anthropocene Rabbit

With cities covering growing area of land, we humans and our spaces build the new wilderness for animals and plants.

Visual of Anthropo-scene #9: Sense, Sensors, Sensitivity

Anthropo-scene #9: Sense, Sensors, Sensitivity

Technology helps us understand the unfolding of the Anthropocene.

Visual of Anthropo-scene #3: Morphing Earth, Piece by Piece

Anthropo-scene #3: Morphing Earth, Piece by Piece

Humans act as bio-excavators that literally move mountains.

Visual of Anthropo-scene #1: From Rocks to Thoughts

Anthropo-scene #1: From Rocks to Thoughts

How geology and humanity turn ancient algae into high-tech gadgets.

Visual of Anthropo-scene #4: Longing for Nature

Anthropo-scene #4: Longing for Nature

What one ugly overpass in Berlin reveals about our attitudes towards nature.

Visual of Anthropo-scene #6: Military Nature

Anthropo-scene #6: Military Nature

Military action accidentally restores a lost ecosystem.

Visual of Anthropo-scene #2: The Mind's Lianas

Anthropo-scene #2: The Mind's Lianas

What are the physical forms of the noosphere?