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ECO Coin Lab at Welcome to the Village

Last weekend the ECO coin ran its second living lab at Welcome to the Village festival. We wanted to experiment with making our new sustainable currency more social and test our new ECO coin payment system.

NNN Movement & the First ECO Coin

We officially launched the Next Nature Movement in The Netherlands. To seal the beginning of the Next Nature Movement, director Koert van Mensvoort donated the first symbolic ECO coin.

Who Deserves to Earn an ECO Coin?

This year we are going to hand over a second Eco Coin! Do you know someone who would really deserve an Eco-Coin? Please email 'who' and 'why' to

ECO Coin First Trial at DGTL 2017

We had a wonderful first run of the ECO Coin during DGTL festival in Amsterdam.

Sandra Rey wins ECO Coin Award

This year we are proud to announce that, with her ambitious work within the field of bioluminescence for Glowee, Sandra Rey is the ECO Coin Award 2017 winner.

Who should win the ECO Coin Award 2019?

Each year we celebrate ecological heroes as part of our ECO Coin Award and this year is no different. Have you seen an inspiring person who is making the world a more …

100.000 ECOs earned at ECO coin's Living Lab with

After last year’s successful Living labs at DGTL and Welcome to the Village we started 2018 with another. This time with at their Annual Meeting in January where over …

Elzelinde van Doleweerd wins the ECO Coin Award 2018

The ECO Coin Award honours outstanding ecological heroes. In 2015, we handed out our first ECO Coin award to Yoyo Yogasamana for his digitalization of sustainable knowledge to …

ECO Coin at Welcome to the Village

On July 21, 22 and 23 you are invited to join us at Welcome to the Village festival in the Friesland province of The Netherlands for our next iteration of the ECO coin!

How to Integrate ECO Coins into Society? Four Eco Dreams in Four Scenarios

Economy and ecology are two spheres that usually do not cooperate. Thanks to the ECO coin  the environmental value can be conceived economically. A currency that can be earned by …

ECO Coin Award Interviews: Shubhendu Sharma

We asked Shubhendu Sharm, our first ECO coin award nominee about his method, business and hopes for the future.

ECO Coin Award Interviews: Sandra Rey

We asked Sandra Rey, our third ECO Coin Award nominee, about her company Glowee and her hopes for illuminating the future in a more sustainable way.

Dave Hakkens Wins the ECO Coin 2016

Dave Hakkens wins the 2016 ECO coin Award for his incredible work on the Precious Plastic recycling machines.

ECO Coin Award 2017 Nominations Open

The nominations for the ECO coin Award 2017 are now officially open. Let us know who you think deserves to earn the award.

ECO Coin Award Interviews: Ritsert Mans

We asked Ritsert Mans, our second ECO coin award nominee about his bike, the technology that fuels it and his hopes for the future.

Turning surplus bread into craft beer

Globally, humans produce enough food to feed 10 billion people (we are only 7 billion now) yet somehow we waste a third of this. Food waste is one of the biggest climate …

The future of the ECO Coin

How can we design a cryptocurrency for the better of humanity and ecology? In this last chapter of the crypto deep dive series , we will dissect two kinds of blockchain …

Open Call for ECO Coin Award 2018 Submissions

Nominate an inspiring project, platform, person or community who is tackling food waste for the ECO Coin Award 2018

Marjan van Aubel wins ECO Coin Award

Each year we search the globe for people and projects that have outstandingly contributed to make this planet a more sustainable place and honor them with our ECO Coin Award . We …

ECO Coin Goes to DGTL Festival 2017

This year the ECO coin will run its first community experiment with our partners at DGTL festival. Come and earn your first ECO!

ECO Coin Makes Top 30 in ASN Bank World Prize

ECO coin has been selected as on of the top 30 ideas in the ASN Bank World Prize for its innovation, feasibility and impact.

Here's all you need to know about the future of the ECO Coin (and how it came about)

Today is Earth Day! This means that we think about the relationship between man, nature and technology, as technology is becoming a nature of its own. Acknowledged in 192 …

In Conversation with Yoyo Yogasmana, Winner of the First ECO Coin Award

Read our conversation with the ECO Coin Award Winner of 2015: Yoyo Yogasmana.

Designer Dave Hakkens is putting plastic waste to better use

We recently handed this year’s ECO Coin Award to Dutch designer Dave Hakkens, founder of the Precious Plastic movement. With his open sourced recycling machines, he provides people around the world the knowledge to start recycling plastic locally.

Greetings from the Ciptagelar Village

A series of photographs from the Ciptagelar village in West Java, Indonesia.

Fighting Plastic Waste Together

Eco Coin Award winner Dave Hakkens is upgrading his Precious Plastic recycling machines, and you can help him do it!

Precious Plastic One Year After

Help Dave Hakkens build the third version of his Precious Plastic recycling machines!

In conversation with Teresa van Dongen, biodesigner exploring natural forms of artificial light

There was a time when flipping the switch, and seeing a glass bulb light up, was magical to anyone in the world. Today, the presence of a light switch in a room, is something …

The Story of Money: Bits

The story of money: an accessible roadmap from prehistory to digital age, from cows to credit, from gold mining to bitcoin mining. The final episode: bits.

The Story of Money: Plastic

The story of money: an accessible roadmap from prehistory to digital age, from cows to credit, from gold mining to bitcoin mining. This episode: plastic.

The New Technology in Agriculture: Trees

New technologies are changing the landscape, but the latest trend reshaping rural environments and agriculture is agroforestry: the art of planting trees.

The future infrastructure of the blockchain might be green and humane

The connection we share through the Internet has laid the foundation for a whole new digital infrastructure, in which blockchain technology is heralded by many believers for being …

Why you should attend ADE Green

ADE Green returns for the seventh consecutive year to the DeLaMar Theater in Amsterdam. Once more, Amsterdam Dance Event organizes this leading event to ignite sustainable action, …