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Visual of Deer gets revenge

Deer gets revenge

In an amazing twist of fate a deer kicks the crap out of a hunter who tried to shoot it. Watch video

Visual of 20 years after Chernobyl

20 years after Chernobyl

Pripyat was built as a town for workers at the Chernobyl power station, where the world's worst nuclear accident occurred 20 years ago. The town was abandoned 36 hours after the …

Visual of Even Better than The Real Thing

Even Better than The Real Thing

Give it to me baby! Meet the teledildonics .

Visual of Virtual missing limb

Virtual missing limb

"Many people who lose a limb experience the sensation that it is still attached to their body. This is also often accompanied by a feeling of pain in the missing appendage. …

Visual of What does 200 Calories look like?

What does 200 Calories look like?

Everyone knows some foods have more calories than others. For many people eating turned into an information science, having to continuously read the amount of calories of the …

Visual of Agro-Veillance


This summer researchers from technology firm QinetiQ and from Aberystwyth University flew an autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) over fields in England and Wales to map the …

Visual of Ambient Umbrella

Ambient Umbrella

The Ambient Umbrella shows when rain or snow is in the forecast by illuminating its handle. Light patterns intuitively indicate rain, drizzle, snow, or thunderstorms. Local …

Visual of Banksy Pet Store

Banksy Pet Store

Famous street artist Banksy left his grafitti spraycans at home and sets to opening a pet store. The difference with this pet store is that instead of looking at pets, you look at …

Visual of Blendie - the voice controlled blender

Blendie - the voice controlled blender

Blendie is an voice controlled blender with a mind of its own. Materials are a 1950’s Osterizer blender altered with custom made hardware and software for sound analysis and motor …

Visual of Cityscape made out of cookware

Cityscape made out of cookware

So what are you doing this weekend? Grab your cookware and create the cityscape of of San Fransisco… Via This Foot Thing .

Visual of Composting Bottle

Composting Bottle

Don't you just love that vanishing bioplastic bottle! It is our peculiar object of the week.

Visual of Consuming Illusions

Consuming Illusions

So you thought the 'consumption of illusions' was a typical digital world activity of second life residents and gaming addicts? Never underestimate virtuality in everyday life. …

Visual of Dashboard Tree

Dashboard Tree

What is that growing on my car dashboard? Is that a tree? Indeed, Ford and Honda's next-generation dashboard instrument clusters feature trees (a vine in Ford's case) that grow …

Visual of Playing with Dry Water

Playing with Dry Water

The Waterboard is an interactive installation by Mike Burton giving the user a chance to play with water without getting wet. By drawing lines on the whiteboard, the water will …

Visual of Evolution in the Bedroom

Evolution in the Bedroom

Good morning anywhere in the world! Waking up is a problem (at least for 50% of the population). That's why alarm clocks exist; machines and devices are invented to solve …

Visual of Food Fight

Food Fight

If food and consumption are part of a nations identity, then could warfare be culturally determined as well? The short film that plays with this theme is called Food Fight by …

Visual of Green Blues: Biofuels add to Global Warming

Green Blues: Biofuels add to Global Warming

It is official: the Green Blues has begun. Almost all bio-fuels used today cause more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional fuels if the full emissions costs of producing …

Visual of Happy Meal

Happy Meal

How to create your own milkshake with globally available ingredients. Video by Oskar Nilsson, taken from Shampoo Generation DVD . See also: Image Consumption , Million Dollar …

Visual of In My Language

In My Language

(Please don't click this video away too soon; it's self–explanatory and your time will be rewarded).

Visual of Interactive Nanotech Food

Interactive Nanotech Food

Nanotechnology isn't just protecting your food - it's in your food. Scientists are manufacturing nano-sized vitamins that are easier for our bodies to absorb. In the future they …

Visual of It came out of the Sea

It came out of the Sea

A giant, smiling Lego man has been fished out of the sea in the Dutch resort of Zandvoort. Workers at a drinks stall rescued the 2.5-metre tall model. "We saw something bobbing …

Visual of Kokon Chair

Kokon Chair

Our peculiar object of the week is the 'Kokon Chair' created by Dutch designer Jurgen Bey , who wrapped existing chairs with tight, elastic synthetic fiber resulting in a highly …

Visual of Let the Dutch bury the Carbon

Let the Dutch bury the Carbon

Too much carbon emissions warming up the planet? No problem: just bring the stuff back to where you got it from in the first place. Experts have been advising to bury carbon …

Visual of Oil Price Threatens Biofuel Firms

Oil Price Threatens Biofuel Firms

Economy is ecology? Technology Review writes the price of oil has dipped to levels that could be far too low for many advanced-biofuel startups to succeed, especially those that …

Visual of One mans output is another mans input

One mans output is another mans input

Within old nature one organism's droppings becomes another organism's food. This is a cycle that will continue going for ever and is vital for the old nature's balance. Nowadays …

Visual of Remote pets

Remote pets

Humans have domesticated animals for thousands of years. The earliest known evidence of a domesticated dog is a jawbone found in a cave in Iraq and dated to about 12,000 years ago …

Visual of RepRap - a self-reproducing machine

RepRap - a self-reproducing machine

The RepRap is a selfreproducing 3D printer. The 3D printer 'prints' his own components by melting tiny plastic particles together. Imagine what would happen if this 3D printer …

Visual of Smart Forests - EWAN

Smart Forests - EWAN

At Massachusetts Institute of Technology , Christopher Love and colleagues are working to find out whether energy from trees can be used to prevent forest fires. A sensor system …

Visual of Soil Lamp

Soil Lamp

The design of Marieke Staps  used free and environment-friendly energy to create light. The metabolism of biological living produces enough electricity to burn the LED. The only …

Visual of Speaking at the Wall

Speaking at the Wall

I used to hear voices in my head, but now they seem to be coming from the walls – am I back in to the womb? No wait.. it's a wall that reacts to the spectators voice (quicktime) . …

Visual of Urban Tumbleweed - Next Nature's Trash

Urban Tumbleweed - Next Nature's Trash

Yesterday's leaves are being replaced by today's garbage. This garbage is turning into a natural feature of our environment. Urban garbage, as it's called, is becoming our next …

Visual of Wallpaper Blooms When the Heat is On

Wallpaper Blooms When the Heat is On

Now this is a spot on example of  information decoration : a heat–sensitive wallpaper of which the printed flowers will be blooming when the radiator is on. Created by Shiyuan .

Visual of Where it came from

Where it came from

Processed lunch meats etched with a laser cutter. The images show the source of the meat, making you more aware of where that great taste comes from. Link

Visual of World of World of Warcraft (WOWOW)

World of World of Warcraft (WOWOW)

Videogame players celebrated this week as a hotly anticipated sequel to the popular online video game World of Warcraft hit the shelves. The nine million gamers can now play a …

Visual of A plate that regulates the speed of eating

A plate that regulates the speed of eating

Many people tend to eat too fast. As a result they do not receive signals from the stomach that they are in fact full. The result can be overeating and obesity . To encounter …

Visual of After the reboot, meet the Homo Evolutis

After the reboot, meet the Homo Evolutis

At this year's TED conference , held in Long Beach California, Biotechnologist Juan Enriquez argued that even as mega-banks topple,  the big reboot is yet to come. It will come …

Visual of Agenda Wallpaper

Agenda Wallpaper

Using thermochromatic ink, which changes color when the temperature exceeds a specific degree, designer Josien Pieters created a prototype of a dynamic wallpaper that …

Visual of A.T.R.E.E.M.


Meet A.T.R.E.E.M. (acronym for Automated Tree-Rental for Emission Encaging Machine), a device that compares daily activities, energy and products to the growth of a tree. "From an …

Visual of Beaming Up Business

Beaming Up Business

This report on spooky showhost holograms appearing on national TV might be a bit of old news..., but I guess still worth posting. The word "hologram" CNN uses in this Youtube, is …

Visual of Brainwave Binoculars

Brainwave Binoculars

The eye passes on more information to the brain than the brain will process. In that sense, the brain functions as a filter. But on the battlefield the risk of neglecting …

Visual of Bugs that Turn Whole Plants into Sugar

Bugs that Turn Whole Plants into Sugar

Remember the bacteria that eat waste and shit petrol ? How about some microbes that eat plant waste and turn it in to sugar? Now you might say you have no need for sugar as you …

Visual of Designing Bugs That Eat Plastic

Designing Bugs That Eat Plastic

It is a well known secret that plastic hardly breaks down and almost all of the plastic ever made still floats around somewhere . With the great pacific garbage patch now twice …

Visual of DrinkPeeDrinkPeeDrinkPee


Drinkpeedrinkpeedrinkpee is a project by Britta Riley and Rebecca Bray about the role our bodies play in larger ecosystems. It's an installation about the Urine to Fertilzer DIY …

Visual of Energy-aware Internet-routing

Energy-aware Internet-routing

Data-hungry companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon could reduce their energy consumption with 40% by rerouting data to locations where electricity prices are lowest on a …

Visual of Energy Consumption Shown on Power Plant

Energy Consumption Shown on Power Plant

Information decoration on a city scale. Every night from the 22 to the 29 of February 2008, the vapor emissions of he Salmisaari power plant in Helsinki will be illuminated to …

Visual of Freshness Label

Freshness Label

Japanese design agency To-Genkyo proposes a dynamic freshness label for meat products. The hourglass-shaped label contains special ink that changes color based on the amount of …

Visual of Games Become Jobs: Gold Farming in China

Games Become Jobs: Gold Farming in China

Chinese workers slaying monsters to earn gold for western consumers. It sounds surreal, but it is a far from virtual reality for the so-called 'gold farmers', who are working in …

Visual of Google technique may also track extinctions

Google technique may also track extinctions

Boomeranged metaphor in the news: Google's algorithm for ranking web pages can be adapted to determine which species are critical for sustaining ecosystems , the BBC reports . …

Visual of Growth economy hits the ceiling?

Growth economy hits the ceiling?

We have lived for 200 years in a growth economy . That's more than a lifetime, so it is no surprise people tend to think of economy as infinitely growing. Herman Daly , who …

Visual of Hightech Landscape

Hightech Landscape

Discarded shells of computers and monitors float in a drainage canal in Accra, Ghana. Our peculiar image of the week was made by Peter Essick. Via National Geographic .

Visual of Get it out of Your Head

Get it out of Your Head

Talking about image consumption ... Via | Related: Some Kids Don't Like Chicken | Banksy Pet Store   | Featherless Chicken | Confetti Chicken | FFR Image Consumption

Visual of Kiwi Juice Packaging

Kiwi Juice Packaging

What you see is what you get – at least that is what you hope – with this biomimicked kiwinut juice packaging designed by Naoto Fukasawa. See also: Image consumption , Image …

Visual of KOBIAN Shows Emotion

KOBIAN Shows Emotion

Meet KOBIAN, the humanoid robot that is not only able to walk about and interact with humans, but uses its entire body in addition to its facial expressions to display a full …

Visual of Meat Pork

Meat Pork

This meat pig was reconstructed by Ton Meijdam . See also: Get vegetarian teeth and eat less meat , Million Dollar Burger , Back to where it came from ,

Visual of Millions of gadgets unused in Britain

Millions of gadgets unused in Britain

Gadgets! You love them when you buy them, but what happens next? Over half of Brits have abandoned gadgets because they don't know how to use them properly.  Seventy-one per cent …

Visual of Miracle Banana Diet

Miracle Banana Diet

The 150 people watching this Youtube-commercial right now, will copy the source and blog or twitter it forward because it diggs. 40 of them have remorse over the fact that it is …

Visual of Next Nest

Next Nest

When a bird builds a nest, we call it nature, but when a human puts up an apartment building, suddenly it’s culture? As if the dividing line between nature and culture wasn't …

Visual of Orthorexia Nervosa: the

Orthorexia Nervosa: the "healthy" eating disorder

Following anorexia nervosa (under eating) and bulimia nervosa (overeating and compensating), orthorexia nervosa (obsessively healthy eating) is the latest eating disorder in the …

Visual of Placebo Buttons

Placebo Buttons

Buttons are everywhere: throughout your day you press them on phones, alarm clocks, keyboards, elevators, dishwashers and of course on the computer screen. Although buttons did …

Visual of Plastic Birds

Plastic Birds

Bird spotting is not a typical activity for us next nature explorers, yet occasionally we bump into some birds worth mentioning (remember the amazing copy-paste bird , rubber duck …

Visual of Popolate


Peculiar image of the week. Created by Janis Pönisch and Anne de Vries .

Visual of Project Natal: You are the Cursor

Project Natal: You are the Cursor

Today browsing and gaming is dominated by the shortcomings of machines, for machines simply do not know who is on the other end. Man needs to interact; therefore man needs to …

Visual of Real Baby Dolls

Real Baby Dolls

We already know that guys love dolls ... Now learn why some mothers can never stop playing with dolls and that cuteness is defined in the mind's eye. Image credit: Kentish Babies …

Visual of Screen Saver

Screen Saver

Ever wondered what happened to your old computer screen? At Monitex, a Grand Prairie, Texas recycler, workers strip picture tubes from used computer monitors. Tubes that work will …

Visual of Second Sight - Augmented Contacts

Second Sight - Augmented Contacts

Getting information as fast as possible and on the spot is the trend. So what could be more direct than having information fired directly into the eye? Today - together with his …

Visual of Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense

Although this TED video has been all over the web and commented on this website already, it still deserves a separate post: Desigineers Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry of the MIT …

Visual of Tangible hologram projector

Tangible hologram projector

Using ultrasound technology, researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a holographic projector that displays three-dimensional virtual objects you can feel with your …

Visual of The Eye of a Cyber Sapien

The Eye of a Cyber Sapien

An  earlier post  on this blog already displayed the possible future of sight using augmented contact lenses.  Researchers at MIT  take this second sight to a next level by …

Visual of Everyday...


... a new McDonalds opens somewhere in the world. Via RebelArt , via Ekosystem . Related: post-apocalyptic religious artefact , hamburger sneaker , Image consumption .

Visual of Tweets go Bubble

Tweets go Bubble

Minsh is an underwater 3D navigable world where each fish represents a Twitter user. The concept behind this world is that the social behaviour of fish will represent what people …

Visual of Where newspaper racks go to die

Where newspaper racks go to die

These photos of disused newspaper racks in a San Francisco storage yard – taken March 13, 2009 by AP/Noah Berger – are pretty much all you need to know about the state of the …

Visual of Survival of the bankrupt companies

Survival of the bankrupt companies

"In the environment this company will survive for another 500 years." From the advertising campaign of WWF Brasil. Via I believe in advertising . Related post: Wildlife is …

Visual of Are Mushrooms the New Plastic?

Are Mushrooms the New Plastic?

Mushroom based plastics? Designer Eben Bayer must have eaten too much of the wondrous chanterelles perhaps? No seriously, the man is turning his vision into a reality with an …

Visual of First tweet from space

First tweet from space

That's one small tweet for man, one giant tweet for mankind. The virtual realm has physically expanded once again as Timothy Creamer a.k.a. Astro_TJ made Twitter history by being …

Visual of Infobesity


Could this 2.0-bird be suffering from Infobesity ? Then it must be the result of excessive infocalorie consumption. Following people and news-sources on microblogservices like …

Visual of Medicinal All-Salt

Medicinal All-Salt

Do you suffer from small health inconveniences and do you like to put salt on your morning egg? Why not combine the two? Medicinal All-Salt provides a low-dosage solution for …

Visual of Meet the Cellphone that drinks Coke

Meet the Cellphone that drinks Coke

Chinese designer Daizi Zheng created a conceptual mobile phone for Nokia that could be powered by cola. The idea is the phone could run on a battery that uses enzymes to generate …

Visual of Save the Coral: Dump a Tank

Save the Coral: Dump a Tank

Our peculiar image of the week learns us that what is good for the environment doesn't always look good for the environment. The adieu of this disused tank into the Gulf of …

Visual of The Buttons

The Buttons

Nowadays buttons are completely mundane and natural objects in our environment. You find them on phones, alarm clocks, keyboards, elevators, dishwashers and of course on the …

Visual of Traces of Everyday Embedded in Textile

Traces of Everyday Embedded in Textile

The ‘Decay’ project explores how traces of time and use can be embedded in textile. By wearing a carbon fibre suit over a white blouse, textile designer Marie Ilse Bourlanges …

Visual of Twitwee Clock

Twitwee Clock

Haroon Baig from Germany has figured out a way to key up the amount of 50+ Twitter addicts. This progressive nostalgic cuckoo device displays new tweets from any twitter stream or …

Visual of Urban Mining – Gold digging in the Sewers

Urban Mining – Gold digging in the Sewers

Resource-poor Japan discovered a new source of mineral wealth: sewage sludge. In its first month of operation, a sewage plant in Japan’s Nagano prefecture has mined 5 million yen …

Visual of Afterlife for Atheists

Afterlife for Atheists

Where religions promise their believers a life after death and cryonics also needs a kind of belief in future technological development, designers James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau …

Visual of Brainscan App

Brainscan App

By hooking up a commercially available EEG headset to a Nokia N900 smartphone, Jakob Eg Larsen and colleagues at the Technical University of Denmark in Kongens Lyngby have created …

Visual of Exploring the Oceans of Plastic

Exploring the Oceans of Plastic

Captain Charles Moore of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation first discovered the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – an endless floating waste of plastic trash. Now he's drawing …

Visual of Humane Technology #4: Resonate with human senses

Humane Technology #4: Resonate with human senses

Principle number four: Humane technology should resonate with the human senses, rather than numbing them. If you're an office worker or a video game fanatic , you may spend most …

Visual of Not So Horseless Carriage

Not So Horseless Carriage

Sometimes next nature breaks down and things fall back on an older nature. Luckily, this guy still had a horse around. Peculiar image of the week. Via Kottke .

Visual of So that's where blackberries come from

So that's where blackberries come from

Peculiar image of the week, by Arnoud van den Heuvel . Related: Children's dictionary dumps 'nature' words , Crackberry addicts are suing their employers , handset gets taken to …

Visual of The Majestic Plastic Bag

The Majestic Plastic Bag

Behold the heroic journey of one of the most illustrious creatures on our planet. Created by the good people of .

Visual of Unboxing Artificial Intelligence

Unboxing Artificial Intelligence

Did you know that phones were once used for calling up our (human) friends? Researching the beginning of it all, we came accross demo video's on the cloud called "internet" where …

Visual of When Siri met Siri…

When Siri met Siri…

Like with pets and babies, we seem to like it when devices mimic our behaviour and social patterns. In the process of domesticating technology, we teach products to behave like …

Visual of Architect Aims to Build House From Plastic Waste

Architect Aims to Build House From Plastic Waste

Interpreting the plastics in the Earths ecosystem as building material rather than as waste.

Visual of Biosphere meets Technosphere

Biosphere meets Technosphere

Now who's gonna scare who? Our peculiar image of the week was sent in by Béla Zsigmond .

Visual of Time Between Emergence and Design

Time Between Emergence and Design

Previously, experiences of time emerged from nature as given – offering seasons, the rhythm of humans, plants and animals. Nowadays, people integrate nature-time, body-time, inner-time, clock-time, and global 24/7 systems-time. Human beings, in past, current and next natures, have to deal with emergence and design of time in order to survive.

Visual of Jewels from the Ocean

Jewels from the Ocean

Designer and former fashion model Barbara de Vries was cleaning plastic litter off her favorite beach in the Bahamas, when she noticed the plastic fragments were all uniquely …

Visual of Robutt


Tokyo University of Electro-Communications , revealed SHIRI (? = "buttocks"), a "Buttocks Humanoid That Represents Emotions With Visual and Tactual Transformation of the Muscles." …

Visual of Rural Energy: From Kerosine to LED

Rural Energy: From Kerosine to LED

While for most of us, happy blog readers, access to electricity is taken for granted, things are quite different in developing regions of the world. In India for example, over 65% …

Visual of We want you to be Radically Open

We want you to be Radically Open

Can you do it? Do finish your lunch before clicking the link – or you might vaporise. The video was made by Jason Silva for the ongoing TEDGlobal 2012 which has Radical Openness …

Visual of Chinese Whisper Challenge Pits Man Against Machine

Chinese Whisper Challenge Pits Man Against Machine

Ever played "telephone" or "chinese whispers" as a kid? Now, you can pit your speech recognition skills against a computer.

Visual of Computer Teaches Itself to Play Games

Computer Teaches Itself to Play Games

An algorithm observes human players to learn how to beat Super Mario Bros.

Visual of Get Ready for the Arctic to Bloom

Get Ready for the Arctic to Bloom

In the warming Arctic, an area the size of the US is now covered in vegetation.

Visual of Have We Passed

Have We Passed "Peak Automobile"?

You’ve heard about peak oil, but what about peak automobile?

Visual of Portrait of MAN

Portrait of MAN

Amazing short animation by Steve Cuts.

Visual of Treating Mental Illness with Video Games

Treating Mental Illness with Video Games

Neurofeedback shows promises in treating a range of mental ailments.

Visual of How modern sanitation gave us polio

How modern sanitation gave us polio

For most of history, poliomyelitis was a relatively unremarkable disease – it caused paralysis and occasionally death, but only in a tiny fraction of those infected. It was …

Visual of Electronic Gadget Cemetery in Ghana

Electronic Gadget Cemetery in Ghana

Agbogbloshie is a former wetland that is turned into a slum and now it is full of toxic electronic waste.