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Featured Page #01: Hypernature

During the coming weeks, we will present a selection of our favourite pages from the Next Nature book . To kick the series off, we’ll start with a spread about hypernature; the …

Hiking in Hypernature

An escalator to the top of the hill, for people who like nature but don't like to hike. This photo was taken at the Montjuïc in Barcelona two years ago. See the original photo …

Change Your Notion Of Nature

A message for all you Next Nature readers from the one and only Snow White, who knows a thing or two about Hypernature . Download the Next Nature Appzine for free and change your …

Cubic fruit

I think in the future— fruit will be square.


Finally! Some creative uses of cloning discovered. Photoshop technology makes flora and fauna join hands.

Tree bombs

Disarm - or we will reforest you! Back in 1997, Moshe Alamaro "designed conical canisters, of a starchy biodegradable material, which each contain a seedling packed in soil and …

Natural Ice Sculpture in North Carolina

What happens when nature and culture team up to create an ice sculpture?

Why are carrots orange? It is political

No, the image above does not some show some collection of freshly genetically designed hypercarrots in various colors of the rainbow. This is the spectrum of colors carrots used to have.

Jellyfish built from Rat Cells

Another step in the fusion of the made & the born: Researchers at Harvard University managed to make an artificial jellyfish using a sheet of silicone and rat heart cells. The …

Pikachu Pussy

The pursuit of the cute: Pokemon Hypernature . Please don't try this at home with your own kittens, dear intelligent readers. Luckily our peculiar image of the week is digitally …

Lets Grow a Glowing Plant

Some four years ago we wrote about a plan to create bioluminescent trees that would replace streetlights. This dream is getting closer.

Strawberry Noir

Should plants be genetically controlled to perform specific functions for us?

Special in Groene Amsterdammer

This week the oldest and classiest Dutch newsmagazine De Groene Amsterdammer features an 11-page special with lots of material from the forthcoming Next Nature book The special …

Enjoy Udder Milk

Imaginary infomercial on the hypernatural udder cows, optimized for milk production

Genetic Screening for Christmas Trees

If you've turned to plastic Christmas trees because the real ones leave piles of needles behind, science is working to bring live conifers back into your holidays. A $1.3 million …

Rainbow Roses

We spotted these hypernatural rainbow roses at the train station in Utrecht . Indeed they look a bit over date, I guess drinking rainbow ink doesn't make them last any longer. …

Living Food

Minsu Kim created a wonderful series of living dishes that wiggle and wave on your plate.

Banana by Design

If you compare the supermarket banana with the original wild banana the differences in size, look and taste are striking.

Interview: Designer Shahar Livne is geomimicing the future of plastics

What if plastics one day become a rare commodity that we desire and mine from the depths of the earth’s crust? By that time, plastic would be a rather different material. Shahar …

Care for a Meat Flower Amuse?

Vegetarian food products typically mimic existing meat products. The meat flower reverses this principle.

Next Nature Talk at Nature 3.x Symposium

Koert van Mensvoort will take part in the Nature 3.x: Where is Nature Now? symposium at the University of Minnesota.

The New Technology in Agriculture: Trees

New technologies are changing the landscape, but the latest trend reshaping rural environments and agriculture is agroforestry: the art of planting trees.

Exploring Next Nature (2004)

The first essay ever written on Next Nature, published in Next Nature Pocket and in Entry Paradise, New Design Worlds . ( download pdf ) (German version: Erkundungen im Nächste …

'Woodcat' by Tunng

I know, this is a nice piece of fantasy rather than Next Natureâ„¢, but still, you gotta love it. Directed by Jan Urbanowski and Jethro Haynes, animation by Check …

Stone Typography

On a day trip to Brighton in the summer of 2004, this dude found a stone in the shape of the letter B. And then the rest of the alphabet.

A plant that glows when thirsty

SINGAPORE (Reuters) Some people like to talk to their plants. Now, students at Singapore Polytechnic say they have created a plant that can communicate with people - by glowing …

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

by Richard Brautigan (1968) I like to think (and the sooner the better!) of a cybernetic meadow where mammels and computers live together in mutually programming harmony like pure …


A new series of works by artist Hyungkoo Lee called "Animatus" features hand-fabricated skeletons of cartoon characters along with detailed anatomical drawings. According to the …

Better than the real thing

Written by Debbie Mollenhagen PART 1: FROM LINEAR TO CIRCULAR Designer living has become designing life. I often ask myself: did it taste like the real thing? But when I open my …


Designing Rings with Bioengineered Bone Tissue. Married couples used to wear a ring as a symbol of their affective relationship. But with these bioengineered rings made out of …

Biopresence - Human DNA Trees

Imagine a graveyard without tombstones, instead there are growing trees that contain genetic material of the deceased people burried there. Biopresence creates Human DNA trees by …

Biotech Hobbyist Magazine

The place on the Web for biotech thinkers, builders, experimenters, students, and others who love the intellectual challenge and stimulation of hobby biotech. Biotech Hobbyist …

Designing for Next Nature (workshop report)

The extent to which new technologies are intervening with everyday life can hardly be underestimated. Virtual realities, nano- and biotechnology are increasingly providing new …

Echte Natuur is niet Groen

Ons beeld van natuur moet worden aangepast — echte natuur is niet groen.

Entry 2006 exhibition opened

Today the Entry 2006 exhibition opened in the coalwashe building, Zollverein. For 100 days 'perspectives and visions in design' with over 300 exhibits from more than 20 countries …


Written by Werner Lippert & Peter Wippermann, Curators of the Entryparadise exhibition (26/8 until 3/12, 2006, at Kohlenwäsche, Zollverein) Design is about to undergo a …

Erkundungen im Nächste Natur (D)

Die Natur verändert sich mit uns (English version: Exploring Next Nature ) by Koert van Mensvoort , published in Entry Paradise, Neue Welten des Designs, Gerhard Seltman, Werner …

Excuse me, is Your Tooth Ringing?

The 'tooth phone' consists of a tiny vibrator and a radio wave receiver implanted into a tooth during routine dental surgery. Sound, which comes into the tooth as a digital radio …

Featherless Chicken

Behold the featherless chicken, created by Scientists at the genetics faculty at the Rehovot Agronomy Institute near Tel Aviv, Israel. The idea behind the development of this …

Green Electricity

Electricity itself is a natural phenomena, but as regular AC/DC currency it becomes a commoddity. But Green Electricity is a strange thing. You pay more money for your electricity …

Grow Your Own 1up Mushroom Kit

Deep in the basement of an ancient house in Sonobe (tucked in the fields of Kyoto, Japan), an amazing discovery has been made: real 1up Mushrooms . The seller claims that eating …

Growing a Hidden Architecture

Christian Kerrigan's project, Growing a Ship in a Yew Forest "explores the possibilities of a symbiotic relationship between two different systems of organization, technology and …

Hoax Dragon

"The baby dragon, in a sealed jar, was discovered with a metal tin containing paperwork in old-fashioned German of the 1890s. (...) Some scientists believe that dragons, though …

How To Grow A Chair: An Interview with Richard Reames

Using ancient grafting techniques and a few basic tools, Richard Reames shapes living trees into furniture and sculpture near his home in Oregon for clients worldwide. He is the …

How to grow an Orangina bottle.

Consider an Orangina bottle: shaped like an orange it is designed to look like one. But it does so in a very primitive way. Imagine the product is the packaging. Wouldn't it be …

Liquid Orange

Wouldn't it be great if we could grow Orangina bottles? Graeme Davies of RCA Industrial Design Engineering, now presents a kitchen appliance for providing orange juice packaged …

Moving water

Libyan deserts are one of the hottest places on earth. That's why they are making a river to them. The project known as Great Man-Made River is "an enormous, long-term undertaking …

N is for Nature

There are people who think what makes a good wine comes from nature - factors like rain and soil and temperature. Then there are those who think it's a matter of second nature - …

Next Nature: Radikale Mediokrität

Lecture spoken by Henk Oosterling at Biggest Visual Powershow , Zollverein Essen, Germany, 23 June 2006 Damen und Herrn, Next Nature, Nächste Natur ist ein Pleonasmus, ein …

Post History

Jos de Mul (Erasmus University Rotterdam), published in Next Nature Paperback, 2005 For someone whose main instrument is a computer, the world becomes a gigantic database. We see …

Real Nature is not Green

At the edge of the woods along the motorway near the Dutch town of Bloemendaal, there stands a mobile telephone mast disguised as a pine tree. This mast is not nature: at best, it …

Scientists want to create human-cow hybrid

Scientists in the UK applied for permission to create part-cow, part-human embryos for research aimed at treating diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. The embryos created …

Shapeshifting memory plastic

Scientists have invented a plastic memory material that can change into three different shapes based on heat. Researchers demonstrated a plastic tube with three "programmed" …

Square bacteria

In 1980 they were discovered: square bacteria. The bacteria are the most numerous type of cell found in salt lakes and are believed to be responsible for their characteristic red …

Supermouse Experiment

Ok, so it is a bit corny. But since there is an amazing hypernatural supermouse starring in this video (quicktime) , we had to post it. Created by Nieto Luis. Thanks Jan.

Wine making = Math

Enologix makes software that predicts how a wine will rate in reviews even before it is made. It claims that wine quality can be measured chemically, and a score assessed, much …

Withus Oragainstus

Just read this article on Darpa 's work on using bugs for war effort . They are planning to make a kind of insect cyborg to use in the army. The Defense Advanced Research Projects …

Would You Like a Bouquet of Nanoflowers?

These crystalline 'nanoflowers' were developed by Cambridge University PhD student Ghim Wei Ho. The nanostructures of silicon carbide are grown from droplets of gallium on a …

A hunt for hightech

In "A Hunt for High Tech", Bart Hess seeks to harness both nature and technology and create armoured skin and fur for a new human archetype incorporating animalistic and …

Attack of the Metal Eating Plants

Genetically modified plants may be the green solution for cleaning up polluted sites . Researchers David Salt and John Freeman aim to develop plants that remove toxic metals from …

Augmented Fish Reality

Augmented Fish Reality is an interactive installation of five rolling robotic fish-bowl sculptures. These sculptures allow Siamese Fighting fish (Betta Splendons) to use …

Bioprinting in Hawai

This Fall, the 1st world Bioprinting Congress is organized in Honolulu, Hawai. Four whole days of biopatterning, bioassembly and biofabrication! The ironic choice of location …


Israelian typographer Oded Ezer looks at the world from his point of view, through letters and numbers. So why not turn the world into typography. A short interview taken from …

Bisected Brontosaurus in a Water-Filled Case

Chinese artist Xu Zhen created the monumental untitled sculpture depicted above (sorry I am such a bad photographer) for "NONO", a show without explanations or preconceptions, I …

Bleeding till Death

Flowers start dying from the moment they're being cut. We try to keep them alive as long as possible by giving them water, sunlight and feeding them. But all of a sudden they …

Body-part nature | video | related topic: Sixties last

Botanicalls: The Plants have your Number

Botanicalls is a system that allows plants to call their owner when they need more (or less) sunlight or water. It works by placing moisture and light sensors in plants and then …

Deep in the Forest : Owls, Logs and Noise

Starting as noise makers, the owlproject work on different products which are deeply rooted in nature. And electronics.With their logs the owlproject travel around the world, …

Designer pets

If your house just isn't big enough to have a leopard, you can allways buy these 20.000 dollar cats. Nailcaps are included to prevent scratches on the matching cat furniture. I …

DNA as Information Storage

Scientists have written a message into the DNA of a living organism , a breakthrough they believe could lead to a new era of organic computers capable of healing themselves if …

Ferrari Tomato

Do you happen to know the Dutch Tomatoes? They look like Ferrari's and taste like shit. They are redder, rounder, larger, and maybe even healthier than the ones from our gardens. …

Dutch Tomatoes: Everlasting

See also: How to grow a Heinz Bottle , Ferrari Tomato

Fake for Real: Walking Leaf

Almost by default, we associate simulation with modern media: games and virtual reality. But what about the Phyllium giganteum ? It is not a leaf but an insect disguised as one. …

FishBowl - Ready made Meal

After cooking lobsters alive, picking your own living fish in a restaurant and serving your rabbit for Christmas dinner, now comes a wonderful new creation: the FishBoil. This …

How to print an Organ?

What to do about the shortage of human organ donors? An emerging branch of medicine, called organ printing (future vision alert) , takes a patient's own healthy cells and uses a …

Hyper Animals

No no, don't worry! These hypernatural animals aren't the genetic surprise of some mad scientist, it is artist Sarina Brewer resampling, remixing and stitching together her Custom …

Modernistic Vaginas

The influence of modernism and its trend of thought that affirms the power of human beings to create, improve, and reshape the world, along with its clear universal style of …

Intelligent Documentary Making

Our image of nature is permanently under construction. For Dutch biologist Gerdien De Jong , this became al too clear after watching The Life of Mammals , a series of nature …

Map of Online Communities

Just in case you hadn't seen this one . Informational spaces define physical spaces, rather than the other way around. The map is the territory? Let's just hope the territory can …

Summit of the Mount Everest on Tour

Mount Everest is the highest mountain on Earth, as measured by the height of its summit above sea level. In May 2005, artist Xu Zhen led an ascent on Everest, and succeeded in …

NAT Designing Nature - Exhibition & Debate

NAT, designing nature is about the interface where nature and culture, biology and design intertwine. An exhibition that is a cross between an exotic Garden of Eden and an illegal …

Fake for Real: Natural Breasts?

It is true, they are rare, but they do exist: girls with tiny waists and large breasts. Occasionally, women are simply born like this. The only problem they have - in a world …

Out of Control

The Made and the Born: Neo-Biological civillization, written by Kevin Kelly, excerpt from Out of Control : The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems and the Economic World, …

Peach Nipple Handbags and Shoes

Artist Nicola Costantino creates objects that comment on the meat and leather industries. In the surrealist tratdition, these handbags and shoes are imprinted with tiny images of …


You put all that care into your plants, and what do you get in return? Magic. Buy a can with a bean seed , add water, watch it sprout with a message etched on the leaf. Well in …

Spiders on Drugs

In the 1960s, Dr. Peter Witt gave drugs to spiders and observed their effects on web building. Meet the cocaine, LSD, and the crack spider. Corny Alert!

Modernistic Watermelon

Peculiar object of the week is this square watermelon, found in Japan. Very practical and cost efficient when you want to pile them in boxes and ship them. Artist Piet Mondrian …

Take nature, add nature

Myoung Ho Lee, a young artist from South Korea, has produced an elaborate series of photographs that pose some unusual questions about representation, reality, art, environment …

The Metaverse Roadmap

In ancient times heroes like Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus explored the unknown territories of the globe. Today world traveling has become a teenage tourist activity, but …

The Tissue Engineered Meat of Tomorrow

The meat in the supermarket is abstract, square and habitually made from wickedly manufactured animals. A friend once told me he only eats meat if he "can not recognize the animal …

The Top 10 New Organisms of 2007

Genetic engineering isn't just for scientists in ivory towers or corporate R&D labs anymore. Researchers are still creating new mice and crops every week, but the tools and …

Tulip Island - Design a Polder

A proposal to gain 600.000 m 2 of land near the Dutch coast recently came from the CDA (Dutch Christian-Democratic political party). The idea is to create a tulip-shaped island …


Another project by Oded Ezer, Typosperma is the second experimental typo project in his 'Biotypography' series. As a paraphrase on the biotechnology definition, 'Biotypography' is …

French USB wine

Remember the article N is for Nature , describing the Californian company Enologix, which creates software to predict how wine critics will rate a wine, so that it can be produced …

Who wants a stylus?

"Who wants a stylus?" Words by Apple's Steve Jobs when introducing the iPhone that uses a revolutionary input device: the finger. Using this device you find that it's pretty hard …

A Garden Raised by Television

  This installation is called Feed and raises ferns that can survive under conditions of extreme lighting. The television screens provide light to the plants, which grow …

Feelings Translated to Plants

Ambient Biomedia is an investigative project about using living beings, in particular plants, to display human lifestyle problems information. The working principle of our systems …

Apples and Oranges

Seen in an article of Smashing Magazine . See also: Better than the real thing .

I'm feeling lucky

A 21-leaf clover discovered on June 3 by Iwate prefecture farmer Shigeo Obara has shattered the Guinness world record for most leaves on a clover stem ( Trifolium repens L. ). The …

Bacteria That Eat Waste & Shit Petrol

Energy problem? Why not genetically alter bacteria to have them provide 'renewable petroleum'. Crude oil is only a few molecular stages removed from the acids normally excreted by …


Who would not need a bananawall in their officegarden? This modular freestanding, indoor/outdoor bananawall system was designed by Stefan Sagmeister . It is made of 7200 banana's. …

Better than the real thing

Take a bite from this pear and I'll spare you all the default connotations with the apple of eden. Source photo by Pablo Montanez . See also Modernistic Watermelon , Ferrari …


This landscape is titled 'I can not help the way I feel' and was created by John Isaacs . The way in which the flesh grows, erupts and engulfs the body can be seen as a metaphor …

Ceci n'est pas une Potato Chip

Proctor and Gamble, the maker of Pringles , has successfully argued in a British court that their product is ‘not a potato chip’. Pringles are also officially now, not potato …

China controls weather for olympics

The sun always shines on TV in China. "At this summer’s Beijing Olympics, China puts a 50-year experiment to the test: Officials are betting weather modification can keep the sun …

Composting Bottle

Don't you just love that vanishing bioplastic bottle! It is our peculiar object of the week.

Corpus 2.0

Corpus 2.0 by Marcia Nolte is a set of seven portraits illustrating how the human body could adjust itself to the design of products, including an enlarged SMS thumb (above), an …

Call for Proposals: Designing for Next Nature

Nowadays, children know more corporate logo's and brands than bird or tree species. The average Western person has more worries about the instability of financial markets and …

Dirt 2.0

To increase  decrease CO2 a lot of plans are made to cover city buildings with roof gardens. One problem however is that those gardens tend to be quite heavy. Especially when you …

Driving on Algue

Green bubbles? Yes, they seem to be everywhere nowadays. But for a change we aren't talking about those greenish marketing bubbles of the flourishing sustainability cult. …

Fake for Real: Dolly, the Cloned Sheep

Remember Dolly, the first mammal to be successfully cloned from an adult somatic cell? Her birth was announced in 1997. People tend to see clones as exact copies of the originals, …

Faustian Bargains and Pineapple Shampoo

Since the early days of the net, the electronic pastoral has lent itself to all sorts of dubious agendas pushed by science, the military and even libertarian tendencies. In the …

Flying Penguins

Last week, the BBC reported a colony of penguins that had gained the ability to fly (video) . The penguins were reported to fly thousands of miles and spend the winter in the …

Föhn le fenêtre

Tired of looking out on a grey wall and in dire need of a green touch? Then Föhn le fenêtre has got just what you need. The concept is simple enough: artist Karel Verhoeven offers …

Green Roofs for Living

This impression shows the ambitions of the city of Rotterdam for the coming decade. The city is supposed to have an image problem concerning its greenlife; as a big industrial …


Brain Kane proposes to fund the re-foresting of clearcut areas, with Greenvertising. See also: Branded butterfly wing , Plantvertising , Information Decoration , Dataplant , …

High Heels

Is this the plastic surgery of the future? Peculiar image by Julie Rrap .

Hortus Conclusus

This weeks peculiar image is a work by Zeger Reyers. In 2001 he vaccinated some everyday objects - found in the basement of Rotterdam Art Centre Witte de With - with oyster …

Human animal hybrid

This peculiar, half-human creature could be your cousin. No really; it is a sculpture by Patricia Piccinini entitled The Young Family , which, in turn, is part of a larger …

Hybrid Carp with human face

I never expected anthropomorphobia to be evoked by a fish! This hybrid species fish was born between a carp and a leather carp in the pond of a personal house in Chongju. Each of …

Making Objects Invisible: It's getting easier

Theorists predict a new class of materials that could render objects invisible. The materials work because they interact with light in unusual ways. Researchers are beginning to …

Man made Sun

The photo of this 'man made sun' was taken on July, 8, 1956 during a Apache H-bomb test on Eniwetok atoll. In 1963, health concerns about radioactive fallout led to a ban on …

Meet the Worms, Viruses and Trojans

Now there is an interesting biomimicmarketing technique we had not seen before. For their new marketing campaign internet security company Messagelabs worked with digital artist …

Mice cloned from freezer – Mammoths next?

Is the second coming of the woolly mammoth near? Researchers at Japan’s Institute of Physical and Chemical Research ( RIKEN ), who have successfully cloned mice from carcasses …

Modernistic Tree

Mondrian would have appreciated square trees. Furthermore, they would enable wood industry to lose less material, to cut easier with machines and to store more efficiently. Hence …

Nature as a material

Very nice bench, designed to use plants as a building material. Buy them here

New York City Waterfalls

For three months this summer, artist Olafur Eliasson will put four giant waterfalls in New York as part of a public arts project. Including one that will fall from the Brooklyn …

Next Rabbit

This is not a 3-D-animation of a fictional creature, but an actual existing animal: the Angora Rabbit.

Pass the sunglasses

Viganella is a small town in the Italian Apls. It is located in a valley between very steep mountains. The mountains are so steep that from November the village ends up in the …

Popple II

Make no mistake. The children of the 80's are the bioengineers of today. ://

Puppy Bag

Wherever you go, always carry your puppy with you. In the category 'absurd-products-that-show-our-consumptive-attitude-towards-animals'. Buy one here , or here . See also: Catbag …

Simulated Diamonds

That shiny sparkling stone you got from your lover... is that a diamond? Lab manufactured diamonds are  getting exceedingly good . They have the same color, clarity, cut and carat …

Software that Ranks Female Beauty

Earlier we reported software that predicts how a wine will rate in reviews even before it is made . Now, for puber-geek delight, lets try that for women. Tel Aviv University …

The copypaste Bird

One might think this video is just another witty flick made by some media artist. It is not. This is a real bird living in Southern Australia. In order to attract females, the …

The Evolution of the Richer

Are we on the verge of a future human evolution, one that isn’t, at least in it’s very core, “the survival of the fittest”, but rather “the evolution of the richer”? Think about …

The First Pregnant Man

At first I thought this first pregnant man was a hoax, but after I saw it on Oprah I realized it must be 'real'. Well, the pregnant man is actually a former woman who had a sex …

The Order Electrus

"Nature adapts, even to human actions that seem to destroy everything. The amazing power of evolution has given birth to a new species of insect. Their ideal habitats are old …

The Telepresence Frame

The Telepresence Frame is a domestic object which utilises the fact that one's bodily functions are digitised in order to create a new form of telepresence. Allowing loved ones to …

Tree museum

Interesting image by Ilkka Halso

Voyage of the Bacteria Bots

The 1966 science-fiction movie Fantastic Voyage famously imagined using a tiny ship to combat disease inside the body. With the advent of nanotechnology, researchers are inching …

Zombie Spam – botnet resurrects from death

Computerworld reports a big spam-spewing botnet, that was shut down a few weeks ago, has been resurrected and is again under the control of criminals. The "Srizbi" botnet returned …


Designer Laura Boffi envisions a future in which human instincts will leap behind on technological progress. For example, once the 'disease called mortality' is cured with …

Blood Cells 2.0

Unlike many people fear that computers will overtake humans, Ray Kurzweil states that robots will merge with humans, robots the size of cells which can do the job way more …

Children's Dictionary Dumps 'Nature' Words

To make way for modern tech terms such as BlackBerry, blog, voicemail and broadband, the latest edition of the Oxford Junior Dictionary has opted to drop terms pertaining to old …

Controlling Human Odour

The ultimate personal hygiene product, feces odor tablets, is another Japanese innovation sold by the Takano Yori Beauty Clinic . These pills promise to make your excrement …

Controlling the Uncontrollable

It is a home to crawlers, virusses, search engines, gamers, spammers, chatters, twitters, bloggers, worms and spiders. If calling it alive goes too far, it's still safe to say …

Craig Venter – Catalyst of evolution

If the six hour crash course on synthetic genomics is a bit too much for you, there is always a more snappy TED lecture in which Craig Venter ponders on whether we can create new …

Crash course on synthetic genomics

Next Monday when your colleagues ask you what you have been doing for the weekend, you might answer you something default like you went out with friends, danced, biked to the …

Crowdsourced drink

Remember the days when the flavor of a fruity drink was simply connected to an apple, orange, strawberry, kiwi, or perhaps – if you felt really exotic – an acai berry? Nowadays we …

Cyborg Insects

Scientists at the University of California created a neural implant for a beetle that gives them wireless control over the insect. Electrical signals delivered via the electrodes …

Designing Bugs That Eat Plastic

It is a well known secret that plastic hardly breaks down and almost all of the plastic ever made still floats around somewhere . With the great pacific garbage patch now twice …

Ecology – A New Opium for the Masses

Marxist philosopher Slavoj Žižek discusses the 'naturalization' of capitalism and how ecology became a new field of capitalist investment. He also argues that the ultimate …

Egg improvements

Since it is Sunday, let's have a genetically photoshopped egg with a handy integrated eggholder. Not sure if these should be mass produced (if possible): Too painful for the …

Favorite explorations of 2009

As we bid farewell to 2009, it’s a good time to look back at our explorations of the year. Here are some of our most popular and peculiar posts, in case you missed them the first …

Food Design in the 21th Century

Old nature provided us with a wide variety of food: fresh milk, crispy vegetables, nutritious meat. Yet this is not enough, we want more: We want a printed steak , square …

Forefather Ox cloned to revive delicious Steak

Delicious retro-future meat from Japan. Food technology in the overdrive. Japanese researchers successfully cloned what is believed to have been the forefather ox of Gifu …

French Hyperbodies

"Paris, printemps 2019: Oh Darling, you look gorgeous." Nowadays we are so used to Hollywood hyperbodies – a simulation of a body that never existed – it is good to see a …

Fresh from the Pharm

Will we in the future still buy several needs according food in shops, or will we grow M&M’s ourselves? There is a lot happening on in the field of food technology , think for …

How biotech will drive our evolution

Are you ready for some techno-optimism? Buckle up and enjoy the ride with bio-tech evangelist Gregory Stock . Some quotes from his prophetic TED talk : "We are seizing control of …

How do Bacteria Communicate?

So here we are; bragging about our discoveries and great new ways of living... meanwhile we tend to forget that we are NOT the dominant species on the surface of the earth. …

Human Landscape

Our peculiar image of the week was created by artist Levi van Veluw , who reinvents the classical fine art of landscape painting, by moving from the traditional 'oil on canvas' to …

Hyper Fruit

Imaginary advertizement for genetically engineered hybrid hyperfruits featuring an 'limwi', 'kiwange' and a 'strawblackberry'. Imagine a taste of things to come. Makes you want to …


The next step in biomimetic body extentions for propelling yourself through water. Man moves on from copying ducks to become a dolphin-like cyborg. With these fins you can be …

Lab creates fake DNA evidence

DNA evidence has been the most bulletproof evidence for forensic sciences in recent years. Not anymore. A laboratory at Nucleix, a life-sciences company, has demonstrated it is …

Lucky Fruits

A Chinese farmer, Gao Xianzhang, has invented baby-shaped buddha pears and he is planning to export his idea. The produce became a success in his local province since people seem …

Genomics & the mapping of a wine grape

What is genomics? How will it affect our lives? Serial entrepreneur Barry Schuler explains the genomics revolution. We are now not just reading genomes, we are writing them. …

Medicine Square Garden

Peculiar image of the week by Martin Denker .

Moscow won't let it snow

Already in the early days of modern civilization, people claimed that they could control the weather. A known example from recent history are the rituals that American Indians …

Natural Fountain

Fountains are peculiar objects: We associate them with nature even though they are typically entirely artificial and man-made (unless you are living in Iceland of course). …

Natural chairs?

The image above shows the chair design from the Nature v2.01 project by draw me a sheep . As we struggle to find a new relation with nature, the difference between nature and …

Next Nest

When a bird builds a nest, we call it nature, but when a human puts up an apartment building, suddenly it’s culture? As if the dividing line between nature and culture wasn't …

Nocturnal Life of Diurnal Birds

English Robins are forced to sing their song during the night. Not because they have figured out that music just sounds better in the dark, but because they can't compete with the …

Office Grass

These grass squares are designed to give a natural touch to the office or home by placing them freely or according to feng-shui. Inspired by Frank loyed Wright’s Fallingwater and …

Pimp My Planet

"We live in a time where everything or everyone can be upgraded or ‘pimped'. After the worldwide acceptance of plastic surgery, it was time to subject our worldly possessions …

Real Mario (closeup)

In next nature, video game characters become part of your everyday environment, however I am no sure if I would hire this guy to do my plumbing. This hyperreal Mario was created …

Running on non-newtonian fluid

These dudes from the Spanish TV show El-Hormiguero mixed cornstarch and water made on a concrete mixer truck, effectively creating a pool of non-newtonian fluid – which is almost …

Synthetic biology demystified

:// The expanding research culture of synthetic biology demystified in this TV item on the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition . Via Posthuman …

Tattooed Goldfishes

If a tattooed pig is a bit too much for you, why not go for a tattooed goldfish? They bring you lost of luck and are available Chinese characters such as “Wealth, Dragon, …

Branded Pigs

What are these people doing? Of course! They are tattooing a pig with the pattern of the luxury bag brand Louis Vuitton. For those who want something more special than the mundane …

The Hermaphrodite Effect

According to research carried out by scientists from the Columbia Environmental Research Centre , sewage water containing hormones and pesticides caused by human consumption is …

The Modernist agenda uncovered

Peculiar image of the week. Created by Merijn Bolink .

The Uncanny Valley of the Pussycat Dolls

Make no mistake, you're not looking at the latest Barbie line: These are the The Pussycat Dolls. Formerly an LA stripper show burlesque show, now upgraded to be pop music …

Who designed the banana?

Looking at a banana from a design perspective, one immediately notices the fruit is highly ergonomic and sophisticated: Bananas fit perfectly in the human hand, they come with a …

Wild Birds Illegally Immigrating to City Zoo

Besides the extensive collection of animals from around the planet, the Amsterdam City Zoo Artis also houses some local wild species on its premises who immigrated into the zoo on …


This translation of the essay ' Real Nature is not Green ' is a special treat from and for our fellow Next Nature explorers in China. We thank the people of the Microwave …

3D Organ Printing

Slowly but steadily moving from science fiction to science faction. Via Discovery .

A tree guarding trees

I spotted this in the Dutch wilderness, forests are turning into shopping malls.

Ars Electronica 2010: Artists Adressing NextNature

Sind wir noch zu retten? That was the slogan of this year’s Ars Electronica festival in Linz (Austria). Titled ‘REPAIR’, the media art festival urged to leave our scepticism and …

Botnet Storm

No, this is not some solar system far, far away. Closer than you think, this is is a visualization of a botnet storm . For all you know this malicious virus, or one of its …

Come See the Berg!

So you’ve seen the peak of the Mount Everest on tour ? Descended the bobsled ride of the Matterhorn in a Disneyland ? Think you’ve seen it all? Now come and see The Berg in …

Craig Venter unveils 'Synthetic Life'

Craig Venter announces what might be a historic milestone in the nature caused by people. For 15 years, Craig Venter and his team of scientists have tried to synthesize life from …

Crops Running Wild

Only for the title already I wanted to post this as soon as I read it on The newsarticle is entitled " GM crop escapes into the American wild ." Brilliant! Let's walk …

Engineered Bacteria heal Cracks in Walls

Researchers have designed bacteria that can produce a special glue to knit together cracks in concrete structures. Technews Daily reports the genetically modified microbes have …

Fake blood cells deliver medicines

Newly created synthetic particles that mimic red blood cells may one day carry drug molecules and/or oxygen through bloodstreams, scientists write in the Proceedings of the …

FluDOC – Glowing Bacteria Show if You Have Influenza

Bacteria are traditionally perceived as infectious and unhealthy, but that is about to change. This week designer Jan van der Asdonk graduated from the Next Nature Lab at the TU/e …

From Main Street to the Mansion: Disney, Playboy and the Next Nature of Sex and Death

Nature demanded that we make a choice between immortality and sex, but the Next Nature of the 21st century may not. For help, we can look back to the 20th Century, which had many …

Genetically Modified Salmon moves to Kitchen Table

The US Food and Drug Administration is considering whether to approve the first genetically engineered animal that people would eat — salmon that can grow at twice the normal …

Grapple – a Grape flavored Apple

They say “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but now we wonder what this keeps away, the Grapple , a hyperfruit that "Grunches like an Apple. Tastes like a Grape." The …


Now here is an example of the fusion between the made and the born , most kids would crave for. Much better than the robotic dino toy. Designed by evolution! Hopefully this …

Half Life

Meet the next species. Director David Lea's wondrous fantasy of remixed biodiversity after nuclear meltdown. Made for Greenpeace.

How to Grow an Organ

Buckle up for the state of the art in the fusion of the made & the born. Anthony Atala of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine presented footage of his …

Hydrogel Heals Injured Brain & Bone-Tissue

A new nano-particle-infused hydrogel, developed by scientists from Clemson University, should be able to heal scrambled brains and broken bones. The gel creates new blood vessels …


Although most biomimicmarketing strategies are oxymoronic , it is nice to see some people take them full cycle. This Japanese Apple fan found  a way to naturally grow and harvest …

In Pursuit of Artificial Flavoring

Following in the footsteps of a Marco Polo-esque spice trade, next nature explorers Jon Cohrs and Ryan Van Luit travel by canoe past massive cargo ships and factories in search of …

ISEA 2010: Artists addressing NextNature

At ISEA 2010 , the International Symposium on Electronic Arts, media artists and media researchers from all over the world present their work in Dortmund (Germany). This year, …

Join the Designers & Artists 4 Genomics Award

So, you are well aware that biotech will drive our evolution , you took the crash course on synthetic genomics , you've got your map of the DNA world in your backpack and are now …

Join the Synthetic Aesthetics project

So, you are aware biotech will drive our evolution , you took the crash course on synthetic genomics , you've got your map of the DNA world in your backpack and are now eager to …

Learning to Build Superman's House

Superman already knew it: Steered growth is the future of architecture. The lower picture was taken at the Industrias Peñoles nano-chrystal architecture lab in Chihuahuan, Mexico …

Let the Bacteria do the Cleaning

Dusting furniture and floors should be history in forty years time, as special bacteria in a yet to develop cleaning product will be eating the dirt. The speculative cleaning …

Lets Grow an Avatar Forest

After making the successful and popular movie Avatar (2009), James Cameron started the Avatar Home Tree Initiative . This initiative consists of building "Avatar" forests on 17 …

Manko & Zero [#4]

The way down was slow and somehow greasy. Total darkness surrounded them. Gill turned on the car radio and the LED's lit up their faces in a green pulsating glow. 'Jovi Rocks!', …

Medicinal All-Salt

Do you suffer from small health inconveniences and do you like to put salt on your morning egg? Why not combine the two? Medicinal All-Salt provides a low-dosage solution for …

Natural-Born Junkies

Hippopotamus: a 2,5cm-long tablet-shaped nonliving chewable animal, member of a multi-species flock known as the Animal Parade, which tastes like fruit and is found in little pill …

Next Nature Movie #4: Blade Runner

Look around you and try to find the most natural thing in the room you are in now. It is you. Now, you wouldn’t be so sure in the apocalyptic Los Angeles of 2019 depicted in Blade …

Old Nature, the Museum

Our peculiar image of the week was created by Ilkka Halso .

Onion Pill

Since the intake of medicines has become a mundane ritual nowadays, why not naturalize the interface? French artist Mathieu Lehanneur is rethinking the pill-person interface in …

Polar Ice for sale

Original pieces of polar ice will be sold in a shop in Amsterdam from this Friday the 25th. MyPolarIce is a venture led by Coralie Vogelaar and Teun Castelein . They went to the …

Recycled Island

Recycled island is a research project on the potential of realizing a habitable floating island in the Pacific Ocean made from all the plastic waste that is momentarily floating …

Revisiting Jurassic Park

When searching for Next Nature in the world around us, one does not necessarily have to look at the present. The science fiction novel Jurassic Park, written in 1990 by the …

Self Catching Fish

Researchers at the Marine Biological Laboratory at Wood's Hole, Massachusetts, are testing a plan to train fish to catch themselves by using a sound broadcast to attract them into …

Skin Paper

Skinpaper is a speculative work by Tommaso Lanza and Vanessa Harden that explores the cross section between a living specimen and paper. "Skin paper is made of breathable …

Transgenic Stingrays for Fashionable Feet

Rayfish Footwear, a company based in Thailand, has recently produced what may be the world's first genetically modified stingray. This ray exhibits an unusual, colorful pattern …

When Dreams become a Commodity

As neuroscience progresses, we gain access to previously inaccessible and unexplored areas of the human mind. Consequentially the intricate processes in our brain are cultivated …

A New Take on the Tree

Many people will have heard of the infamous swastika made up of larches that  revealed itself every autumn in a forest outside Berlin . The trees, which turned yellow at the end …

A Rare Giant Crane in Manhattan

In this Petcha Kutcha presentation, Mike Dickison comes to a very funny conclusion: Although Big Bird might superficially resemble other ratites like the ostrich or emu, he is …

American Hyperbodies

Lady Gaga is famous for fashion that exaggerates or obscures her body, but a few months ago, she made a foray into 'actual' body-modification. Gaga appeared on Jay Leno's talk …

Animal-Free Meat Could Put a Hold on Global Warming

Growing meat in the lab, rather than slaughtering animals, could become a viable alternative for people who want to cut the environmental impact of their food consumption, but …


Are you familiar with the affliction? Anthropomorphobia is the fear of recognizing human characteristics in non-human objects. The term is a hybrid of two Greek-derived words: …

Augmented Ecologies

It might take a while before this goes mainstream, if ever, but there is a certain luster in being a plant VJ. Augmented Ecologies is an installation by Guido Maciocci, who rigged …

Biomodd at work

Modding is the act of adapting hardware/software to have it do what you want it to do, which does not always correlate with what it is originally built to do. Biomodd (ding) is …

Birthmarks Tattoo

As the name suggests, Birthmarks Tattoos , are fake - but permanent - birthmarks that you can add to your body. Aside from its decorative potential, Birthmarks Tattoo makes it …

Blue, Belgian and Beefy

The Belgian Blue is a unique cattle breed that was developed quite accidentally in the late 1800s. An chance mutation lead the cattle to develop 'double muscling,' which occurs …

Bulletproof Skin

Recent work of artist Jalila Essaïdi exemplifies of how science and art can meet and create meaningful inventions for society. Jalila Essaïdi used the spider silk produced by …

E.Coli produced Spider Silk

In a previous post we have reported on spider silk, it's applications and the way it is produced. Adding the gene responsible for the production of the spider silk protein to …

Evolution of the Chicken

From Dinosaur to primitive bird to supermarket discount. Although chickens thrive as a species – in the sense that billions of them roam the earth bio-industry – we doubt if the …

Evolutionary Janitors

We normally think of polluted water as the source of disease, not the cure for it. The Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, affectionately known as the Super Fun Superfund , is one of the …

Growing a Crystal Chair

Japanese artist Tokujin Yoshioka does not sculpt his work, but grows it. His Venus chair was created by immersing a plastic mesh substrate into a tank filled with a chemical …

Hallucinogenic Reindeer Moments

Can art change perceptions more than drugs? An art project which was on show in Berlin’s Hamburger Bahnhof allowed 12 free-roaming reindeer in the former railway station creating …

Holland Gets an Unnatural High

When the Dutch built the Netherlands , they forgot to add any mountains. The highest point in Holland is a measly 323 meters, compared to 2,962 meters for the highest mountain in …


Indulge in its cuteness. The Labradoodle brings us the finest blend between the labrador and the poodle. Combining sociability with beauty, they are the perfect human companion. …

Meet the New Meat

What do you think of lab-grown meat? "Yuck" might be your first reaction. One day, however, it could become the environmentally friendly alternative for breeding cows and pigs for …

Nano Skin Prosthetics

Nano-skin may let amputees feel again.

Next Landscapes

Quoted in a recent interview about his work, Landscapes without Memory , artist Joan Fontcuberta asked, “Could a natural nature exist? The answer is no, or at least, not anymore: …

Rainbow Tulips

Human design brings us ‘natural’ experiences that could not exist without the human hand, but can be appreciated nevertheless. Perhaps we are intuitively faked to believe …

Should we clone Neanderthals?

If Neanderthals ever walk the earth again, the primordial ooze from which they will rise is an emulsion of oil, water, and DNA capture beads engineered in the laboratory of 454 …

Skin Gun Heals Burn Victims

Earlier we've posted the Bulletproof Skin , now here is the Skin Gun : a stem cell spray gun used to heal burn victims. It is up to you – dear intelligent readers – to image if …

Spidergoats & Superskin

While some of us might have heard of the humorous but fictional ' spider pig ,' spidergoats are the real deal. Although you might expect to see them lounging in giant webs or …

Strawberry Cow

Live size version of the lustrous strawberry cow from Farmville . If only. We would have strawberry milk straight from the farm. Peculiar image of the week.

Take your transgenic kids to the CPNH

The Center for PostNatural History doesn't house the dinosaurs or dioramas of your run-of-the-mill natural history museum. Instead, it's the first museum dedicated exclusively to …

The Amazing Technicolor Dream Ant

A scientist in Mysore, India has figured out how to color-code his backyard ants. Mohamed Babu's wife noticed that the ants' abdomens turned white after drinking milk, so it was …

The Incredible Shrinking Man

It has been a trend for people to grow taller and taller during the evolution. When people get taller, they will need more energy, food and space. Since the human population is …

The Story of our Food

Every time we eat a piece of food, we take a bite out of the world. All these small bites tell a dozen stories. A carton of eggs presents the story of contented hens, a bottle of …

Tomberry – The Worlds Smallest Tomato

Some people like berries, some like tomato's. So what do you get when you get when the two mate? Indeed, the latest hyperfruit spotted on the selves is the Tomberry . This …

Tree Temple

So we may think ‘ guided growth ‘ is a typically 21th century design methodology, yet apparently it was also in vogue in the 19th century. According the original description in …

Who Needs Real Humans? Not H&M

Clothing giant H&M no longer uses real humans in its online catalog. The company has admitted that it pastes real models' heads on computer-generated bodies. At least there's …

A Fake Sun for Your 25/7 Life

The earth operates on a 24 hour cycle, and so do humans. For most of history, we didn't have much choice in the matter. However, in the absence of visual cues light sunlight, some …

Adorably Endangered Kitten Born to Domestic Cat Surrogate

"Crystal", an endangered black-footed cat , was recently born to a domestic cat surrogate at the Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species . The birth was achieved using a …

Amsterdam's Canals by Bacterial Light

Italian architect Carlo Morsiani would like to take Amsterdam's canals from dark, dank and filled with old bikes, to brilliant, blue, and presumably still filled with old bikes. …

Activist Release Transgenic Stingrays in the Ocean

This morning we received an astounding video from a group of animal right activist that broke in at Rayfish Footwear, the Thai based fashion brand that creates $1500 personalized sneakers from genetically engineered stingray leather.

Artificial Islands for a Tsunami-Proof Japan

Keiichiro Sako of  Sako Architects  has proposed constructing giant, drum-shaped islands on dry land as a means to protect residents of Tohoku from future tsunamis. The elevated …

Better Than Nature?

At the turn of the millennium, miniaturized canines acquired the cherished status of living, designer handbag ornaments.  These teeny tiny photogenic doggies, which had been …

Bio-engineered Football

With the knowledge that footballs were once made of pig's bladder and that in 2006 the first artificial bladder was transplanted into a patient, artist John O’Shea  designed the …

Bunny Doesn't Grow on Trees

Having trouble getting the kids to eat their fruits and vegetables? Try turning their 5-a-day into a trendy, collectible toy. We've seen Buddha fruit  and square watermelons …

Creating the World's Cutest Fruit

Just like corn, bananas , and essentially any other plant we cultivate, the Cutie mandarin is the result of a concerted effort to produce an ideal food. Mandarin oranges come from …

Dan Barber on the Ultimate Fish Farm

Chef Dan Barber discusses a dilemma facing many chefs today: how to keep fish on the menu? With impeccable research and deadpan humor, he chronicles the discovery of a unique …

How to build your own Christmas Tree

Polish artist Dominik Lejman has created this nine minute video manual

Does Chocolate Milk Come From Brown Cows?

Although chocolate milk producing cows may sound silly, scientists are seriously analyzing the feasibility of the idea. Why not add genes of cocoa and sugar to a cow, in order to create a cow that produces sweet chocolate milk?

Donor Organ Shortage? Let's Print Them

Another step in the fusion of the made & the born: What if we could simply print new organs for use in clinical trials?

Eating In-Vitro: Kitchen Meat Incubator

The Kitchen Meat Incubator does for home cooking what the electronic synthesizer did for the home musician. It provides its users with a set of pre-programmed samples that can be …

Eating in Vitro: Magic Meatballs

Magic Meatballs are designed to playfully familiarize children with lab-grown meat.

Meat, the Expectations

As the planet’s population speeds towards 9 billion, it’s becomes impossible to continue consuming meat like we do today. Will we all be eating rice and beans? Grasshoppers …

Edible Deodorant Candy

Remember Lucy McRay's swallowable perfume ? Well, now you can buy it. Annu Alpi has developed a piece of deodorant candy which presumable makes women smell like roses for up to …

Escaped Pet Birds Teach Wild Cockatoos how to Talk

In some parts of Australia it is no exception to hear voices when there are no people near. The voices are the chatter of wild cockatoos that where taught words and sentences from escaped domesticated cockatoos.

Everything is an Event on the Skin

wrote 19th-century scientist and philosopher Hermann von Helmholtz. It was Helmholtz who inspired body-architect Lucy McRae to create Morph?.

Fake Leaf is Twice as Efficient as the Real Thing

Improving on photosynthesis has long been a dream for scientists. The so-called artificial leaf – which wouldn't necessarily look like one – would run on only solar energy and …

First "Farm"aceuticals Grown in Carrots

The United States Food and Drug Administration recently approved Elelyso, the first drug to be grown in genetically modified plant cells. Produced in carrot cells, this drug helps …

Four Objections to Lab-Grown Meat

In vitro meat has been billed as a way to  end animal suffering , put a stop to global warming , and solve the world's insatiable demand for animal protein. There's no doubt that …

Further Incredibly Shrinking Man

Artist Arne Hendriks gave a lustrous talk on the possibilities of downsizing humanity to better fit the earth.

Genetically Engineered "Arctic" Apple Will Never Turn Brown

Canada-based Okanagan Specialty Fruits is pitching a genetically engineered apple that does not turn brown when bruised or exposed to air. This new technology, available in both …

Glass Gem Corn Looks Like Jewelry

Most corn has been selectively bred over the centuries to be a single color: yellow, white or blue. Glass gem corn, a varietal grown by Greg Schoen , harkens back to the days when …

Growing Plants in the Dark

While sunlight contains all colors, the dominant type of chlorophyll in plants only needs purple light to function. This simple fact has big implications for the future of …

How To Grow Your Own Sneaker

Raymond Ong creates uniquely customized fish leather by transferring the DNA of existing animal patterns on the skin of stingray fishes. This leather is then used to produce highly personalized sneakers.

Living with Nature in the Post-Suburbs

MoMA in New York has a new exhibit  exploring what can be done with American's only seemingly inexhaustible resource: foreclosed homes and sparsely inhabited suburbs. Nature-City …

Lucy McRay - Swallowable Parfum

Know garlic? Now imagine we could make something that functions alike, but smells a lot better. That's what Swallowable parfum is about.

Making Deserts Flourish

Using only plastic sheets and an irrigation-nutrient system, a Japanese researcher has found a way to change agriculture as we know it. Professor Yuichi Mori argues in his talk at …

Mark Post - Meet the New Meat

According to professor Mark Post, lab-grown meat could become the environmentally friendly alternative for breeding cows and pigs for meat consumption. Watch his talk!

Nature is Dead, Long live Nature

Like we did to old nature before, we must now cultivate our technological environment.


More hypernatural designer-fruit. What do you get when you cross a strawberry and a pineapple? A pineberry, of course. Some seven years ago the pineberry was taken from its native …

Post Natural Organisms of the EU

If you happen to be in the neighborhood you might want to drop by at the exhibition Post Natural Organisms of the European Union in Amsterdam. The small but delicate expo, curated …

Power, Water and Shelter from Giant Mushrooms?

In his (fictional!) documentary, designer and artist Tobias Revell sketches the city of New Mumbai powered by giant mushrooms. These genetically-engineered fungal organisms …

Raise Crops on the Moon with Plant-Growing Jelly

In dry areas like the desert, on mountain tops or on the moon it’s impossible to grow anything. Or is it? A rain in the desert sparks extreme plant growth from the moment the …

Rayfish CEO Responds to Break-In by Animal Rights Activists

Rayfish CEO Raymond Ong recorded a video response in which he analyzes the controversy around his genetically engineered stingray leather sneaker. Highly recommended for nextnature connoisseurs.

Slavoj Žižek abandons Nature

Of course our faithful readers already long know that Nature is better understood as a dynamic force that changes along with us.

Swiss Army Nails

Functional multi-tool manicure. Comes in handy at a party where you can't find a bottle opener. Peculiar image of the week. Unfortunately, neither the human responsible for the …

The Rise and Fall or Rayfish Footwear

For almost three years, we worked on a sneaker company that we knew would go bankrupt on the day it was founded. This is our coming out...

Vector Stones

These stones were dug up by future archaeologists, some centuries after the integration of the digital and the material world was completed. No seriously, our peculiar image of …

What is Next Nature?

At the Next Nature Power Show 2011 our master of ceremony, Koert van Mensvoort gave a mini lecture on our changing notion of Nature.

Who will Question Bio-Engineering?

Bioethicist Paul Root Wolpe presents a parade of recent bio-engineering experiments, from glowing monkeys , to genetically boosted salmon , to cyborg insects . He asks: isn't it …

Why It's Time to Calm Down about "Invasive" GM GloFish

Is the neon green tetra GloFish soon to be the florescent, transgenic terror of America's waterways? The internet hype machine has repeated ad infinitum the Washington Post's  …

3D-Printed Skin Cells as an Aesthetic Statement

An exploration of one way we might use 3D printed stem cells for body modification.

Andras Forgacs on Victimless Leather

Andras Forgacs argues that bioengineering meat and leather is a civilized way to move beyond slaughtering animals for hamburgers and handbags.

Artifice Earth: Adam Rutherford on the Promises of Synthetic Biology

An interview about the history and promises of synthetic biology, and the problem with the word "nature".

Baseball Rocks

Rocks fitted with a leather string. Tomorrows Fossils?

Bored with Sex? There's a Pill for That

Trials for new drugs hold promise for a "cure" for female boredom in the sack.

Seven Future Visions on In-Vitro Meat

Before we can decide if we will ever be willing to eat in-vitro, we need to explore the food culture it will bring us.

Diet-in-a-Pill Promises Weight Loss with Synthetic Genes

Fat rats with unrestricted access to high-calorie food still lose weight with the help of a genetic implant.

Disgusting, these Stingray Sneakers

Dutch NRC features a wonderful article today on our online film project The Rise & Fall of Rayfish Footwear.

Grossed Out by Lab-Grown Meat? Here's 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be

In vitro meat is creepy, unnatural and downright disgusting – and so is every other kind of food we eat.

Grow Your Clothing with Microorganisms

Wine and bacteria combine to make seamless clothing.

Grow Your Own - Call for Projects

Science Gallery is calling synthetic biologists, bio-artists, bio-designers, amateur biotechnologists and bio-hackers to submit proposals for projects for their upcoming flagship exhibition GROW YOUR OWN.

How to Turn Skin Cells into a Baby

A stem cell experiment with mice may one day mean that same-sex couples could have bio children.

In-Vitro Meat Visions in The Guardian

Last weekends edition of the Guardian featured some of the In-Vitro Meat Visions developed at Next Nature Lab.

Interview: Arne Hendriks, Researcher and "Father" of The Incredible Shrinking Man

Hendriks’s activity explores the positive transformative power of creative impulses and the importance of fundamental free scientific research.

Interview: Floris Kaayk, the Visionary Creative Mind Behind Human Birdwings

Floris Kayak discusses online hoaxes and the future of technology.

Kid Convinces Mother to go Vegan

While most children nowadays believe the woods smell of shampoo, there are still those critical young minds out there eager to question things.

Meat & Greet Workshop Report

Last week, Next Nature Lab had the first Meat & Greet to explore the future of in vitro meet.

Modifying Milk and Glowing Livestock

Genetically modified glowing sheep make it harder to count sheep at night.

NASA Might Give the Moon a Mini-Moon

Does the moon look lonely? NASA may eventually capture an asteroid to put in orbit around the moon, providing a wealth of research opportunities.

Nature through the Windshield

Volume magazine interviews Next Nature founder Koert van Mensvoort.

New in Store: Volume Magazine

New in our store: Two very next natural issues of Volume Magazine.

Next Nature saves Old Nature

Conservation workers ask synthetic biologists to help them save the world's endangered creatures and habitats.

Rollin' Safari

Assuming that true wildlife hàs gone extinct... Who needs the real thing when you can have a Next Safari ? Let's go and hunt for the plastic birds on the beach or watch genuine …

Space Farming for Astronauts

Space Farming: NASA plans to grow a vegetable garden 230 miles above the Earth.

Squared Romanticism

A tree with squared-off branches invites speculation

Swap Your Bones for an Improved, 3D-Printed Version

3D printed organs are on the way. Could they be designed to be aesthetically appealing?

Synthetic Biology for Dummies

Arguably the most accessible synthetic biology explanation video so far.

The birth of the artificial womb

Researchers in Tokyo have developed an artificial womb (for goats).

The Holy Grail of Immortality

Injecting mice with telomerase enables them to live 24% longer than the average mouse.

The Prefuture of Synthetic Biology

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg discusses the promises and realities of synthetic biology.

The Woods Smell of Meat

Steak doesn't grow on trees. Except when it does.

Tree Caught up in the Matrix

Imagine how this tree must feel wondering "what is the Matrix?"

We Are Not Alone Eating Fast Food

Beekeepers in France have been puzzled by their bees producing blue and green honey. Turned out the bees were eating waste from an M&Ms factory.

Why Isn't Cream Cream-Colored?

Our language preserves evidence of a type of food that's all but extinct.

3D printing Tumors to Cure Cancer

3D printing cancer could be the future of treating cancer.

Biofabricate – NN Lecture in New York

4th of December Dr Van Mensvoort lectures in New York at the BIOFABRICA summit. Other speakers include Paola Antonelli and Andras Forgac.

Bioluminescent Forest

Two artists transformed the forest into a bioluminescent wonderland.

Bionic Plants

Scientists designed a way to improve the efficiency of plants light harvesting during the photosynthesis, using nanotechnology.

Blending with Nature

'Zombie Car' abandoned in China street, overgrown with ivy.

Brain Surgery For Goldfish

The tiny patient lying on the operating table is a goldfish.

Bugs Paintings: Mixing Art and Science

Painter Stephen R. Kutcher uses different insects to create unique paintings.

Confused Wings Flapping in Electrosmog

Electromagnetic fields confuse European robins.

Cosmos Tourism

The World View Experience offers an expensive journey to the edge of space.

Domestication as a Last Refuge

In glass capsules endangered rainforest flora will be able to survive regardless of what happens to their natural habitat.

Electricity From Plants

A new technology enables us to produce electricity from living plants at practically every site where plants can grow.

Flight Paths Of Birds Captured On Video

Visualizing of the flight paths of birds.

Get Infrared Sight with a Vitamine Diet

Bio-hackers developed a protocol to augment human sight to see into the near infrared range.

Glow in the Dark Trees

Daan Roosegaarde is exploring possibilities to replace streetlights with luminous trees.

GMO Trees to Simplify Paper Production

Researchers engineered poplar trees for an easier production of paper and biofuels.

Growing Crops with Video Projections

Growing plants with projected YouTube videos.

Living Portraits

An alive portrait made of of microscopic algae.

Lunar Solar Power Generation

Japanese engineers plan to turn the moon into a giant solar panel station.

Making Seawater Drinkable with Nanotech

Filtering sea water to drinkable fresh water is no longer science fiction.

Nano-motors in Living Cells

Scientists succeeded in implanting non toxic nano-motors into living cells.

Nano Product: The Love Rose

The Love Rose: spice up your love life!

New Plant Paradigms

In this approaching era, what might be biologically possible for plants?

Next Nature and the Curse of Oil

The next step is to embrace and celebrate how cultural artifacts are escaping control, becoming autonomous, and forming the “next nature”.

Palm Tree Antenna

Spotted near Las Vegas and Hurghada, Egypt. If you know any cellphone tree antenna masts in your neighborhood. Use the Next Nature spotting app for iPhone to add them.

Pentagonal Orange

Japanese farmers have created pentagon-shaped oranges.

Phone Case Modeled After a Dead Animal

Japanese designed a phone case using the dead carcass of a crustacean as model.

Recovering Phosphorus from Wastewater

Researchers found a technology that allows to recover valuable substances from wastewater.

Reinventing Nature with Synthetic Biology

Bioengineer Drew Endy shares his idea of biology as a precision manufacturer that could potentially transform civilization as we know it.

Salmon Cannon Shoots Fish Over Dams

A cannon that sucks salmon up and “shoots” them out in a different body of water.

Scientists Created "Alien-DNA"

US-scientists extended the DNA alphabet with two new created 'foreign' building-blocks.

Spend Eternity As An Artificial Coral Reef

After death you could have your ashes made into a rock to form the base of an “eternal memorial reef” .

Spider Silk will be Commercialized in 2015

Company AMSilk will commercialize spider silk in 2015.

The First Man Made Leaf Looks like a Leaf

Julian Melchiorri created a synthetic biological leaf that absorbs water and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen just like a plant.

The Sound of Nature

Love the sound of nature.

Urban Aquarium in an Abandoned Mall

An abandoned shopping mall became a self-sustained urban aquarium filled with thousands of fish.

Urban Green

These pictures by photographer Jacob Gesink show how the urban green is carefully manufactured.

Using Tomato Skins to Make Car Parts

Heinz and Ford team up to use tomato skins in car parts.

Using Wood to Purify Water

Researchers at the MIT institute recently discovered an amazing low-tech way to filter water.

Anthropo-scene #9: Sense, Sensors, Sensitivity

Technology helps us understand the unfolding of the Anthropocene.

Canadians Sell Cans of Fresh Air to China

A Canadian start-up that collects oxygen from the the Rocky Mountains forests and bottles it to sell.

Controlling the Weather with Drones

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) picked six test sites throughout the US to experiment with drone-based cloud seeding.

Digital Aquarium Powered by Real Fish

The fish swimming in this aquarium are unaware part of the Flowers and Fish art installation by Japanese digital studio teamLab.

Using Drones to Fight Deforestation

British company BioCarbon Engineering developed a new ingenious way to exploit drones: reforestation.

Eco Currency Questions

Discussing the possibility to put a price-tag on nature, and what this would implicate.

Fake Nature can Prevent Climate Change

Scientists are working on an ingenious approach to carbon capture that will enhance the way plants isolate carbon dioxide from other emissions in order to contain it.

First Bionic Rose with Electronic Circuits

For the first time, researchers at the University of Linkoping , Sweden, have succeeded in establishing organic circuits within living plants. They combined electronics with the …

First Puppies Born by In Vitro Fertilization

Thanks to the work of researchers at Cornell University (USA), for the first time a litter of puppies was born entirely from in vitro fertilization.

GM Salmon Approved for Consumption

Time ago we wrote about the fact that  US Food and Drug Administration  was considering whether to approve the first genetically engineered salmon. We have a verdict: from now on …

From the Super Muscular Pig to the Hypoallergenic Cow: New GMOs May Soon Be on Your Plate

The acronym that keeps Europe awake at night is TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), a trade and investment deal that the EU is negotiating with the US. From …

Genetic Modification Could Prevent TB

It was announced this week that genetic modification allowed scientists to produce cattle resistant to tuberculosis.

Genome Editing - Bringing the Übermensch to a Shelf Near You

Last April, a Chinese group of researchers published a paper that set the scientific world ablaze in a fierce debate. The paper was about their attempts to edit the DNA of a human …

GM Pigs for Animal-to-Human Organ Transplant

Scientists have been trying to develop GM pigs that could be used to solve the shortage of organs for transplant patients.

Hacking Human Cells to Use Solar Power

A new biotech startup seeks to hack our cells to use solar energy instead of carbon and oxygen.

Horizontal Trees

Biologist Alina Schick developed trees that grow sideway, instead of growing upwards.

Is That You Mother Nature?

Is that Mother Nature showing herself in that tree?

Neon Waterfalls

Transforming Northern California waterfalls into a psychedelic scenery using a colorful range of glow sticks, lasers, road flares, headlamps.

One Tree, 40 Different Types of Fruit

A single tree that can produce 40 different stone fruits, or fruit with pits, including peaches, apricots, almonds, plums, cherries and nectarines.

Plastivore – A Bird that Feeds on Plastic

The speculative 'Plastivore' bird thrives on a diet of fungi and plastics.

Seaweed Farms to Solve the Problem of Ocean Acidification

By burning fossil fuels we are responsible for the increase of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere. Aside from raising temperatures globally, this is also affecting our …

Soil-Free Farming in the Desert

A special absorbant film that require no soil may be able to grow plants more efficiently than soil farming.

Stratospheric Sky Garden with Proto Life

A sky garden of cacti and artificial life forms floating a hundred thousand feet above the Earth's surface.

Teppanyaki from the In Vitro Aquarium

These synthetic organisms from our In Vitro Aquarium are a hybrid between plants and animals. Would you eat them?

The Bamboo Skyscraper

A group of architects looked at natural forests to design the bamboo skyscraper.

The Designer who Grows Furniture

Gavin Munro is creating a farm where planted trees can be grown around braces and harvested as fully formed chairs, sculptures, lamps, and tables.

The World’s Largest Indoor Farm

The world’s largest indoor farm in Japan is 100 times more productive than traditional agriculture.

Turning Cockroaches into Rescue Robots

Cyborg cockroaches might be used for search-and-rescue operations in the future.

Talkable Vegetables

Breaking the silence, vegetables in a Japanese supermarket start to talk to the customers.

Wasps Inspire Robotic Needle for Surgery

The Wood-Boring Wasp inspired scientists to create a new robotic needle which will be used in brain surgery.

You Can Be the Avatar by 2040

Although it still is a theory, nanotechnology might enable us to control the elements, except fire.

3D-Printed Shell to Save Tortoise's Life

A severely injured tortoise was saved by a team of doctors thanks to a 3D printed shell.

4D Printing Inspired by Nature

Scientists were inspired by nature to developed a method to shape-shift 4D-printed structures that could one day help heal wounds and be used in robotic surgical tools.

53 Shades of Blue

An artist installed a sculpture on the main street of Ljubljana, Slovenia, that measures the blueness of the sky.

Animal Fauxtography

Fake photography, or fauxtography, has been around since the invention of cameras and nature is one of the most popular subjects of dishonest photographers.

Australia Moves Too Fast for GPS

The entire continent of Australia has shifted and that's a problem for GPS, meteorologists, automated cars and even drones.

"Biomimicry", the Documentary

Biomimicry is a documentary on the topic of how life and biology can be the mentors for our own innovation in the world.

Bobbing Trees in Rotterdam

When you think about a tree, you image it growing on land. Though the team of Mothership wanted to challenge this image by creating the Bobbing Forest in Rotterdam.

Branded Dreams - The Future of Advertising?

What happens when our dreams become a commodity and advertisers gain the technology to enter our dreams?

Diamond Batteries from Nuclear Waste

Researchers are turning diamonds into batteries.

Edible Crops Grown in Martian Soil

Scientists at Wageningen University, The Netherlands, grew edible crops in Martian soil.

Fake Glaciers for Real Needs

Engineer Sonam Wangchuk created fake glaciers that are already improving the life of people in Ladakh, Himalayas.

The Bioengineered Elixir of Life

Scientists say they can reverse aging by reprogramming the genome.

Future of Food: Eating From the Ditch

For years scientist and farmers are researching the possibilities of eating duckweed, shoveling it out of the ditches onto our plates. This proteinrich plants can be used in animal fodders or be eaten by humans.

Genetic Scissors Instead of Chef's Knife

CRISPRy cabbage has been served for the first time in the world.

Greetings from Mars

Since plans for conquering the Red Planet are becoming more serious we should get acquainted with the possible view from up there.

Augmented Biology: Growing Ears on Apples

A promising way to grow body parts: using an apple.

Growing Grass from Carpets

Martin Roth brings Persian rugs to life with the cultivation of grass.

Happy New Green 2017!

A bright green is the color of 2017, a perfect choice if we take into account some of the positive developments in renewables reached during this controversial year.

Harvesting Water from Thin Air

Scientists in Harvard University have designed a new material inspired by organisms, such as cacti, that can effectively harvest water from thin air.

Human Cloning Now Possible in China

Is human cloning here? Chinese scientist is ready to clone people at his ‘replication factory’.

Imported African Sun: Coming Soon

The recently opened Noor solar power plant is now the biggest in the world. It will power Morocco and if everything goes as planned imported solar energy can be a reality too.

Insects are helping us develop the future of hearing aids

The human ear is a miracle of mechanical evolution. It allows us to hear an astonishing range of sounds and to communicate and navigate in the world. It’s also easy to damage and …

How Knitwear Can Save Penguins

The penguin jumper is designed by the Penguin Foundation, an organization that rescues penguins on the Australian coast who are hit by oils spills.

Meet Biomimic Alyssa Stark

Using biology as a model for innovation and progress, Alyssa Stark embodies the essence of Biomimicry.

Meet the Weather Drone

The Weather Drone controls the weather, it makes sure the sun will shine on your birthday, or that the rain will fall during a period of drought.

Moscow Spent $1.3M for a Day of Sunshine

$1.3 million will be spent on dispersing clouds over Moscow for the May 1 holiday.

A Mosquito Factory to Defeat Zika Virus

There's a factory in China that produces mosquitos and their plan is to defeat the Zika virus.

Next Paradise

To celebrate the 500 year anniversary for Hieronymus Bosch, Studio Smack made a contemporary interpretation of 'The Garden Of Earthly Delights'.

Your Next Sneakers Are Made of Algae

An ecofriendly alternative to plastic lies on the surface of waste streams.

A Political Weather Forecast

James Bridle is comparing vast amounts of historical weather data and polling results in order to produce hybrid weather forecasts.

Rainforests Regrowth Boosts CO2 Capture

Newly grown rainforests can absorb 11 times as much carbon from the atmosphere as old-growth forests, a study has shown.

The Scandinavian Winds Power Your Internet

We may be still far away from pollution-free Internet browsing, but at least the next time you send an e-mail you can feel relief at the thought that the strong arctic winds of Scandinavia are keeping the Google servers cool and running.

If We Could See Across the Ocean

Cartographer Andy Woodruff designed maps that allow us to know what actually is over the horizon.

Streetlight Disrupts Seasonal Cycle of Trees

Prolonged exposure to artificial light prevents urban trees from adjusting to seasonal variations.

This Indestructible Micro-Animal Will Help Us

Will a small step for Ramazzottius Varieornatus be a giant leap for mankind?

'Thinking Soil' Will Change the Way We Build

Self-constructing foundation thanks to genetically modified microbes.

Turn Your Cursor into a Songbird

The Bird Sounds experiment, powered by Google Creative lab, is a visualization of thousands of bird songs organized by their similarities.

Turning Leaves into Batteries

Other than decompose and give nutrition to the soil, leaves can be used to store energy, becoming the raw material of batteries.

AI Tries to Decode Dolphins

Over a four year project period, researchers will use artificial intelligence to understand the dolphin language, creating a dolphin dictionary.

Animal Tsunami Alerts from Space

Global data about animal movements are indispensable in our today international networked world to understand how to safe human health and wildlife simultaneously.

Artificial Sun Tested in Germany

The biggest artificial sun was set up in Germany to find out how carbon neutral fuel can be produced.

A Whole Forest on a Surface Area of 3.5m2

Using moss cultures, the "CityTree" captures and filters toxic pollutants from the air, with the same environmental impact of 275 trees.

Climate Change Turns Leaves into Junk Food

Climate change turns rainforest leaves into junk food.

Digital Lemons to Make Virtual Lemonade

When life gives you digital lemons, make a virtual lemonade!

ECO Coin Award Interviews: Sandra Rey

We asked Sandra Rey, our third ECO Coin Award nominee, about her company Glowee and her hopes for illuminating the future in a more sustainable way.

Female Menstrual Cycle on a Computer Chip

The complicated system of a female menstruation cycle was reproduced on a computer chip for the first time.

Fungal Futures: the Mushrooms Utopia

Exhibition Fungal Futures: design with mushrooms.

GM Ants Show How Insect Societies Work

Scientists gene modify ants in order to find out more about their social behavior.

Greenhouse for Space Colonies

Researchers from Arizona and NASA unveiled a plan to sustainably provide food in space, growing it in an inflatable greenhouse.

Your Personal Plant Assistant

Meet Grovio, a smart and wireless assistant for your plants. Using specialized sensors, it automatically waters and monitors your plants in real time.

Grow Your Own Bio Bot

Researches at the University of Illinois released a step by step guide to build 3D printed bio robots with living muscles.

Growing Mushrooms on Grass

The Juncao Technology Project makes it possible to grow edible and medicinal fungi on chopped grass or herbal plants.

Growing Norwegian Nori in the Lab

Norwegian researchers have succeeded to grow nori under laboratory conditions for the first time.

Heart Repair with Spinach Leaves

Scientists developed a procedure to repair your heart with a spinach leaf.

Human Artist Hatches Ten Chicken Eggs

French performance artist hatches 10 hen's eggs in Palais de Tokyo.

The Internet of Bees

What can we learn from listening to the buzz of bees' conversation? With the help of a new monitoring system, a Canadian researcher is hoping to find out.

Keeping Up with the Eagles: Birdwatching 2.0

This live stream video of a Bald Eagles family nesting in Florida has counted more than 72 million viewers.

Will Kites Provide Wind Energy in the Future?

If you’ve watched clouds roll by, you know wind moves more steadily in the upper atmosphere. Turbines just can’t reach high-altitude wind energy. Kites can!

Lazy Worker Ants

A study reveals that about 40% of "worker" ants spend most of their days doing nothing, but those lazy ants make themselves useful in unexpected ways.

Meteorology Captures the Technosphere

There is a WiFi network illegally configured that interferes with the rain radar creating a ray of "clouds" that won't bring any water.

Orange Petunias Banned in Europe

GM varieties of petunia are not authorized for cultivation in the EU.

Refreezing the Arctic

A team of scientists developed a peculiar strategy to counter the Arctic ice melting.

Rent a Rain Room

Rent a rain room with simulated rain with a motion sensor to go through the rain without getting wet.

Shazam Your Plant Findings

Shazam for Plants app lets you catch around 400.000 plant species left on our planet through the lens of your smartphone.

Bacteria Are the New Hard Drives

DNA is the densest known storage medium in the universe - and Harvard University researchers have managed to use it to store GIFs inside bacteria.

When the Sun Casts Its Vote

Space weather can influence elections on Earth.

Chat with Plants in the Botanical Garden

Exploring methods to better connect people to the natural world, Waag Society, in collaboration with the Dutch Botanical Gardens Association, have developed an app that allows visitors to talk with plants.

The Tree of (After) Life

The Bios Incube is a smartphone-connected biodegradable urn that turns cremated remains into a tree.

Tinder for Orangutans

The Apenheul primate park in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, has launched a four-year experiment to study how the primates make their mating choices.

A Truly Exotic Fruit: the Space Mango

Scientists sent mango embryos to space lab in order to let them develop new genetic traits.

Twittering Trees Talk Climate Change

How do trees feel? A team of scientists have developed a network of twittering trees to monitor their feelings and raise awareness over climate change.

Building a City on Mars by 2117

The United Arab Emirates released plans to build a city on Mars.

Using Spinach to Detect Explosives

Introducing nanobionic spinach plants that can detect explosives.

Visit the Hypernatural Resort

Discover the Next Nature Habitat VR and explore four future environments we might live in someday.

Protect Your Phone With a Watermelon

Watermelons are the new phone cases?

Counteracting Climate Change with Geoengineering

A respected astrobiologist argues that a radical new process called geoengineering might be the only way to save us from climate change.

Discover the 3D printed Dutch Island that doesn't exist on Google Maps

Natuurmonumenten, the Dutch Society for Nature Conservation, is constructing a future nature reserve.

Three scenarios for the future of farming

Agriculture may be one of the oldest of our technologies. Over time it has developed, changed, revolutionized, industrialized - or simply put, it has evolved . Today’s farms are …

Aleph Farms wants to bring clean meat from the lab to the next farming industry

Growing meat artificially, instead of within an animal, may soon be an available reality. Meet one of the pioneering developers of this product of the future: Aleph Farms. With …

The return of Rayfish Footwear?

Rayfish Footwear was a fictional company that offered personalized sneakers crafted from genetically modified stingray leather. This online science fiction story allowed customers …

Sandra Rey wins ECO Coin Award

This year we are proud to announce that, with her ambitious work within the field of bioluminescence for Glowee, Sandra Rey is the ECO Coin Award 2017 winner.

Making Seawater into Clean Fuel

Scientists have been hard at work searching for renewable energy sources. Now, a new breakthrough: the ability to produce hydrogen fuel from seawater.

The Forgotten Plan to Coat Utah's Delicate Arch with Plastic

Arches National Park, located in Utah, is home to some of America's most beautiful rock formations. The most famous of them, Delicate Arch, has always been, well, pretty delicate. So much so that back in the 1940s, park rangers hatched a plan to preserve the natural monument - by coating it in plastic.

Next Generation: Biophilic design with Daniel Elkayam

This story is part of Next Generation, a series in which we give young makers a platform to showcase their work. Your work here? Get in touch and plot your coordinates as we …

Lessons in bio design with Emma van der Leest

As a young bio designer at the start of your career, you'll have to overtake all kinds of obstacles. From the collection of living materials to working in a laboratory and …

In conversation with Studio Drift

A flock of drones that fly like birds, drifting blocks of concrete, a choreography of opening and closing flowers. The work of Studio Drift is challenging the distinction between …

Discover the art of the living at Centre Pompidou

Go forward to nature at the La Fabrique du Vivant (the Factory of Life), the newly opened exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Exhibiting the recent works of fifty …

How modern technology is inspired by the natural world

What do a kingfisher, cocklebur pods and a Namibian beetle have in common? Besides being living organisms, they have all served as inspiration for creative human technologies to …

NATURE: Where biology and design merge

Cube Design Museum in Kerkrade and Cooper Hewitt in New York present the comprehensive exhibition NATURE - in which internationally renowned designers, artists and inventors …

Cooking and chemical engineering with the CHEMARTS Cookbook

In the coming years, our material world will change dramatically. In parallel with climate change, our lifestyles will also change. It is becoming increasingly important to ask …

Next Generation: Elissa Brunato's bio iridescent sequin shimmers with nature

This story is part of  Next Generation , a series in which we give young makers a platform to showcase their work. Would you like to see your work here?  Get in touch …

Interview: Patricia Piccinini discusses her latest solo exhibition 'Embracing the Future'

Patricia Piccinini is an artist interested in the relationship between humans and non-humans, the natural and the artificial, science and storytelling. Working with silicone, …

Next Generation: Exploring the vegetal cyborg with Marie Declerfayt

This story is part of  Next Generation , a series in which we give young makers a platform to showcase their work. Want to see your work here?  Get in touch  and …

Avatar and the glowing bioluminescence of Pandora

At first sight James Cameron’s blockbuster Avatar (2009) is no more than a spectacularly rendered version of the classical Pocahontas story. We could criticize its keenly …

Sixties last

The flower depicted in the image is a good example of Hypernature. While fake nature is always a flatter surrogate of old nature, hypernature is a simulation of an old nature that …

Corn 2.0: Survival of the Cheapest

Congrats to Sean Serafini, the winner of our April Next Nature Spotter contest. While we received many images of fake nature , Sean's entry delves deeper into more diverse next …

Bit.fall Aquadisplay

A screen of water displays images by controlling drops of water falling down. Density creates light/dark shades that create the image— Project site

Blur Building

The pavilion is made of filtered lake water shot as a fine mist through 13,000 fog nozzles creating an artificial cloud that measures 300 feet wide by 200 feet deep by 65 feet …

Datafountain: Money translated to water

"In the morning paper, I can read the weather report as well as the stock quotes. But when I look out of my window I only get a weather update and no stock exchange info. Could …

Dataplant: Money translated to plants

Remember the datafountain ? Of course there are many other applications of information decoration: datawallpaper, datasounds, datafurniture and dataclimate. The picture above …


Skin conductivity sensors are used to deduce the emotional state of the sleeper. This information is brought to 3-D studio where a script is used to transform this into physical …

Close to skin technology

Wearable Interfaces, Smart Materials and Living Fabrics. V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam-based Virtueel Platform, the expertise centre for …


  A tropical fish that fluoresces bright red is set to become the first genetically modified pet to go on sale in the US. Alan Blake and colleagues at Yorktown Technologies …

3D rendered bunnies prefer calm diesels

Kenichi Nagahiro, Honda's chief engine designer, hated diesel engines. When asked to design Honda's first diesel he flatly refused - unless he was allowed to start completely from …

Lifestyle pets

ALLERCA has produced the world's first scientifically-proven hypoallergenic cats. These cats allow some of the millions of people with feline allergies to finally enjoy the love …

Save our Next Nature! Buy the book

A critical and visual take on culturally emerged Nature. Full of statements from designers and thinkers from around the globe. Wild systems, Genetic Surprises, Calm Technology, …

Bright blind

Made of electroluminescent (EL) sheets, Makoto Hirahara's Bright Blind simulates a window where none exists. In all other respects, the artificial blind functions in exactly the …

Forest clock

TiWalkMe is a clock (still in conceptual stage) designed to track 1,000 years using a forest seeded along a ribbon of land to tell time. Annual tree plantings set the pace, …

Furry Display

I applaud any new display technique that isn't emitting light. A recent patent application by Philips for a new type of screen based on "furry" pixels , or physical pixels made …

Grass Wheel

If you've gotta run the wheel, you might as well do it in bare feet. Many of us are so busy being good little hamsters that we never have face time with green space. A group of …


In 1998 at the introduction of the iMac , Apple declared that the "i" stood for "internet". Apple later adopted the "i" prefix across its consumer hardware and software lines. …

Next Nature Interview

For the Venezuelan Magazine Platanoverde , Gabriela Valdivieso y Lope Gutiarrez-Ruiz interviewed artist/scientist Koert van Mensvoort and discussed some of the idea's behind Next …

Let the plants do the dirty work.

Mathieu Lehanneur created a plant-powered indoor filtration system, that pulls in filthy air to be processed through a plant's leaves, roots, and humidity, reintroducing purified …

The Blogging Houseplant

Meet midori-san ,  the first blogging houseplant! Through sensors connected to the leaves of this Sweetheart Hoya reads bioelectric currents through the plant, this gives …

Bioluminescent Trees will Replace Streetlights?

Most people know about light emitting organisms such as jellyfishes, fireflies and mushrooms . Some time ago, genetic engineers transferred genes responsible for the luciferin and …

Field of Waves

Parks are not nature. Parks are culture: man-made simulations of nature, carefully constructed to provide walkers, runners and mountain bikers with a recreational, yet confined – …

Plant Plays First-Person Shooter

After the plant that glows when thirsty , the plant that calls when thirsty , the dataplant , plantvertizing , the emphatic plant and the blogging houseplant , there is now a …

Water Shows When the Heat is On

Designer Carlijn Compen upgraded her watertap with some LED's that shift color along with the heat of the water. A simple yet effective example of information decoration that will …

Acoustic Botany

With his speculative ‘acoustic garden’ David Benqué tries to explore our cultural and aesthetic relationship to nature. He states that the current debate around Genetic …

Social Networking with Plants

Using energy is not a social activity. Every electrical device we use has its own carbon “foorpint” which, in excess, can harm other living beings. How and to what extent you’ve …

Transnatural Expo + Symposium

If you happen to be in the neighborhood you might want to attend the Next Nature lecture I will be throwing at the Transnatural symposium this Saturday 13-03-2010 at the Trouw …

Skyscrapers for Pandora

We've previously featured architecture that imitates nature by opening its walls like a flower , or drifting like a cloud . However, maybe this is not imitation enough. The next …

Streetlight Trees

We all know the cellphone masts disguised as trees , created in an attempt to blend technology within the 'natural' landscape. Now Taiwanese scientists have created trees that …

The Action Plant Runs Away from Your Touch

Plants have it tough. They're tasty, silent, and stuck to the spot. With  Jurema Action Plant, artist Ivan Henriques has given plants the mobility they deserve . Henriques' pieces …

Thirsty? With a Cyborg Bladder, You'll Never Need to Drink

Some desert animals, like the kangaroo rat, get through their lives without needing to drink even a drop of water. Now, a Japanese design company aims to make humans just as …

Turning Wind Farms into Seaweed Farms

Closed to commercial shipping and fishing, offshore wind farms aren't put to much use besides generating clean energy. Ecofys , a Dutch sustainable consulting company, hopes to …

Moss Table Powers Its Own Lamp

When moss photosynthesize, they release nutritious fats, carbs and proteins into their roots to feed colonies of helpful, symbiotic bacteria. In the process of breaking down these …

Nanosponges "Soak Up" Toxins and Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Nano-scale sponges show promise for defeating a variety of bacteria and toxins.

Caress of the Gaze

Designer Behnaz Farahi envisions an interactive 3D printed outfit that can detect and respond to the gaze of the other and respond accordingly with life-like behavior.

Happy Next Nature!

Time measurement tools are perhaps among the most inventive technologies mankind has produced, as it enables us to articulate ‘natural’ time (in the form of lunar years, sun …

Animal Guided Mediation

Animal Meditation uses meditation guiding sounds to to enable user to feel as if he is an animal.

Ermi van Oers wants to bring living light to your living room

The Living Light harnesses plant energy to provide light. We spoke to its designer, Ermi van Oers, to find out more about the unique product.

In conversation with Teresa van Dongen, biodesigner exploring natural forms of artificial light

There was a time when flipping the switch, and seeing a glass bulb light up, was magical to anyone in the world. Today, the presence of a light switch in a room, is something …