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How to bingewatch our ‘Intimate Technology’ video series

Technology is coming closer to us. In the form of decades old headphones or state-of-art devices. It has always been a part of our lives and this only seems to develop further: …

Intimate Technology Series: Watch the Trailer

We are happy to announce our new upcoming weekly video-series on the 'Intimate Technology' theme.

Intimate Technology Series on NNN

We called upon artists, filmmakers and film enthusiasts around the world to create a one-minute videos for the intimate technology series.

Intimate Technology: the Battle for Our Body and Behaviour

Technology is nestling itself within us and between us, has knowledge about us and can act just like us.

Intimate Technology Evening at Droog

Droog Foundation and Next Nature Network invites you to join the conversation about Intimate Technology: April 23, in Amsterdam.

Intimate Technology S01E07: Our Selves

We think of selfhood as residing in our everyday stream of consciousness. But could we possibly have a second digital self in our online behaviors? Watch episode 3 of our Intimate Technology series.

Intimate Technology S01E08: Scroll

The last episode of our Intimate Technology series follows a minute in the life of a hyperconnected family in the digital era.

Call for Videos: Intimate Technology

Next Nature Network is curating the One Minutes series for September 2017.

Intimate Technology S01E01: All My Clothes

This movie titled "All My Clothes" reminds us of a more straightforward example of intimate technology: the clothes we wear every day.

Intimate Technology S01E04: So Happy Together

What if you could upload your fondest memories to the cloud? Watch episode 4 of our Intimate Technology video series.

Intimate Technology S01E03: A iReal

What if your devices had a life of their own? Guy Farber’s playful short movie "An iReal" explores this very possibility.

Intimate Technology S01E02: Misbehaving (Ro)bots

"Misbehaving (Ro)bots" asks whether technology could hope to replicate these small bothersome quirks that instill a feeling of intimacy.

Intimate Technology S01E05: The Modular Body

The body, like any technology, is made up of countless individual components. Yet, apart from dire medical emergency, have you ever thought about mixing and matching these …

Intimate Technology S01E06: Also, the Dichotomy of Pragmatism and Perversion

Do we treat our technologies with more care and sentimentality these days than we did in the past?

A Tiny Trackpad That Fits on Your Nail

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a tiny wireless trackpad that could easily fit on your finger nail.

Flights Delayed Due to iPad Crash

Dozens of American Airlines flights were grounded as pliots' iPads crashed.

Sharing Your Newborn's Heartbeat

These parents use the Apple Watch to share their newborn child's heartbeats with friends and family.

Design on the Border of Technology and Biology Demands Us to 'Mother' Nature

Designer and architect Neri Oxman explores how digital fabrication technologies can interact with the biological world. Watch the TED talk.

Welcome to Chanel Data Center

Two robots opened the show of Chanel during the Paris Fashion Week of 2017. Well robots, two models dressed up like humanoid robots entered the catwalk. Is Chanel going Next Nature?

The Birth of a Digital Nation in Estonia

Due to its digital citizenship program, something interesting is happening in Estonia. In July there were more new applications for e-citizenship than newborn babies. Are we …

Smartphones Will Soon Be a Thing of the Past

Smartphones have become almost a part of who we are. According to tech industry experts, however, the smartphone's days are numbered and that number is lower than you might expect.