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Interview: Suzanne Lee, Fashion Innovator Who Grows Clothing in the Laboratory

We recently talked with Suzanne Lee about the textile industry and technology, growing leather in the lab, and the use of new alternative materials in the future of fashion.

This 3D-Printed Structure Can Fold Itself

Researchers at the University of Technology in Delft have created flat structures able to fold themselves into three-dimensional constructions.

How to biofabricate leather; lessons from the lab

Leather is one of the oldest and most versatile materials in the world. It’s a supple, tough, relatively strong and durable material and it’s relatively impermeable, yet …

Bioluminescent Trees will Replace Streetlights?

Most people know about light emitting organisms such as jellyfishes, fireflies and mushrooms . Some time ago, genetic engineers transferred genes responsible for the luciferin and …

Conductive Bodypaint

As our lifes are increasingly regulated by electronics and there is a drive towards the miniaturization and portability of electronics on and around the body it seems only logical …

Controlling Human Odour

The ultimate personal hygiene product, feces odor tablets, is another Japanese innovation sold by the Takano Yori Beauty Clinic . These pills promise to make your excrement …

Green Vibes

The big lobby to endeavor for a climate neutral lifestyle must have reached its peak. It is common knowledge that recycling electronic and battery operated utensils is better for …

Implantable Silicon-Silk Electronics

Scientists of the University of Pennsylvania are creating electronics that almost completely dissolve inside the body, through the use of thin, flexible silicon electronics on …

Re-visualizing Molecular Science

I vividly remember being offended throughout my high-school education because 'atoms' where consistently presented as these perfect slick round little spheres. At one time I even …

Running on non-newtonian fluid

These dudes from the Spanish TV show El-Hormiguero mixed cornstarch and water made on a concrete mixer truck, effectively creating a pool of non-newtonian fluid – which is almost …

Sunlight-shaped Furniture

Austrian designers Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler have created a solar powered machine that makes arrays of furnishings that vary based on how much sunlight it receives over …

Tangible hologram projector

Using ultrasound technology, researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a holographic projector that displays three-dimensional virtual objects you can feel with your …

Self-healing Surfaces

What if a scratch on your car door could heal itself, just like the human skin does? Engineers are working on a way to transfer the self-healing ability of the skin to surfaces …

Spray On Liquid Glass

Now here is a product that should soon find its way into the NANO Supermarket soon. At least, if supermarkets are willing to put it on their shelves, as they currently make huge …

Bioplastic Made of Pressed Insect Shells

Aagje Hoekstra has developed a bioplastic made of of dead beetles called Coleoptera.

Recovering Phosphorus from Wastewater

Researchers found a technology that allows to recover valuable substances from wastewater.

Using Tomato Skins to Make Car Parts

Heinz and Ford team up to use tomato skins in car parts.

Hair Matter(s)

French student at the Design Academy Eindhoven collected hair from African American hairdressers to create jackets and hats.

Marketing the Oceans

Eco-friendly fashion is in vogue, evidenced by terms like “recycled-material” and “sustainable manufacturing” battered around as selling points for everything from sheets to …

New 3D Printer Can Save Hours of Time

A team of researchers recently developed a new method for 3D printing that can reduce the printing process down to minutes.

Self-Healing Concrete

A microbiologist has developed a way to make the cracks in concrete structures heal themselves.

Shape your Second Skin Using your Mind

A 3D printed helmet able to translate brain activity into the movements of its shape-changing structure.

Let’s Sweat the Heat Out: Sweating Wall Concept

Hydroceramic: a composite material able to lower the temperature of an interior space by five degrees Celsius.

The Plastic Problem #1: Biobased and Biodegradable Plastic

What are then the actions to foster for an effective sustainability? A series of articles will try to point the plastic poblem.

The Sketchbook Made Of Artificial Skin

The SkinBook is made of synthetic skin that allows beginner tattooists to practice their skills.

Using Shrimp Shell to Produce Bioplastics

Researchers Fernandez and Ingber imitated chitin in order to produce durable, biodegradable plastics.

Designer Creates Water Bottles from Algae

Icelandic Product Design student Ari Jónsson has used red algae powder and water to create a biodegradable water bottle.

Your Next Sneakers Are Made of Algae

An ecofriendly alternative to plastic lies on the surface of waste streams.

World's "Coolest" Hotel

Sweden's new Icehotel 365 uses solar cooling to stay open all year.

The End of Air-Conditioning

New heat-reflective material signs the end of air-conditioning use.

Fungal Futures: the Mushrooms Utopia

Exhibition Fungal Futures: design with mushrooms.

Interview: Curator Ilari Laamanen on Momentum9, the Nordic Biennial

We recently spoke to Ilari Laamanen, to peel the outcrops of Momemtum9, and unveil the overlapping themes to the next nature philosophy.

Interview: Lining Yao, Interaction Designer and Maker of Novel Materials

We recently interviewed Lining Yao, Chinese interaction designer who uses organic materials as a technology that brings us back to nature.

Lessons in bio design with Emma van der Leest

As a young bio designer at the start of your career, you'll have to overtake all kinds of obstacles. From the collection of living materials to working in a laboratory and …