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Magical Interaction

Man's ability to control illumination is magical in itself but is seldom experienced as such because light switches are purely functional and generally don't stir up imagination. …

The Sound System that Knows your Mood

BeoSound Moment is an intelligence sound system that predicts the music the user is in the mood for.

Bacteria Use Electronic Messaging

Bacteria use electronic messaging system to recruit new workers.

Augmented Christmas

The AR+RFID Lab at KABK (Royal Academy of Art, The Netherlands) sends this marker card, wishing an Augmented Christmas. Funny they need a real tree for hanging those markers... …

Do you "MIND"?

NeuroSky (founded in 2004) innovator in "wearable" bio-sensor/signal processing systems and SEGA TOYS are developing mind-controlled computer games and next generation consumer …

Electronic tattoos It's like... the future! Check website .

Funky Forest

I am a tree and I need water! Dance with me! Guide the river! Together with designer Emily Gobeille , Theodore Watson created the Funky Forest , an interactive ecosystem where …

Philips Vibe Emotion Sensor

The VIBE - emotional sensing necklace combines conductive ink and textile sensors. The necklace can read multiple biometric signals of the wearer and communicates them to other …

All Is Full Of Love

While time seems to flow in this one direction, some people just know how to walk straight through that fourth dimension; catch it in a videoclip and throw the message into …

Augmented Reality Girlfriend

Using the special cube, stick, and web camera, ARis will appear and move around in the monitor of your PC. When you touch her by the AR Stick, she shows various reactions. You can …

Cell phone cooking

Popping corn with your handheld? Pity this recently discovered cellphone feature is a hoax , created by a company to promote bluetooth headsets (thanks Teun ).

Playing with Dry Water

The Waterboard is an interactive installation by Mike Burton giving the user a chance to play with water without getting wet. By drawing lines on the whiteboard, the water will …

Evolution in the Bedroom

Good morning anywhere in the world! Waking up is a problem (at least for 50% of the population). That's why alarm clocks exist; machines and devices are invented to solve …

Gel Remote

Human-product relationships increasingly play out in a realm which was previously considered exclusive for human-human and human-animal relationships. Panasonic now redesigned one …

God Says No

Peculiar object of the week. 'God Says No', made by Jirri Geller , via Trendbeheer .


This weeks peculiar image gives gaming that "natural" touch: the Hemp–Mote by Made from 3 kinds of 100% natural hemp string on the outside, while remaining 100% …

In My Language

(Please don't click this video away too soon; it's self–explanatory and your time will be rewarded).

Luxalive - The emotionally aware lamp

So you thought that animated Pixar Lamp from the movies was just a fantasy? Not anymore. Luxalive is a prototype of an reading lamp that moves according to the character of its …

Reconstructing Faces

The video below is featuring a computer-generated replica of actress Emily O’Brien’s face at high-definition resolution. The Image Metrics process takes a captured video and …

Remote pets

Humans have domesticated animals for thousands of years. The earliest known evidence of a domesticated dog is a jawbone found in a cave in Iraq and dated to about 12,000 years ago …

Voodoo Communication Device for Lovers

Voodoo is an ancient religion, originating from Africa, who’s mystical practice is believed to bring reward to those who are willing to place their destiny in the hands of loving …

Your grand-grand-parents new media

19th century people needed some explanation to understand the difference between the regular candlelight and the electrically simulated candlelight. Note the disclaimer at the …

Augmented Phone Browsing

This video shows the first beta version of TwittARound – an augmented reality Twitter viewer on the iPhone 3Gs. It shows live tweets around your location on the horizon. Because …

Beaming Up Business

This report on spooky showhost holograms appearing on national TV might be a bit of old news..., but I guess still worth posting. The word "hologram" CNN uses in this Youtube, is …

Brainwave Binoculars

The eye passes on more information to the brain than the brain will process. In that sense, the brain functions as a filter. But on the battlefield the risk of neglecting …

Dandella Shows You the Way

How to navigate the urban jungle? Adopting the metaphorical image of a dandelion in flight, Dandella is a GPS device that shows you the way. Inspired by how young sunflowers …

Green Vibes

The big lobby to endeavor for a climate neutral lifestyle must have reached its peak. It is common knowledge that recycling electronic and battery operated utensils is better for …

Project Natal: You are the Cursor

Today browsing and gaming is dominated by the shortcomings of machines, for machines simply do not know who is on the other end. Man needs to interact; therefore man needs to …

Running on non-newtonian fluid

These dudes from the Spanish TV show El-Hormiguero mixed cornstarch and water made on a concrete mixer truck, effectively creating a pool of non-newtonian fluid – which is almost …

Tangible hologram projector

Using ultrasound technology, researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a holographic projector that displays three-dimensional virtual objects you can feel with your …

Think Hello

Remember Asimo ? Honda has now developped a new Brain-Machine Interface technology that allows humans to control the humanoid robot simply by thinking certain thoughts. The BMI …

Water Shows When the Heat is On

Designer Carlijn Compen upgraded her watertap with some LED's that shift color along with the heat of the water. A simple yet effective example of information decoration that will …

Wifi Dowsing Rod

Today's technology advances so rapidly that people are often unable to update their media schemas in time and as a result are left cluelessly in awe of it all. Mike Thompson's …


Visitors of the British amusement park Alton Towers can have themselves wristbanded and RFID tracked in order to buy a "personalised" DVD at the end of their visit. Precomposed …


Urban intervention, naughty boy-style! The public media interventionists of VR/Urban have designed a cool tool to intervene into next nature: the SMSlingshot. A wooden, embedded …

Transfer a Loving Tap Via Bluetooth

A bracelet able to transfer a touch between two people.

Use a Touchscreen Without Touching it

UltraHaptics is a system for creating haptic feedback in mid-air, offering new kind of interactions with our touchscreens.

Bioluminescent Forest

Two artists transformed the forest into a bioluminescent wonderland.

BrainDriver: the Mind Controlled Car

Imagine you could drive your car using only your thoughts. It is now possible!

Making the Skin your New Touchscreen

A tool that could turn the arm into a touch screen display.

Solaris: Mind-Controlled Magnets

Solaris gives participants the power to control a pool of magnetic fluids with their brainwaves.

Controlling Smart Devices with the Skin

iSkin is a flexible, stretchable and visually customizable on-body touch sensor for mobile computing.

Googles Natural Tracking Technology

We may soon all be making natural gestures to interact with our digital devices.

Musical Journey Through the Human Body

De Motu is an interactive music app that let you experience your body through music and influence the sound with your own body.

Neon Waterfalls

Transforming Northern California waterfalls into a psychedelic scenery using a colorful range of glow sticks, lasers, road flares, headlamps.

New Friends? Let Social Textiles Help You

A group of students at the MIT Media Lab are working on an electronic textile that might help us interact with people more easily.

Microsoft Is Betting on Mixed Reality

The Microsoft HoloLens is a holographic computer that enables you to interact with high-definition holograms through augmented reality.

Future of Feelings: Emotion Reading Radio

Researchers have the developed the EQ-Radio: a tool to read people emotions from a distance.

A Step Further in the Race Against AI

Today, we all have superpowers. It may not seem like it because we are attached to our physical devices to use our powers, but with a Neural Lace that may soon change.

PC Problems? Better Call a Witch!

Meet the witch who casts viruses out of computers with magic.

Celebrate World WiFi Day

Download the WiFi Angels App: next time when you search for WiFi, just follow the angels.

When the Sun Casts Its Vote

Space weather can influence elections on Earth.

Chat with Plants in the Botanical Garden

Exploring methods to better connect people to the natural world, Waag Society, in collaboration with the Dutch Botanical Gardens Association, have developed an app that allows visitors to talk with plants.

E-Skin Makes You Control Objects Without Touching Them

Scientists developed an e-skin that lets the wearer manipulate virtual objects without touching them, by using magnetic fields.

Smart Ring Turns Thumb Gestures into Words and Numbers

From the Georgia Institute of Technology arrives FingerSound, a smart ring that recognizes thumb gestures and converts them into words and numbers.