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Visual of Babybunny - stuffed pets as toys

Babybunny - stuffed pets as toys

Nowadays, young children are so used to the omnipresence of disposable toys. When their parents buy them a living pet animal they are unable to take care of it. Hamster tend to …

Visual of The Desktop Factory - Do It Yourself

The Desktop Factory - Do It Yourself

Nowadays, most people can't make anything at home because it's too expensive. Roboticist Hod Lipson wants you to stop shopping and use his portable 3-D printer to make your own …

Visual of Design for dummies

Design for dummies

Creativity for all! Design used to be predestined to a select group of qualified brand–owning designers. That model is made redundant. At least, if it is up to Studio Ludens in …

Visual of Design Your Sims

Design Your Sims

IKEA is going to sell furniture with Electronic Arts via The Sims 2 game. Soon, it will be possible for you game addicts, to refurbish your Sims living room into your own …

Visual of Human genome sequencing soon child play?

Human genome sequencing soon child play?

Starting next spring, a complete human-genome sequence can be ordered the Californian startup Complete Genomics for just $5,000, Techreview reports. Currently sequencing still …

Visual of Kokon Chair

Kokon Chair

Our peculiar object of the week is the 'Kokon Chair' created by Dutch designer Jurgen Bey , who wrapped existing chairs with tight, elastic synthetic fiber resulting in a highly …

Visual of Recycled Coat

Recycled Coat

In the countdown to the Biggest Visual Power Show 2008 in Los Angeles we post some video's of earlier presentations. The Powershow 2003 in Paradiso, Amsterdam had the world …

Visual of Robomonk


An industrial robot has been given an unusual production task; writing out the full Martin Luther bible "by hand" in a calligraphic style. The robot arm appears to be a fairly …

Visual of Searching for something to drink

Searching for something to drink

Copy and paste the successful and your shop will survive. That's what these Indian entrepreneurs must have figured in the city of Mumbai. Peculiar detail: a trademark on that …

Visual of The mobile evolution

The mobile evolution

In our NextNature event BVPS (May 2008), Kevin Kelly spoke of technology as the 7th kingdom of life : a form of evolution whithout the nasty side–effect of dying (Every object …

Visual of Brain Needs 'Nature'

Brain Needs 'Nature'

Scientists have begun to examine how the city affects the brain, and the results are chastening. Just being in an urban environment, they have found, impairs our basic mental …

Visual of Controlling the Uncontrollable

Controlling the Uncontrollable

It is a home to crawlers, virusses, search engines, gamers, spammers, chatters, twitters, bloggers, worms and spiders. If calling it alive goes too far, it's still safe to say …

Visual of Miracle Banana Diet

Miracle Banana Diet

The 150 people watching this Youtube-commercial right now, will copy the source and blog or twitter it forward because it diggs. 40 of them have remorse over the fact that it is …

Visual of Not so Happy Meals

Not so Happy Meals

This week a Brazilian prosecutor asked a judge to nationally ban toys sold with meals in fast-food outlets like McDonald's and Burger King, because it can lead children to develop …

Visual of YourDay


Visitors of the British amusement park Alton Towers can have themselves wristbanded and RFID tracked in order to buy a "personalised" DVD at the end of their visit. Precomposed …

Visual of The Fist Bump Manifesto

The Fist Bump Manifesto

From the handshake to the sanitary, gender-neutral fist bump.

Visual of Zero-Waste Grocery Store

Zero-Waste Grocery Store

The first Zero-Waste Grocery Store "Original Unverpackt" will open this summer in Germany.

Visual of Fast Food = Lower Test Scores

Fast Food = Lower Test Scores

The amount of fast food children eat may be linked to how well they do in school, a study suggests.