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Rotating Skyscraper

Remember the wind shaped pavilion ? In Dubai they do it bigger. Architect David Fisher designed a skyscraper that rotates by wind power. Each floor rotates independently at …

Parasite building

Placed on the Las Palmas building in Rotterdam, but it can be everywhere. Attached like a parasite to a building and able to move everytime you want... If you have a heli that …

Turning old buildings into sculptures

Vertical marketplace

Nice example of blob architecture meets skyscraper. Looks like it could grow! Link

Beach animals

Theo Jansen makes skeletons which are able to walk on the wind. He wants to put these "animals" out in herds on the beaches, so they will live their own lives. strandbeest

Furniture comes to life

When a dog walks, the leg that is put forward, is simultaniously followed by the diagonal-opposite leg (f.e. left/back+right/front or right/back+left/front). Wouter Scheublin …

Plant a building

Sportplaza Mercator is a swimmingpool covered with different plants.

Sketch furniture

Is it possible to let a first sketch become an object, to design directly onto space? This is a question that Front Design have just asked in their project Sketch Furniture. "The …

Design for dummies

Creativity for all! Design used to be predestined to a select group of qualified brand–owning designers. That model is made redundant. At least, if it is up to Studio Ludens in …

Kokon Chair

Our peculiar object of the week is the 'Kokon Chair' created by Dutch designer Jurgen Bey , who wrapped existing chairs with tight, elastic synthetic fiber resulting in a highly …

Liquified Furniture

Never, 1999. By Nina Saunders Just a random collection of her works: Any day now, 2003 – Woodland trust, 2007 Ever onwards, 2001 Age of Reason, 1995 – Confession, 2005 Sincerely …

There has to be a line...

Playground Fence by Tejo Remy This is the fence of the week.

City Planning with Bright Bacteria

Renegade architect and futurist  Rachel Armstrong has proposed that our cities, currently constructed of dead trees, baked mud, and refined ore, need to be coated in a layer of …

German Robots Destroy a Living Room

Artistic duo Robococo, aka Petra Gemeinboeck and Rob Saunders, have embedded a group of autonomous robots in the walls of a gallery. Wielding hammers and creepy electronic eyes, …

The Pigeon that Shat the Golden Soap

Ever wished you could take a shower with pigeon poop? Artist Tuur van Balen proposes changing pigeons from flying rats to cleaning agents. A speculative, specially engineered …

Turn a Shoebox Apartment into 24 Rooms

What to do when you live in Hong Kong, a city where every square meter counts? You just have to get creative. Empty rooms are a waste of space anyway.

House of Cow Blood

Using animal blood for building your own house sounds like something from a horror film, but architect Jack Monro has created a set of  experimental bricks that take bovine blood …

The "Plantascraper" Sprouts in Sweden

We're used to seeing proposals for high-tech vertical farms that never seem to translate to real life, but the city of Linköping in Sweden has finally taken these buildings out of …

Building Grows Its Own Energy from an Algae-Farming Facade

Algae panels make a German building completely energy independent.

Living Among Pests – Designing the Biosynthetic City

Joyce Hwang discusses the challenges for designers, and gains for citizens, of living in a truly biosynthetic city.

Shape-Shifting House Acts like a Flower

Imagine your home adapting itself to seasonal, meteorological and even astronomical conditions by changing its shape.  D*Dynamic is based on the discovery of mathematician Henry …

Robotic Furniture puts IKEA to Shame

Science Fiction taught us to think of robots as human-like beings, yet the robots that actually make it into your home are more likely to look like furniture.

Weaving a Home

A lightweight and mobile structural fabric based on ancient traditions of weaving fibers.

Tiny Robots Assemble a Room in Minutes

Dom Indoors , is the latest research project developed by a construction robotics company called Asmbld . It includes a robotic system that can reconfigure an indoor space within …

Self-Healing Concrete

A microbiologist has developed a way to make the cracks in concrete structures heal themselves.

Let’s Sweat the Heat Out: Sweating Wall Concept

Hydroceramic: a composite material able to lower the temperature of an interior space by five degrees Celsius.

Future Architecture: Digesting Walls

The University of West England is developing living bricks, turning your walls into a digesting organism.

This Robot Builds a House in Two Days

A Bricklaying Robot builds low-cost houses in just two days.

Architects, You Better Design Cars!

Hyundai envisions a future where your smart home is your driverless car, and vice versa.

Beyond Biomimicry: A New Urgency

Designers face an unprecedented urgency to alter their methods and reprioritize their goals to address the accelerating degradation of the environment. This new …

Blur Building

The pavilion is made of filtered lake water shot as a fine mist through 13,000 fog nozzles creating an artificial cloud that measures 300 feet wide by 200 feet deep by 65 feet …

Dynamic Terrain

Regular furniture is quite static. You can move it around, but 90% of the time you're not using it and it is just standing there in your room. So boring! But if Janis gets his …

Entry 2006 exhibition opened

Today the Entry 2006 exhibition opened in the coalwashe building, Zollverein. For 100 days 'perspectives and visions in design' with over 300 exhibits from more than 20 countries …

Growing a Hidden Architecture

Christian Kerrigan's project, Growing a Ship in a Yew Forest "explores the possibilities of a symbiotic relationship between two different systems of organization, technology and …

Pig City

The Netherlands produces some 16.5 million tons of pig meat each year, making it the European Union's leading exporter. In 1999 there were officially 15.2 million pigs in the …

Shapeshifting memory plastic

Scientists have invented a plastic memory material that can change into three different shapes based on heat. Researchers demonstrated a plastic tube with three "programmed" …

The Living Tower

According to Environmental Health Science Department of Columbia University, nearly 80% of the earth's population will, in the year 2050, reside in urban centers. At present, …

Wind Shaped Pavillion

The Wind Shaped Pavilion is a design proposal for a large fabric structure that can be used as a public or private pavilion. As a lightweight fabric structure, the wind slowly and …

Contour door

Silly inventions like these make me wonder why man continuously seeks interaction with the things surrounding him. Should buildings or offices be allowed to talk? "This door was …

Body-part nature | video | related topic: Sixties last

Bone Chair

Joris Laarman 's Bone chair takes its inspiration from the efficient way that bones grow (adding material where strength is needed and taking away material where it's …

Crop Circles

In the UK farmers recall simple circles appearing on their land for generations. The British media first reported on the circles in the early 1980s. By 1990 crop circles had …


This "printer" is all about creating, storing and recycling householdproducts on demand. link | video

Espace Pur

Espace Pur by Marc Hottinger & Lucien Iseli (MID-ECAL) is an air ionizer that uses dust as pixels and that displays patterns thanks to it, in a very slow motion way. It cleans …

Folding Chair - Flexible Love

This amazing 'flexible love' folding chair can be stretched to seat as many as sixteen individuals; once compacted, the chair seats one. Watch the video in order to understand the …

Inversion / Tunnel house

This week's peculiar images: Let the forces of nature redecorate your house once in a while... Some think it sucks, others call it a rebirth ! via | Related posts: …

Lego Towers

What did you play with when you were 8+ years old? Well let's say some people can never quit playing. The Bjarke Ingels Group ( BIG , Copenhagen-based group of 85 architects, …

Modernistic vs Nextnature Architecture

While the Freedom tower , replacing the WTC twin towers, is being constructed at ground zero, I still enjoy looking at some of the earlier submitted proposals. They tend to be …

Spatial planning - Learning from Second Life

Written by Joop de Boer from Studio Golfstromen - strategy, planning and design on the city. In the virtual world 'Second Life' everything is possible. That's most obvious in the …

Warp your room

Remember the e-paper brainstorm we had on this blog? Here's a nice example on that wallpaper-wish , though these "warps" are customly printed on fleece that can be papered the …


Who would not need a blobwall in their officegarden? This modular freestanding, indoor/outdoor wall system was designed by Greg Lynn . It is made of a low-density, recyclable, and …

Futuristic Bird Dwellings

Every fashionable self-conscious modern bird needs one of these futuristic dwellings, no? Designed by Kevin Sethapun.

Grasscutter Architects

Ten tons of cement were pourred into this grasscutters ant colony, revealing a subterranean structure of 8 meters / 26 feet deep. 'Ant-City' was built including circulating …

Growing Rooms, Buildings & Cities

With their project 'Rules of Six' architects Aranda & Lasch envision an unpredictable, self-generating landscape of interlocking hexagons that could represent rooms, buildings …


Ken Ohyama makes Japanese interchanges look like a beautiful forest. How about a picnic? See the whole collection here

Lilium Urbanus

Lilium Urbanus is a collaborative senior thesis project by Anca Risca and Joji Tsuruga, recent graduates of SVA. Pretty cool to watch, the video is a metaphor of urban landscapes …

Multifunctional city farming

This installation in P.S. 1 countryard (NY) serves as a music stage, leisure space and a vertical public farm. It grows - amongst others - peas, mint, rhubarb, and fennel. …

Museums becoming billboards

After selling his school , entrepreneur Teun Castelein is now selling the Dutch museum of graphic design.

Nature as a material

Very nice bench, designed to use plants as a building material. Buy them here

Observing Next Nature

You can watch it grow in front of your eyes. Via Core.form-ula .

Wallpaper Blooms When the Heat is On

Now this is a spot on example of  information decoration : a heat–sensitive wallpaper of which the printed flowers will be blooming when the radiator is on. Created by Shiyuan .

Waves of Asphalt

Set amid farmland in rural Japan, this small project is a bizarre hybrid of landscape art and infrastructure. It consists of a square, 20-space car park that looks as if it has …

Architecture that repairs itself

Venice, Italy is sinking. To save it, Dr. Rachel Armstrong in her TED talk argues we need to outgrow architecture made of inert materials and, well, make architecture that grows …

Behavioral Urbanism

Its title might be self-explanatory and it sure looks intriguing... however kokkugia fails to give a thorough description for this architectual piece. Classified as 'peculiar …


A renewable energy technology company in Australia designed this power generation system inspired by the shape of the tailfins of sharks, tuna and mackerel. The currents on the …

Houston, We've Got a Dome!

A 2 million-square-meter dome should protect Houston from hurricanes and regulate the climate.

How to print a building

In the nineties laser printers revolutionized graphic design. Currently 3d desktop printers are revolutionizing industrial design. Next we will be printing buildings and …

Inorganic Flora

By highlighting the geometric and mechanical structure of flowers, computer graphics illustrator Macoto Murayama produced these beautiful renderings. These flowers must not be …

Live with Micro-Algae

The Eco Pod is a experimental design proposal towards the production of clean and renewable energy, which should operate in old, abandoned buildings. Pending an eventual recovery, …

Living Root Bridges

In the depths of northeastern India, one of the wettest places on earth, bridges aren't built – they're grown. What could 21th century architects learn from these dynamic …


A peculiar photo series by Hubert Blanz . Related post: Lost on the Freeway? , Observing Next Nature , Waves of Asphalt , Interchange , Exploding City , Magic Highway USA .

Office Kiss

Neo was here. By Kristof Wickman, Tyler Peterson, and Shaun Owens-Agase, November 2004. Source: | Related: Warp Your Room | Learning to Build Superman's House | …

Tree Shapers

Peter Cook and Becky Northey are tree shapers. Their designs are so ten years ago ; but still worth a post. Materials used: water, sunlight, soil... and a sprout planted in 1998 …

BMW's Flexible Skin Concept GINA

This extraordinary concept model that came out of the batcave of BMW shows how textile might be the future of car design. By replacing metal bodywork with a strong but flexible …

Learning to Build Superman's House

Superman already knew it: Steered growth is the future of architecture. The lower picture was taken at the Industrias Peñoles nano-chrystal architecture lab in Chihuahuan, Mexico …

Self–Repairing Architecture

All buildings today have something in common: They are made using Victorian technologies. This involves blueprints, industrial manufacturing and construction using teams of …

Conquering the Skies

Everywhere we go, we conquer the land and shape it to our preferences. The next place to build might as well be the clouds. Tiago Barros , designer and architect, has decided to …

Get Thee Up into a Fake Mountain

If you felt like building a 2,000 meter mountain in the Netherlands, which features would you like to add? Journalist and accidental landscape visionary Thijs Zonneveld wants to …

Growing a Crystal Chair

Japanese artist Tokujin Yoshioka does not sculpt his work, but grows it. His Venus chair was created by immersing a plastic mesh substrate into a tank filled with a chemical …

It's a plane!

By nature, man is not meant to fly. But while we're at it, we may as well turn it into an experience . Charles Champion, Airbus Executive Vice President Engineering, envisions a …

Kinetic architecture

Architecture has now come to a stage where the technical possibilities seem limitless. Buildings become more fluent, dynamic and organic. Examples can be found in most buildings …

Microbic Landscapes

Beautiful Google Maps shots of housing projects in southwest Florida. Probably designed to look and feel more natural than your average straight street neighborhood, they remind …

Skyscrapers for Pandora

We've previously featured architecture that imitates nature by opening its walls like a flower , or drifting like a cloud . However, maybe this is not imitation enough. The next …

Windmill Trees

A new Dutch landscape with windmills up to 120 meters. Designed by NL Architects .

A New "High Line" Leads to Rotterdam

The High Line , the amazing recycling project that converted a former NYC railroad to high-rise park, has inspired the reincarnation of similar disused urban spaces across the …

Artificial Islands for a Tsunami-Proof Japan

Keiichiro Sako of  Sako Architects  has proposed constructing giant, drum-shaped islands on dry land as a means to protect residents of Tohoku from future tsunamis. The elevated …

Living with Nature in the Post-Suburbs

MoMA in New York has a new exhibit  exploring what can be done with American's only seemingly inexhaustible resource: foreclosed homes and sparsely inhabited suburbs. Nature-City …

Rachel Armstrong - Living Architecture

Venice, Italy is sinking. To save it, Rachel Armstrong says we must develop living technology.

"Smart Highways" to Power Streetlights and Electric Cars

Roads are a ubiquitous, even defining aspect of our urban and suburban spaces. In the United States alone, parking lots and roads cover 16,000 square kilometers. So why must roads …

Structuring biomimicry, improving building's resiliency

The same way Einstein assumes the speed of light to be a constant of reference for his Theory of Relativity, the philosophy of biomimicry assumes Nature as a constant of reference …

3D Print a New House in One Day

3D printers using concrete can now create complete houses from the ground-up.

Interview: Rachel Armstrong, Innovative Scientist Who Wants to Grow Architecture

Rachel Armstrong discusses living buildings, Venice's foundations, millennial nature and how to improve our future.

New York Preps for Climate Change by Building New Wetlands

New York City plans to combat hurricanes with "soft edges" composed of marshes and beaches.

The "Silk Pavilion" Combines Digital and Biological Architecture

The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, the warms build pavilions made of polygonal silk panels.

Floating Underwater Self-Sufficient City

Asian architects of AT Design Office want to build an incredible floating underwater metropolis that is also self-sufficient.

Self-Assembling Fungus Tower

Hy-Fi, a structure built from a combination of corn husks and fungus.

The First 3D Printed Canal House

The first 3D printed house is a recognisable and attractive Dutch Canal House, an exhibition and building site in the heart of Amsterdam.

Vertical Farms Growing In Giant Trees

Urban Skyfarm is a giant tree-shaped farm system for environmental improvement in food production and distribution.

Communicating with City Infrastructures

A recent project, named GENESI, might make it possible for city infrastructures to communicate with us.

First Entirely Transparent Solar Panel Could Transform our Cities

Our constant need of new, cleaner energy led a Michigan State University research group to conceive a fully transparent solar panel that could replace ordinary windows.

Swedish Underground Cabins

In this era we are reaching for the sky. But back in the 17th century however, something different was happening in Sweden.

The Emergence of 4D Printing

An inspiring TED talk by computational architect Skylar Tibbits about 4D printing, where the fourth dimension is time.

The New Era of Tourism is Underwater

Sleeping underwater has always been your dream? Thanks to an ambitious project it will be soon reality.

Shapeshifting Robotic Furniture

Robotic furniture for the young professional.

Welcome to the City Made of Bone

Our cities are made out of steel and concrete. What if we replace them with wood and bone?

When Buildings Become Trees

What if buildings could become trees? That vision is what Italian architect Stefano Boeri is aiming at with his Vertical Foresting.

Print Your House in a Day!

A Russian construction firm prints houses in 24 hours on site with their mobile 3D printer.

Skyscraper Hanging from the Sky

What if we rethink the system and instead of building from earth to sky, we do it the other way around?

#French [Green] DreamTowers

FrenchDreamTowers is an eco-friendly high-rise complex imagined by Paris-based architect studio XTU , for the city of Hangzhou in Southern China. Currently under study, the …

Celebrating Dutch Water Protection:
Last Weeks to See 'Gates of Light'

If you are in The Netherlands you can explore the latest art project by Studio Roosegaarde and discover the iconic, yet historical value of the Closing Dike.